Moving Toward Peace and Safety Ultimately Means Destruction, Part 4

November 19, 2015 at 8:10 AM 2 comments

presidentobamaparisOkay, we’ve talked about the Rapture and the coming Northern Invasion of Ezekiel 38-39, along with the cause and effect relationship that these two events will have on the earth and global society. Beyond this, we have also noted how things continue to move toward a head with recent and ongoing terrorist attacks and the call to give surveillance agencies more “tools” to work with in order to bring about the elite’s ultimate masterpiece, a one-world system. You can read the first parts of this short series, here, here, and here.

Pamela Geller provided more information about the potential for at least another major one happening in New York City soon. Geller notes that at least one video has surfaced and a “second section of the video showed actors (faces not shown) preparing for dramatized lone wolf attacks in what was presented to be Germany, France, Australia, Britain, and the U.S. In these settings, the actors prepared explosives, guns, and other weapons to be used in lone wolf attacks. Also shown in this section were clips of Paris attacker Amedy Coulibaly.”

Some of the scenes in the video point to Times Square as an intended target. The article goes onto note that New York City Police Department is taking the video seriously. But let’s not forget from the first article in this short series the comments made by NYC Police Chief Bratton and CIA Director, John Brennan, both of whom are calling for more ability for law enforcement agencies to do whatever it takes to use more surveillance techniques and tools in every attempt to catch these terrorists before they strike. The message we are being led to believe is that if they don’t get the ability to use more and better surveillance, tragedies like the ones in Paris will occur more often. In essence then, government and other officials are telling us that if we want to be kept “safe,” that will require society to be willing to give up more personal privacy, ostensibly all for the greater good.

President Obama is busy mocking those in Congress – mainly Republicans – who balk at the idea of America taking in unvetted refugees from Syria. He claims that this type of negative rhetoric is a “potent recruitment tool” for ISIS. This is all part of the elite’s strategy and unfortunately, those who are unable to think critically will see themselves taking the high road by agreeing with President Obama against those who are opposed to simply accepting thousands of alleged refugees from war-torn Syria. Political correctness guides their thinking and keeps them in a box where they believe that it’s still very much a Democrats v. Republicans; liberals v. conservatives. It’s not that at all and what we’re seeing being played out on the political stage is merely theater designed to help the elite get what they want to have in place by pitting people against people. President Obama noted, “But apparently, [the GOP is] scared of widows and orphans coming into the United States of America as part of our tradition of compassion.”

Nowhere in his recent comments on this situation can I find where he even deigned to discuss why no Islamic countries in the Gulf States are willing to take anyone from this same area of Syria. Moreover, he highlights “widows and orphans” but in reality, what we’ve mainly seen are young single men. Beyond this, the Obama Administration has resolutely refused to bring Arab Christians into America as refugees from Syria, Nigeria or other war-torn areas of the world. President Obama’s duplicity and disingenuous attitude is apparent – again – except to those who have lost the ability to think critically.

Are we being led to the proverbial slaughter? Are we to believe that these terrorist attacks – whether the recent ones in Paris or the alleged upcoming ones in Germany, France, Australia, Britain, and the US – can only be stopped if law enforcement and government agencies are given more freedom to do whatever they can to catch these perpetrators even if it means losing our own personal privacy and the idea of taking in more unvetted refugees should be of no concern to us? I think it is safe to say that this is exactly where we are being led.

Will more personal privacy and freedom be removed in the name of greater peace and safety? Will concerns for safety be ignored when dealing with refugees from Islamic, war-torn areas of the world? Ultimately, yes, on both counts.

This kind of thing reminds me of the bad guy who goes to certain businesses in “his” neighborhood. He first asks that if these businesses want protection from the bad guys out there, all they have to do is pay him a certain amount each week based on percentage of sales and he and his crew will protect them. For those businesses that balk at his offer, this main bad guy leaves with a shrug. Not long afterwards, those businesses that told him to shove off start experiencing break-ins, robberies, harassment of customers, or all three. A week or so later, the original bad guy shows up at these businesses and says he’d heard some bad things happened. Expressing sympathy for their plight, the bad guy even again offers his “assistance,” but it will cost more since he’s going to have to work harder to keep the riff-raff out.

You see where I’m going with this. Obviously, the first bad guy is working with other bad guys to shakedown the business owners so that he can get what he wants. Once things are in place, the bad guy gets his cut and the same crew that perpetrated the original crimes (or others he hired for the jobs), now protects those businesses…from themselves. At the same time, these criminals have gained control over the people who own those businesses and the owners lost a bit of their own privacy and freedom. They’ve been duped into thinking that they must hand over at least some control of their situation to another in the hopes of gaining respite from criminal activities. Because the business owners never saw the criminals who created problems associated with the original bad guy, they don’t necessarily suspect that he was behind things. If they can’t think critically, they’ll never even suspect.

On a much larger scale, the question is does our government and certain law enforcement agencies have a hand in either creating these terrorist events or possibly learning of them ahead of time and simply letting them happen? If we are to take people like Edward Snowden seriously, then it is a distinct possibility. Couple this with the way Syrian refugees are forced on American society at taxpayer’s expense and this tends to confirm the fact.

My great-grandparents did not easily make it into the United States. They came through Ellis Island and once allowed into the country, were not given a free ride either. They had to make their way. It was compassion that allowed them to enter and live here, but they were not a drain on society. We are being told that we should not only allow these refugees into America, but pay for their needs while they are here. Yet, we ignore the plight of the homeless and Veterans of numerous wars. This is completely illogical, but points to the real reasons behind these things.

