Moving Toward Peace and Safety Ultimately Means Destruction, Part 2

November 18, 2015 at 6:25 PM 1 comment

The elite need to track you and everyone else for their safety and well-being.

The elite need to track you and everyone else for their safety and well-being.

In our first part of this article set, we referred to the Parisian terror attacks and the things they elite wants to see happen in the world so that they can get the world to that point when it will become “one” in purpose, with a complementary one-world system in place to control all facets of society. This really is what the elite have been working toward and it is very easy to see this if we simply take the time to go back through history past to see how people and events have pushed us in that direction.

In reality, this all began with Nimrod and his wife, Semiramis, the Queen of Babylon. Together, these two attempted to create a one-world order or system way back then as recorded for us in Genesis 10-11. Because everyone spoke the same language then and presumably enjoyed the same culture, that would have been a relatively easy feat to accomplish. It’s also why we are told the Lord God confounded the languages of people on the earth at that time, which created various cultures. The people – who were all of one mind up to that point – now found it impossible to communicate except with others in their own groups. Finding security in their “own kind,” these groups left the one main group headed up by Nimrod in search of life elsewhere with people who spoke as they spoke.

Since that time, Satan has been extremely busy doing whatever he can to bring people together to once again attempt to create a one-world system. What I find fascinating is that today, even leaders of third world nations speak English fluently. The communication barriers have been broken because of technology and the way things can be instantly translated from one language to another. There is little reason for the world not to have already become one in mind and purpose except for the fact that God still holds the reins.

But certainly, the elite – Satan’s group of choice to bring the world to oneness – has not been idle. Whether they have deliberately created problems and situations in the world that required leaders to take advantage of those situations or whether the events simply presented themselves allowing the elite to do the same is up for debate. The reality though is that whether the events were created or simply used, the results have been the same. Those results involve enslaving as much of humanity as possible so that the elite can live as they’ve wanted to live – as kings and queens with the rest of us as peasants, here only to do their bidding.

I find it fascinating that there are no Gulf States – most of which are Islamic – are willing to take Syrian refugees because of concerns of terrorism. It’s good enough for the rest of the world though, right? This is disingenuous to say the least and should raise eyebrows. While these Gulf State nations believe that importing Syrian refugees could/would create terror problems for them, the rest of the world is being encouraged to accept these same Syrian refugees and often without even given the opportunity to vet them. Granted, vetting them would be difficult, but it should at least be attempted as opposed to what is being done now – nothing. “Come on down! You’re the next refugee on Live Free in America!”

If we take that share of potential problems, along with the call for greater surveillance abilities by government agencies and law enforcement, which will rob the average person of more freedom and privacy, it should create within us the awareness that something is simply not right. However, because of political correctness, most will never ask the needed question.

All of this is pushing society toward a globalization that, when successfully created, will really be nothing less than the Genisys surveillance system in the latest Terminator movie. In that movie, Genisys is a software and app that would successfully tie all electronics – computers, iPads, and smart phones – into devices that spy on you and everyone else in the world. If you simply take a few moments to see how people rely on their computers and especially their phones today, it’s not difficult to imagine an evil cabal wanting to take advantage of that.

I was just reminding my son yesterday of how it was when I was a kid. We had one phone in our home. It was connected to a wall, usually in or near the kitchen. When you talked on the phone, you were generally stuck in the vicinity of that phone. I recall at one point, my parents purchased a 25 foot extension cord for the phone so that you could walk into the living room and sit down while you talked.

If you went out, the only way you could call home was by using a pay phone or a phone from a friend’s home. Today, notice how many people use phones all the time! They use them when they drive (even to text), use them in the doctor’s office, the bank, at restaurants, even while watching TV. We are connected to the digital world and there is no going back. You don’t think the elite want to capitalize on that? This is part of what drives them to the point where they can bring about a one-world system of global governance where everyone’s actions, dealings, and whereabouts will/can be tracked. The elite does not trust anyone who is not one of them and in some cases, they don’t trust one another either. It’s this mistrust that keeps them alive and continues to push them toward a one-world government where little is left to chance.

All of this – from terrorist attacks to the call for more surveillance tools – is being used to bring about a one world order like no other, one that Nimrod could only dream of being in charge over. This is intended to usher in an era of unprecedented “peace and safety.” I believe that peace and safety will not only be short-lived, but will essentially be a complete mirage.

We’ll talk about the whys next up!

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