Why Ignore Nuremberg Code?

January 18, 2022 at 12:59 PM 4 comments

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SCOTUS Rules on Biden’s Vaccine Mandate (via OSHA)
As most are aware, The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS), recently rule on Biden’s vaccine mandate. Interestingly enough SCOTUS did not rule according to the Constitution and their rulings appear to speak out of both sides of their mouth because of that. A friend of mine and prolific writer, David Risselada, wrote a great article on this very subject: The Supreme Court’s Flawed Vaccine Mandate Approach and it’s well worth the read. Attorney Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. also weighed in on the SCOTUS ruling. Both articles are well written and present the facts.

It appears to be about the government gaining more control.

In essence, SCOTUS based it’s decision(s) on the Commerce Clause, which apparently broadened OSHA’s power years ago. However, according to SCOTUS they did not believe OSHA currently has enough power to push and regulate a vaccine mandate for private businesses. SCOTUS implied that if Congress were to increase OSHA’s power, then the mandate would be Constitutional. This is patently false. You cannot create bills which become laws that supposedly “alter” the Constitution. The only way to change the Constitution is by an actual amendment, which is very difficult to do and it was purposefully created that way so that the Constitution could not be altered easily or willy-nilly.

SCOTUS’ concern had nothing to do with whether or not we the people should be inflicted with or coerced by a mandate that forces everyone to accept a medical “experiment.” RFK, Jr. notes that SCOTUS was not in the least concerned with the Nuremberg Code. Their concern was solely whether OSHA has the necessary power to regulate Biden’s mandate.

The Nuremberg Code is an international research ethics code that came into being during the trials of the Nazi war criminals after World War II. Its central ideas are voluntary consent and the prohibition of unnecessary, risky, or random experimentation on human beings.

Amazing that SCOTUS was not the least concerned about whether their job was to uphold the right of US citizens to exercise voluntary consent. Not once did that topic come up. Risselada essentially makes the same point but in a different way.

According to a more liberally biased article on the case, the court didn’t question the so-called danger posed by the pandemic, or that vaccines or masking may not be necessary for fighting it. (The article) acknowledged that the case was heard strictly on the merits of OSHA’s regulatory power to issue such a ruling. This is perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the case. COVID-19 has been nothing but contradictions, misinformation, and outright lies.

Why is this being ignored?

This is exactly why SCOTUS ruled against the vax mandate for almost everyone outside the federal government but ruled in favor of Biden’s mandate for all federal employees (including the military), and then contradicted themselves by adding healthcare workers into the mix (because their employers receive federal dollars through Medicare and Medicaid).

The whole thing is absurd but for now non-federal employees in private companies are exempt. However, all it would take would be for Congress to pass a bill signed into law by POTUS that would increase OSHA’s power and SCOTUS would very likely rule that it would then be constitutional. The reality is that it would not be constitutional. So we have dodged a bullet for now. Frankly I would not comply anyway even if it became “law.”

Project Veritas and Military Documents on Gain of Function
But let’s move on to some more truths. Recently, Project Veritas did some excellent undercover work. According to newly-released documents, both Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and Ivermectin (IVM) were known to be efficacious in fighting Sars-Cov-2 way back in April of 2020. That is not a misprint. They knew as far back as April of 2020. This should be shocking to the folks who haven’t been aware that something seriously was amiss with the pandemic. All early treatments of CV19 were swept off the table. Only Remdesivir, IVs and intubation were the acceptable methods of trying to cure and keep people alive (with other meds thrown in for good measure).

Quite simply, if they knew about the efficacy of these two drugs in early treatment of CV19 and deliberately withheld the use of them through deceit or obfuscation, that can only mean two things. First, they obviously wanted to create growing fear of COVID and prolong the pandemic by allowing CV19 to spread uncontested throughout society, and second, it also means they deliberately murdered many people who could have been saved. I’m not talking about the doctors and other healthcare workers on the front lines (though some are possibly culpable. By and large, they simply obeyed the dictates of the CDC and FDA (from their front man, Dr. Anthony Fauci). I’m talking about the people in authority who knew that both HCQ and IVM were curatives, but deliberately hid that information from healthcare workers and the general public and instead promoted drugs and methods that had, at best, questionable efficacy. At worst, these substitute drugs and methods may have promoted death, as numerous doctors have claimed.

I fully realize for people who continue to believe Big Pharma wants to save people and not harm them, these facts will most likely not matter. Their cognitive dissonance will prohibit them from accepting these facts. To preserve their own faulty reasoning, they will need to label the information released by Project Veritas as fake news or slander while continuing to hold Fauci up as a hero instead of a charlatan and murderer that he may well be.

Unfortunately, those who continue to resolutely believe in Fauci will also never consider that he has essentially done this same thing roughly forty years ago with the HIV/AIDS virus. Because of his dictates then, thousands of people may have needlessly died. As I’ve noted previously, during that time, the same PCR tests were used to determine if someone had HIV and then they were told to save their life, they must start taking the drug, AZT. Unfortunately, rather than save people, many almost immediately began the downward spiral to death.