We have this apparent growing problem in the world that has to do with terrorism and it seems the only solution government and law enforcement agencies have is to gain greater control of surveillance networks, while completely ignoring the fact that the very refugees we bring into America could be adding to the problem. We need to at least consider these possibilities. Though we can never prove it beyond all doubt, we are left to make educated guesses.

I see what is happening in society and I compare this with what I learn in Scripture. The Bible tells me that the world will become a one-world, global system of governance. That is clear. There are too many places in both the Old and New Testaments where this is stated as fact. It’s going to happen. It is happening.

If it is going to happen, it will not happen overnight, will it? Of course not. All we then need to do is look back over the course of many decades in modern times to see what, if anything, has changed. If we see that things have changed, then those changes will provide a direction, a path that points the way.

It seems all too obvious to me that what we have been seeing is a very clear push toward global governance. I mentioned in the first article in this series that when I was growing up, the only phones people had were in their homes, attached to a wall with a wire. Computers were a long ways away and TVs only got three (maybe four) channels total. There was no such thing as the Internet and the idea of instant communication was something only written about in Sci-Fi novels. Looking back, I realize how sedate life was compared to today.

Now, people cannot live without their phones – the greatest tracking devices ever created! We leave them on almost all the time and even when they’re off, the batteries still send out a beacon signal. We take our phones wherever we go and we are involved in that virtual reality that has become our world. We take pictures and instantly upload them to the ‘Net to share with everyone else. Certainly, everyone wants to know what we’re doing every moment of the day or night, right? Our photos and videos – when directly uploaded to the ‘Net from our phones – are stamped with geo-location information. People can download those photos and figure out where the photo was taken.

We are living in a world where we are being tracked. Yet, we are to believe that surveillance agencies do not have enough technology and tools to get the job done? It’s too hard for me to believe because I lived through those days when tracking people was not necessarily part of the equation. Now, it’s part of daily life and there is no going back. It’s going to get worse as it leads everyone up to the steps of the new world order, the one-world global system of governance.

As Christians, should you be afraid? Should you fight back? Should you freak out? No, no, and no. Be smart and understand that God’s will is certain and that He is going to allow the world to become one for His purposes. The world will continue to worsen until God calls the “time out” for the Church, which will be raptured. The Northern Invasion will occur in all likelihood after that but before the coming Tribulation, the Final Week of Daniel’s 70 Weeks in Daniel 9.

We cannot stop what is coming. Most importantly, we are not called to attempt to stop it. Our calling is to be involved in the Great Commission (Matthew 28). I honestly believe as the time continues to draw near for these events to occur, people will become more afraid. They will be searching for answers. The last thing they need is for so-called Christians to tell them that as “patriots,” we must fight for our rights and stand against the government. That’s absurd. What people will need is what they’ve always needed. To hear the gospel of Jesus, the gospel that has the power to save them not only from what is coming in this temporal plane, but also to save them in the eternal realm.

I’ll said what I’ve said before. Over 150,000 people die every day, most of them from natural causes. Certainly, very few die from terrorist attacks. Every one of these people needs to hear the gospel and I’m sure at least some of the people who die every day have heard the gospel and have hopefully received the Lord.

Christian, we cannot change what’s coming. I’ve written these articles to help us digest that fact. Satan certainly would like to sidetrack us, but God wants us focused, to be as wise as serpents and as gentle as doves. He wants us to be prepared to always have an answer ready regarding why we trust in Jesus as Savior and Lord.

Jesus pointedly tells us not to worry about tomorrow because there is enough evil in this current day. We shouldn’t wonder where our next meal is coming from or how we will take care of this, that, or the other thing. We should focus on Who is in control of all things. We should also focus on being His witnesses in a dying world.

I personally believe that as the world sees Christians who are unafraid of what’s coming, they will start asking questions. They will take notice of our life and the meaning that is resident within us. This will speak volumes. If all the world sees are Christians who are so afraid of what the government can do, they will see nothing different in us that they see in what they like to call “right-wing” extremists.

I do not believe for a moment that Jesus would be concerned at any of what is coming because He would be absolutely trusting in the Father. Jesus would continue to work on a daily basis, being a witness to those who do not know Him. That’s our calling. Do not get caught up in thinking that God wants you doing everything you can to “change” America back to what some believe it was generations ago. No amount of “repenting” by droves of people is going to make that happen. Repentance leading to salvation will still occur until the Lord comes, but no amount of it will cause God to change His plans.

God has a predetermined showdown with Satan coming. It will require no effort on God’s part at all to prove to the entire Creation that God is God and Satan is not.

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  • 1. Maizie  |  November 19, 2015 at 10:32 AM

    But that is not what we want to hear! We want to think WE are n control! But the Bible….I have been “preaching for years that when Go sets his “timer” to start the countdown to the end (our redemption draweth nigh), there will be no “reset,” and the Day of Grace is almost over. Prepare. Get all in who are willing to repent and believe on Jesus – it will be more difficult as time passes and Christians face persecution.]


    • 2. modres  |  November 19, 2015 at 11:28 AM

      You are correct. No one wants to hear this. God is fully in charge because He is sovereign and it’s not as though He hasn’t told us ahead of time.



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