Digital Imprisonment

December 2, 2022 at 1:23 PM

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There once was a boy Nazi named Klaus,
Who grew up under the Nazi reign of a louse.

Hitler his name,
Fascism his game,

And so he impressed young Klaus.

Klaus started to drool,
At what was so cruel.

And as an adult,
Klaus started a cult,

The WEF is its name.

The goal is world domination,
From which Klaus would gather every nation.

His “great reset” began,
And people were scammed,

From the freedoms they had known and loved.

Klaus is building a prison,
A digital prison,

Where people exist but not live.

They’ll never know they’re in prison,
Because of the tremendously vast schism,

That Klaus has created between people.

This great reset is really the great divide,
But of course, Klaus efficiently lies.

So onward Klaus pushes,
Not hiding in the bushes,

As he gains the power over others,

It simply takes saying “NO!”
To Klaus’ advances from the get-go.

To maintain our freedom,
And live another day.

What is your choice in the matter?
Do you care or is this just chatter?

Klaus is deadly serious and able,
To break your spirit and fully enable,

The depressing future,
From a globalist butcher.

Only you have the power to choose.

Several years ago, not many had heard of Klaus Schwab. Now, he’s a household name. Why? Because he and his globalist demigods decided that by using a pandemic, creating major panic and fear, society would bend to their will and even willingly give up rights and freedoms that are guaranteed under the US Constitution (if you live in the USA).

Klaus was smart enough to realize that only potent fear would do what he needed done in society and for the most part, he was right. Klaus and his sycophant murderers put into place a system that ultimately created a stated need for a “vaccine.” This jab was originally said to be “95%” effective, but now we know it fell woefully short of that lofty goal. In fact, it’s far less than 50% effective and that effectiveness is said to only last a few weeks at most. This is why a second shot, then a booster, another booster, and another booster of the untried and untested mRNA concoction is “needed” and pushed. The more people take, the more their immune systems suffers.

But we need also to realize something else that is even more troubling. In order for Klaus’ world domination plan (“great reset”), to work, while everyone was actively fearing potential death from a virus, work continued on the foundation of the whole scheme. That scheme furthers world domination because it is the actual physical (yet unseen for the most part), beast system that is rising from its demonic foundation.

Globalists must get society to the point where people become imprisoned inside a system where most will not even be aware they are even in prison. Leo Hohmann wrote an excellent article about this and it’s something I’ve been researching as well. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that most if not all of readers have been researching it too. Hohmann’s main point is that globalists are converting most large cities into “smart cities.” [1] If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you know that “technocracy” has been discussed here many times. Technocracy is a system in which technocrats control the populace and they do so through digital means. This is what is being built.

China is often cited as simply being hardcore Communist. While that is actually true, the foundation of China’s society is really technocracy. That is how the technocrats (powerful people behind President Xi), gained and maintain control over the people in that nation. Most know of the “social credit scoring” system that has been in use in China for quite some time. A person’s privileges are either granted or removed based on their social credit score which is always being updated. How?

In China, 5G is everywhere with thousands and thousands of surveillance cameras. These cameras are capable of facial recognition so anyone walking down the street is quickly identified, their actions and even words are quietly monitored by the unblinking cameras everywhere. All of this information is channeled to the buildings where operators log and keep track of every person’s movements. Say something out loud against President Xi or China? Suffer the consequences with a lower social credit score and lose some of your privileges. Praise China’s Communistic government and gain privileges.

You hear your neighbor complaining? Turn them in and improve your social credit score. There are tons of ways to either lose or gain where your score is concerned in China. Well, that’s China, you might say. The USA is not Communistic. We are a Constitutional Republic. Many other countries are various styles of democracies. What happens in China cannot happen in the rest of the world. No?

Hohmann mentions the “smart cities” that are being built. Very little of it is physical because the cities themselves already exist. Add more towers (5G specifically), surveillance cameras and even as San Francisco is said to be doing, add robots that have the capacity to injure or kill human beings (in “extreme” circumstances we are told). [2] “Robocop” has come to life. What’s to worry about, right?

The San Francisco Police Department said it does not have pre-armed robots and has no plans to arm robots with guns. But the department could deploy robots equipped with explosive charges “to contact, incapacitate, or disorient violent, armed, or dangerous suspect” when lives are at stake, SFPD spokesperson Allison Maxie said in a statement.

Well, for now it appears these robots will only be fitted with explosive charges, but how difficult would it be to convert that option to be able to fire real bullets at people? Ever heard of PUKE ray technology? Hohmann’s article spells it out and it’s coming to a medium to large city near you.

We already know that beyond the above, “smart digital IDs” and “vaccine digital passports” are being rolled out. The Federal Reserve is also going to start experimenting with digital money and will likely eventually get rid of all cash. Our phones are constantly connected to Wi-Fi or Internet often through cell towers because without that, our phones wouldn’t work. I recall the good old days when our cell phones simply made and received calls. That was it.

