Demonic Possession May Explain Why Muslims Act Like This

September 8, 2014 at 2:40 PM 1 comment

You’ve probably seen this video or ones like it. If not, feast your eyes on the goings on here because it will likely be an eye-opener. I was going to get back into the Tribulation series, but when I saw this video, I thought it was important to write an article on it.

What appears to be happening are uncontrollable movements and ecstatic utterances by some of those Muslim worshipers within the gathering.

Please notice the look in the eyes of numerous participants, including the person who appears to be the leader on the dais that all the other Muslims come up to in order to speak with or shake hands.

There are some interesting things going on here and I believe Christians would do well to note them. I cannot prove that the individuals in the video are possessed or oppressed by demons, but since it is clear to me that Islam is a false religion that was born in the depths of hell, it would certainly not surprise me to learn that these individuals are under the influence of demons.

Note the ecstatic movement and utterances. Numerous individuals have no trouble walking backwards without stepping on anyone, while others can’t do that. The look in the eyes is very important. There appears to be a heightened “blank” stare emanating from many, including the leader at times.

There is also the rhythmic head movements, or bouncing. These individuals are clearly not in their own minds. They are under the control of something else.

I’ve been studying Islam for a number of years and even wrote a book about the attempted blending of Islam with Christianity called, “Chrislam.” I’ve studied Islamic doctrine and read about the history of Islam, but one thing I have tended not to focus on is how Satan can and does inflict these individuals with demons who are ultimately under his control.

In the video, we get a sense that demons in the men in the audience are saluting or worshiping the more powerful demon in the leader. There is definitely a hierarchy among heavenly hosts and that includes fallen angels. In the book of Daniel 10, we learn that a spiritual being from the Lord was kept at bay for three weeks by the Prince of Persia. It was not until Michael, the Archangel came and helped release the lower angel that he was able to continue on to Daniel and provide him with the message that God had sent.

Specifically, Daniel 10:13 states, “But the prince of the kingdom of Persia was withstanding me for twenty-one days; then behold, Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me, for I had been left there with the kings of Persia.”

I find this fascinating because it is easy to assume that all created angelic beings are the same, have the same amount of power and ability, and are essentially on the same level. However, from this passage in Daniel, along with sections of Revelation and elsewhere, it would appear that this is not the case. There are levels in the spiritual realm of those beings the Bible refers to as angels or fallen angels.

Obviously, Satan is the highest created being and therefore, he has complete power over all those fallen angels. It is clear as well from the book of Jude that Michael, rather than take Satan on himself, simply deferred to the Lord by stating, “The Lord rebuke you!” when Satan was arguing with Michael about the body of Moses (cf. Jude 1:9).

As I watched the video included in this article, I was taken aback briefly because of how much I realized that Islam is a cult of death created by Satan himself to oppose Christianity. These men can likely kill others – they call “infidels” – with no thought, no remorse, and no sorrow. They so strongly believe that anyone and everyone who is not Muslim is standing in the way of the next Islamic empire (caliphate) and should be done away with…unless of course, Muslims decide to keep that person alive for dhimmitude (a type of slavery).

People in the world are so busy pandering to Islam and placating Muslims yet fail to realize exactly what the problem is with that cult/ideology. I’m now becoming convinced that one of the reasons Islam is so important to Satan’s plan in these last days is due to the fact that the fallen angels under his control are using Islam to expose themselves to the world. The men within Islam that are under their control are simply brainwashed puppets in league with Satan’s own purposes.

As Christians, we need to pray for these individuals, that the Lord would open their eyes to the truth. At the same time, we also need to be drastically aware of how Satan uses these individuals for his purposes by controlling them with fallen angels.

We are only going to see and experience more of this as Islam gains a greater hold throughout the globe.

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  • 1. flamingsword60  |  October 3, 2014 at 7:06 AM

    There were great similarities of movements and ecstatic behavior also seen in pentecostilism, scary.
    We must pray for some in the Church whose carryings on are quite questionable; is it of God? If so, which?


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