Held Under Satan’s Sway

January 27, 2022 at 12:49 PM 2 comments

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Remember the days when men were men and women were women? Those days are becoming extinct like the dinosaur. Today, the Left wants what has always been truth, re-imagined and redefined to their liking, which means pushing lies.

Because of this companies are increasingly forcing employees across the USA to participate in “equity” training. The goal is to accept what has always been seen as deviancy (homosexuality, transgenderism, etc.). Beyond this, it is to rid white people of what is said to be their inherent “white supremacy.” What white people believe about themselves doesn’t matter, which incidentally proves they are racist (if they deny it), because the new truth is that all white people are racist, period. This stems from Critical Race Theory, which also teaches that blacks cannot be racist because racism is now tied into having “power” over other groups.

This pervasive white supremacy needs to be identified, admitted and then expunged…in white people only. I always find it fascinating though that, while many corporations are headed up by old, white Leftist men who agree with this new truth, none of them ever step down to give their CEO positions to some person of color waiting in the wings. Interesting.

Notice the image labeled “white supremacy culture.” If you look carefully at the phrases and words on the image itself, you’ll see things like MAGA and “I don’t see color” or “I just can’t pronounce your name.”That’s racist? Okay, then I’ve met many racists in life who are unable to pronounce my last name which sounds just like it looks. The whole thing takes on a level of ridiculousness that makes it difficult to take seriously. The problem though is that the Left is very serious.

Many of the things that our parents taught us are apparently no longer valid. For instance, we were taught to not notice someone’s “color,” but now we are told that doing so supposedly minimizes their culture. Instead of being color-blind as we were raised, we are now supposed to notice and exalt another person’s color and culture. Of course, this does not apply to white people. Even “capitalism” is coming under fire because it supposedly is a system built by European whites that does not provide opportunities for everyone, that is, people of color.

The new phrase, to replace “capitalism,” coined by World Economic Forum is “stakeholder capitalism.” According to self-identified luminary Klaus Schwab, this type of capitalism has been around for quite some time, but needs to be fully implemented worldwide.

Stakeholder capitalism is a form of capitalism in which companies seek long-term value creation by taking into account the needs of all their stakeholders, and society at large.

The wordsmithing above seeks to impress us into thinking stakeholder capitalism is far better than ordinary capitalism, though the phrase was not defined at all. But where capitalism is failing (allegedly), stakeholder capitalism will succeed because of its alleged concern for all people. However, true capitalism allows for anyone – of any color – to take an idea and run with it. Stakeholder capitalism, on the other hand, is run by elites and mainly for elites, though they would have us believe it’s all for us. But let’s not forget that this same Klaus Schwab, who would be king, said in the future, we “…will own nothing and be happy.” I’m not sure how that works, but if we own nothing, we can be sure that the elites who are pushing toward a one-world global kingdom will own everything.

The people being used by Klaus Schwab and other elites to sow seeds of discontentment feeding a growing class and culture war throughout the world are likely very pleased with what is happening. It is creating a real discontent and anger among people of color because of being force-fed the lie of white supremacy. White people are starting to push back because they are the target of this new racism.

Let me ask a question…who decides when things will be equaled out so that all people will finally be seen as “equal?” In reality, it’ll never end. The Left wants unending racism against whites. By the way, this is not to say that racism doesn’t exist. It’s certainly there to some degree, but this erroneous idea that all whites are racist solely because they are born white is as dangerous as claiming some other negative about another entire race or culture. We are going backwards, not forwards.

However, though this is a huge issue, the Left’s new truth goes beyond just racial problems. We have the growing phenomenon of the vaunted “fact-checkers” who govern the social media landscape with a heavy hand. Anyone who does not adhere to the chosen and therefore only accepted narrative (regardless of its truthfulness), is pronounced guilty and banished. Actual doctors and scientists are shown the proverbial door without apology or explanation when they do not play the game chosen by the fact-checkers. Joe Rogan is the latest target under the guise of Rogan allegedly spreading “misinformation.”

Where COVID is concerned, if you do not tow the line and willingly parrot the narrative approved by social media overlords, you’re done. Censorship is at an all-time high and not just with COVID. Apparently, a UK university has now banned George Orwell’s “1984” because it’s “upsetting.” Yep, the truth has a tendency to do that to people who prefer lies.

Is the world going crazy or what? Romans 1 is happening in real time, along with 2 Timothy 3:1-5. Lies are now truth, nature is in full destruction mode in many places, and though the CV vaccine is a tragic failure, the CDC, the FDA, Fauci, the pharmaceutical companies and many others act as though there’s “Nothing to see here.”According to some sources, there has been a 500% increase in miscarriages, 300% increase in cancers, and 1000% increase in neurological issues since the beginning of the CV vax rollout. To all the Christian leaders who have been pushing the CV vax, shame on you for not doing the research concerning the potential problems with the mRNA technology that has been used for the first time ever in the CV vax. Check this video out with interesting commentary and images from a licensed embalmer about the clots he’s finding in dead people (graphic). Here’s Dr. Ardis interviewing an attorney from the UK who exposes “End of Life” drugs, protocols. But here’s more proof early treatment actually does work! In fact, families are resorting to sneaking in Ivermectin to ill relatives in the hospital.