But for those who seek truth because the Spirit of Truth lives within them, this new information provided by Project Veritas will be mulled over, investigated further and ultimately absorbed and embraced if it is actually true. The former group won’t even consider additional investigation, but will shrug off things immediately, claiming they have “discernment.”

Something very foul and evil has been afoot worldwide and it continues to exist because too many have fallen for and embraced the lies never even considering that powerful people enslaved to and tutored by Satan himself have done his bidding and see us as worthless and can therefore do away with us with no remorse. In fact they look at the multitude of deaths from untreated COVID and the vax as “necessary.” By the way, the specific documents are at the bottom of the link to Project Veritas above. Please take the time to read them.

COVID19 Updates
Something is growing increasingly weird. Things are not what they seem. More information can be heard in this two hour video, Steve Kirsch interviews five nurses who tell us what their experience has been and what’s actually going on in hospitals. Either they’re lying or telling the truth. You decide.

One of the nurses is quite clear about her belief that the powers that be are eradicating the elderly (and anyone else considered a drain on society). Several of the nurses have received death threats, their homes broken into, and placed on “investigative” release pending a decision whether to fire and/or remove nursing license. I encourage you to watch and share it. Steve Kirsch has more to say about this problem: Incriminating Evidence and during interviews with Stew Peters. Certainly both worth a read or listen.

The problem is that it increasingly appears that the CV vax is not doing what the Godfathers of health and safety have promised. Not even close. In spite of this, it also appears that MSM and many leaders throughout the world continue to push the vax as though it was really the cure-all it was promised to be. But what is more unconscionable is the fact that not only is the vax continuing to be pushed, but we are also hearing about more ways they are trying to explain away the blood clots, heart problems and heart attacks leading to deaths.

It is becoming the norm to hear about people who “died suddenly” or went to sleep one night and never woke the next morning as well as babies dying in vitro from heart failure. This is becoming a new norm for the growing preponderance of heart attacks experienced by top-notch athletes as they are playing. Explanations have varied from “climate change” to athletes not getting enough exercise. But I find it interesting that cigarette and tobacco companies are now getting into the act offering excuses for the increase in blood clots and heart attacks.

Note the image I’ve included regarding the warning on cigarette packages changing from December 2021 to January 2022. It now says “Inhaling even small amounts of toxic chemicals in tobacco smoke can trigger sudden blood clots, heart attacks and strokes.” Previously, the label stated, “Tobacco smoke contains a toxic mix of chemicals that causes disease and early death in children and non-smoking adults exposed to that smoke.” Now in all fairness, the FDA released new warnings in 2019 that had not been written on the side of tobacco products previously. However, none of them made claims that second hand smoke can cause blood clots or heart attacks in people who don’t smoke. That happened this month, January 2022. Why? Why didn’t anyone know about this before? Hmmm. The implication is that even if someone is rarely around a smoker and inhales second hand smoke, a blood clot, stroke or heart attack can now occur.

New warning labels from the FDA in 2019. No mention of blot clots, strokes or heart attacks for second hand smoke.

In Europe, it is becoming more and more difficult for people who are willingly not vaxxed. Presidents of countries like Austria, France, Germany and elsewhere (we already know about Australia), are pulling out all the stops to cut off the unvaxxed from society and make their lives miserable. You can read more about it here at Now the End Begins. What is driving this? The insanity of people who believe that the vax is improving the lives of people, even when those people develop myocarditis or other adverse effects is astounding. The EU Drug Regulator has now announced a new possible adverse reaction: Rare Spinal Cord condition known as traverse myelitis. This is listed as a very rare disease by the NIH, which is inflammation of the spinal cord. I bet that feels great when part of or the entire spinal cord is inflamed.

Given the situation that exists in society and depending upon where you live, what is the Christian to do? I know of no other action in response to all of this except to submit ourselves to God for His perfect will to be lived out in and through us. What else is there to do? I firmly believe as we do this, He will create within us a discernment that will allow us to see things more clearly, from His perspective.

Imagine how Joseph felt when his brothers sold him into slavery, then sold to Potiphar in Egypt. Imagine what he felt like after he was falsely accused of attempted rape and thrown into prison. Imagine Joseph’s thoughts when he continued to languish in prison for several years even after he was provided God-given insight allowing him to correctly interpret the dreams of the chief baker and cup-bearer (Genesis 37-40). In his humanity, it would have been very difficult for Joseph to believe that all of this was part of God’s plan, yet it appears that when his brothers ultimately prostrated before him in fulfillment to a dream he had when he was 17 (Genesis 42), instead of being vindictive, he ultimately met their need and loved them (Genesis 43).

How do you do what Joseph did if you’ve not learned to trust Him and have not come to the end of your own struggling against Him? This is something every Christian needs to learn and God will be there to walk us through it as He recreates the image/character of His beloved Son within us. It is not easy and we can all attest to that. However, it is something we must persevere in, so that His peace will live within us and pass all understanding (Philippians 4:6-7), and which only comes to us as we develop an attitude of submission, praise and adoration. That is our responsibility and we must pursue it daily.

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

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