Now, we carry mini computers in our pockets. They can make calls, but now they also send/receive text, pictures, videos and other things. There are a ton of “aps” that we download on our phones to make life more “fun” and “easier.” Ultimately, everything we do is for our convenience, isn’t it? Globalists are very aware of that.

During the pandemic, Amazon made billions because too many people were afraid to go out. The stores that remained opened were often limited in what they had because of the supply chain. Most people simply accepted the draconian lock-downs, mask and social distancing mandates without blinking because they were told repeatedly that it would “save” lives (safety, security). Then came the vax. Did it save lives? There are plenty of people who will unreservedly tell you “yes,” even though there is plenty of evidence to the contrary from actual government sources. In the end, people are afraid of dying, which is why the pandemic worked so well.

During that time – roughly two years – more and more of the necessary infrastructure was built as the foundation for the coming digital beast system. Once it is firmly and completely in place, is their any reason to believe the Antichrist would have a difficult time keeping tabs on everyone who does and does not follow his commands to the nth degree?

I can still recall early in our marriage when no cell phones or personal computers existed. I remember the first cell phone I bought for my wife. It was the size of a purse and the handset had a coiled wire back to the bag it came in. Phone calls made via cell phone then were 75 cents per minute so you didn’t make them often. That was the only thing that cell phones could do – make and receive phone calls. Since few people had them, the airways were not crowded and dropped calls were still a yet future phenomenon.

I also remember the very first personal computer we bought and it was several years later in the 1980’s when our children were still young. It cost us $2500 from Radio Shack. As we learned it was very limited and often, when buying software programs for it, internal RAM needed to be upgraded to handle the new software. Eventually, software became more complicated because it moved from a DOS-based system (commands), to a Windows or Macintosh (point and click), system. But life was getting easier for computer people.

Cell phones also became much better and smaller. Eventually, they’d become small enough to put in our pocket like a wallet. Our kids grew up with that technology though they did not get their first cell phone until they were in their late teens. Now, kids in primary school have cell phones and they love their Tik Tok, sadly. In essence, kids today never knew what it was like to have to use a pay phone. If you needed to call home from school, you had to go to the office and make a request. I recall before cell phones, you’d go out on some errand and if you had to reach a loved one, you had to find a pay phone and hope they were home to answer the land line. Kids today do not know what a land line is.

But interestingly enough, technology has created in this particular century what no other century had. It is because of the technology that exists today that the powers that be are able to spy on us, dictate to us, determine what type of news we hear and what they will not allow us to hear, know what we buy, where we go and even what we believe. We willingly put that information on our social network pages. But our phones can listen to us or at least share information from other phones nearby through Bluetooth or WiFi.

Though we may not realize it, our privacy is gone. It simply doesn’t exist unless we do something about it to take it back. What I appreciate about Hohmann’s article is that we actually do have choices. We can say “no” to globalists. We can get rid of smart appliances (that are controlled via Wi-Fi). We can keep cash at home and carry it with us, using it to purchase items instead of pulling out our debit or credit card every time. You want to buy a gun and/or ammo? Use CASH. Your purchase is untraceable unless the government comes in and demands to see the receipts of everyone who purchased guns/ammo (like California). Got a Google device in your home or similar where you can talk to it, ask it questions and create lists etc? Get rid of it because it is always listening to you. Where does that info go? Who keeps record of it? How is it used against you?

Are you always upgrading to the newest car? Consider an older vehicle that doesn’t have as many computers on it. Those computers can be overridden and controlled. Yep, I said it!

If you live in a large city, consider relocating further out into the rural areas because those will be the last areas that are caught up in the surveillance web. In rural areas, it’s much easier to join an existing community that relies on one another for goods and supplies. We buy goat milk, goat cheese, beef, chicken, pork and other things from local producers. We will continue to do so. Why shouldn’t I support local producers in my community?

Buy groceries with cash from time to time. The more you use cash, the more you reclaim your anonymity. Klaus and his buds are determined to gain full control over you. What do you say to that? Try to not buy so many online products if you’re able. I know it’s very convenient to do so, but choose wisely and try to avoid that as being your go-to vendor.

I agree with Hohmann that we can overcome, but it takes work. It won’t happen unless we become intentional. For our kids and our grand kids, it’s not that easy because they’ve known cell phones, computers and Internet all their lives. Trying to take a step back from that is very difficult for them.

The beast system is ultimately a digital prison that most folks will not even notice. They will be very willing to accept that (Babylon) system for three things that Hohmann points out:

  • safety
  • convenience, and
  • security

Most people want and embrace these three things. The demonic globalists are well aware of this and have made their system alluring because it offers all three things. The prison is being built around us. What is your response to it? You actually have a choice.







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