But the saga continues. Walmart is introducing vaccine passports in Quebec. No passport? Then you can only shop for food and pharmacy with staff accompanying you. How long will that continue before the unvaxxed are no longer allowed in Walmart altogether? But not to be outdone, Finland is literally putting the Bible on trial there as “hate speech,” all for a tweet from 2019 by a member of Parliament that she forgot about. If convicted, up to two years in jail could result.

On top of this, we’ve got potential serious upcoming food shortages and a real possibility of a financial crash coming. Then there’s the growing potential war between Russia and the Ukraine, but all is well, according to the prophets of hot air. All of this makes it very difficult for Christians. Everywhere we look, we encounter lies and expected to pretend it’s the truth or face cancellation.

Our pastor has stated several times from the pulpit that Christians do not accidentally drift toward God and holiness. I agree with him. Holiness doesn’t happen by accident anymore than winning the Olympics happens by accident. It happens when we put our minds to it and purpose to draw close to God in order that His holiness might become greater within and through us to the lost. This requires a purposeful meaningful pursuit of God. I’m not talking about Rick Warren’s definition of purposeful. I’m talking about God’s definition (1 Peter 4:12-19, etc.). In fact, the entirety of the Bible highlights the blessings of living for God versus the pain of living for ourselves.

There are many “false teachers” today and not all of them are in pulpits. Some are in politics and some hold sway over corporations and schools. They are in positions of authority in order to remake schools gain control of the way children think. They want to redefine things so that white people alone are found guilty of racism. They applaud the violence of AntiFa and BLM while shouting “traitors!” and “terrorists!” to those who peacefully gather to stand up for rights guaranteed under the Constitution.

In 2 Peter 2, the apostle deals with the problem of false teachers. To sum up, he essentially reveals to us their:

  • destructive doctrines
  • doom
  • depravity, and
  • deceptions

The religious false teachers of Peter’s day all came to their predetermined fate based of the way they lived and lies they professed. In Romans 1, Paul deals with the downward trend of unchecked wickedness and depravity in any society that always leads to extinction. It starts with lies replacing truth and resultant glorification of depravity lived with abandon; embraced, imbibed and seen as “wokeness;” a perfect description of today.

It always ends the same way for every civilization that travels down the path of runaway decadency. Throughout history, culture after culture has gone virtually extinct because of that society’s willingness to wantonly embrace unchecked depravity. This is always an affront to God and His moral law and each of those ancient cultures ended up destroying themselves because God gave them over to their own desired depravity to fully enjoy sin for a season. Once their “cups” became filled to overflowing, the end was always death (spiritual first, physical second). While some semblance of those cultures might remain today (i.e. Egyptian), these are mere shadows of what they once were in their glory days. Their willing and unchecked perversion brought about their own demise.

Unfortunately, we see this today on a grand scale. That companies are hiring “consultants” (and paying great amounts for this “service”), to “educate” (brainwash) workers and help them unpack their alleged malignant racism and lack of wokeness is the new normal.

The apostle John warned us of the problem this earth and its populace faces in 1 John 5:19.

We know that we are of God, and the whole world lies under the sway of the wicked one.

If the entire world is literally held under Satan’s power (with God’s permission), then what is the hope that things will change for the better? Ultimately, the only hope is the change that will occur when our Lord physically returns (Revelation 19:11ff). Until then, there will be continued skirmishes with some victories, but overall, this world will continue its downward spiral into unchecked debasement, until Jesus breaks through the clouds and destroys the Antichrist, then begins setting things right for He is the Rock made without hands in Daniel 2 that crushes all kingdoms of this world.

The new “truth” promoted by the Left is designed to shut down any disagreement and usher in a one-world government. Censoring, “doxxing,” and even viciously attacking (verbally and physically, if necessary), are the main tools used. What else would we expect from the father of lies?

What can Christians do in the meantime until our Lord returns? We must grow in our love and devotion to our Lord and this is not about feelings. It’s about actually living the life God expects us to live. That is our protection.

Read Exodus 33,where Moses asks to see God’s glory. God granted that but would only allow Moses to see His back because to see God’s face would mean physical death. Moses talked with God as a man talks to another man. He already had friendship with God. Yet, Moses wanted more of God. We need to be like that, never having enough of God and always wanting more of Him. I’m convinced that this is the only way we will remain upright in a truly fallen, evil world.


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