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Moving Toward Peace and Safety Ultimately Means Destruction, Part 4

We cannot stop what is coming. Most importantly, we are not called to attempt to stop it. Our calling is to be involved in the Great Commission (Matthew 28). I honestly believe as the time continues to draw near for these events to occur, people will become more afraid. They will be searching for answers. The last thing they need is for so-called Christians to tell them that as “patriots,” we must fight for our rights and stand against the government. That’s absurd. What people will need is what they’ve always needed. To hear the gospel of Jesus, the gospel that has the power to save them not only from what is coming in this temporal plane, but also to save them in the eternal realm.

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Muslims Caught Trespassing at Boston’s Quabbin Reservoir

I think it is clear that there are plenty of Muslims throughout the United States and Canada who would like to harm us. Of course we cannot simply round them up and toss them in another Gitmo-style holding area or internment camp. However, the other truth is that the only ones who appear to be entering a new phase of jihad in the United States are radicalized Muslims. They don’t care how many innocent people are destroyed (or whether those people are conservative or liberal). They simply want to introduce fear into the daily life of Americans.

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Is Islam a Religion of Peace?

This world needs God, not Allah. It does not need Muhammad, it needs Jesus Christ. This world, led by Islamic extremists, is headed toward a complete breakdown. Out of the ashes the one-world ruler will rise, promising to make all things right. The Antichrist – Islam’s Mahdi – will ride in on a figurative white horse, promising peace, but bringing destruction. He will be the consummate liar and Muslims will know it, will approve it, and be glad for it.

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