Downward Political Spiral is Overwhelming Society

February 26, 2020 at 11:06 AM 13 comments

We live in a society where:

  • homosexuals lecture us on morals
  • Transvestites lecture us on human body
  • Baby killers lecture us on human rights
  • Socialists lecture on economics

Someone posted this on Twitter and I thought it was very accurate. Our society is being seriously redefined and is failing to thrive. We are on a serious downward spiral and much of it is propped up by those within the media who do their masters’ bidding against us. They have what they have (and we’ll never have it), so in return, they are the mouthpieces for the globalists who exist quietly behind the scenes, out of earshot and view of us average people.

Watching and reading what passes for news these days is abysmal. Watching the Democrats debate on a stage where they were careful to remove the American flag is also abysmal. In these debates, we learn from a bunch of old white people that all white people are racist, that those illegally in the United States are somehow “entitled” to all the freebies that the government can dole out while completely ignoring America’s actual homeless population and in general, whatever stands against the Constitution is what is promoted.

We also just learned that the Senate Democrats within Congress failed to pass a bill that would’ve forced medical personnel to care for babies who survived an abortion attempt. One wonders how low America can go before God steps in and rains down His judgment? It can’t be that much further away, can it? It is so difficult to fathom that the same United States I was raised in has gone so far off the deep end that up is down, down is up and right is wrong, according to foaming at the mouth Leftists.

We’ve seen the push for gay rights, which has now morphed into transgender rights, which is fast-becoming the new normal and in doing so, is destroying women’s sports among other things. Has anyone seen a woman who believes herself to be a man entering into men’s sporting competitions? It hasn’t been done yet and likely won’t be done. Even if there is some intrepid woman-to-man athlete out there willing to give it a shot, chances are excellent that she/he will lose big time against other biological men. Those are the facts.

But we see men-to-women entering women’s sports and…surprise…winning! Gee, who would have thought that a biological male who thinks he’s a woman would ever win against women in a sporting competition? But that’s what’s been happening and it is only recently that several biological women have gotten together in a lawsuit to ensure that the only women competing in women’s sports are biological women.

If men-to-women really need to compete, then they should only compete against other transgenders. That would make it completely fair, wouldn’t it? But I guess that makes too much sense.

The Democrats have become the party of death, literally. They not only believe killing an unborn child up to (and in some cases, even after), birth is completely fine, but they are adopting socialism as their party’s “economic” poster child. Too many today believe socialism actually works and they point to places like Denmark as “proof.” Unfortunately for them, Denmark has a market economy. It is not a socialist nation.

The only way socialism works is on paper. In fact, it looks wonderful on paper, but why can’t it work in reality? Simply because there will always be people given to corruption and greed. These people manage to find their way to the top of these “socialist” societies and work very hard to enrich themselves by taking from others. Read about the history of Communism to learn.

So why are there so many today who seem to gravitate toward and want the same socialism that Bernie Sanders is selling, enough to make him the front-runner of the pack of Democrats all seeking the DNC nomination for president this November? Many of them are young people who have college debt and no jobs because they spent a few hundred grand to get a degree in basket weaving and wonder why they are unemployable. The idea of “free” sounds great to them and the idea of canceling student debt is even better.

But what these pitiful young, unthinking people cannot comprehend (due to the years of brainwashing at higher institutions), is that nothing is free. They will pay for any debt that’s canceled (as will all Americans) via higher taxes. This is the underlying component to socialism and Communism; higher taxes equalling an enlarged government that controls virtually every aspect of people’s lives.

Nothing is free…ever. What will it take for people to wake up to these realities? I’m really not sure but I see the dull and brainless on social networks every day. They either believe what they spout about socialism or they are paid trolls to spread their false message. The irony is lost on them that they are being being PAID (capitalism) to push a system that is the polar opposite of capitalism and will only destroy itself ultimately.

What I find absolutely fascinating is the fact that those running for the Democrat nomination for president don’t even care that they sound like morons, that they are traitors to the Constitution, that they will find a way to work the system to enrich themselves to the exclusion of others and that they are being so transparent in what they actually believe and want for America. The whole thing is absurd that they are not even keeping things close to their chests anymore. The conditioning of society – they believe – has enabled them to be honest about what they will try to create in America if they are elected. Isn’t that astounding? And people applaud them! The height of absurdity.

They want free healthcare, total gun bans, open arms for illegals to come to the USA and live off the government teat, and much more. They want women to be able to kill their children even after the child is born if the mom doesn’t want it. It’s a woman’s “healthcare” choice, you know, in spite of the fact that women cannot self-impregnate and it takes sperm from a man to create conception. Abortion is not healthcare. It’s murder.

Beyond this, have you noticed that they’re trying to make a huge to-do about the Corona Virus from China? It seems the Dems are trying to blame President Trump as being “unprepared” etc. It must be the new talking point of the Left because all the names on the Left, including people like Eric Holder, are all saying the same thing and they started saying it at the same time. Remember what Q implied about the 4am talking points that came from the C_A?

The actual Flu has killed several thousand people but I did not hear the CDC or anyone complaining that it was a pandemic, did you? But now all of a sudden, the Corona Virus is going to wipe the earth of all people. It’s simply an effort to make Trump look bad again, by Dems who hate the man. It’s also – in my opinion – a form of Hegelian Dialectic. That is, globalists want certain things to happen to move society to their “dream” and they know that they cannot simply do those things, so they create situations where society begs/demands the government to act. So, the government acts in response and usually during the process more of our rights are removed.

This happened with the so-called Patriot Act that was enacted shortly after the original 9/11 and other laws that were put into place. Normally, these laws reduce our freedoms while enlarging the government. This was the case with the enlargement of power given to the TSA to set aside the 4th amendment and to consider everyone guilty until innocence is proven (the same method used by the IRS).

So what will the government gain by pushing for society to demand the government “do something” about the Corona Virus? How about mandatory vaccines, quarantines and a general reduction in freedom? You don’t think it could happen? Just wait and watch.

Every time I go to the doctor, they usually ask me about the numerous vaccines I’ve “neglected” to receive. I keep saying, “No, thank you” but they keep asking about it. One day, we might not have the option.

If my parents were still alive, they’d be appalled at what’s been transforming society. Society is sinking, mired in all kind of isms that are destructive to any society. But this is the type of attitude that will ultimately usher in the coming Tribulation period, when God will pour His wrath out onto society for the godlessness that He has had to put up with for too long.

One day, not only will America’s cup be full, but this fullness will be represented by the entire world and will result in judgment. I was just reading in Deuteronomy this morning that God said it was forbidden that men should dress as women and women as men. We’ve gone so far past that, it’s pitiable. During the 70’s there were men who dressed as women (transvestism), and they were usually relegated to the lunatic fringe. Few took them seriously. Not so today.

Today, this is becoming a norm within society to not only dress as members of the opposite sex, but to act and even think that they are members of the opposite sex! If you speak out against it, you are labeled with some form of “ism.”

We have people who “identify” as not only the opposite sex, but as cats, babies, dogs, and the rest. These people need mental health help – and actually, they need God! – but don’t expect much help from the mental health community that moved away from calling people like this mentally unhealthy. Some states have enacted laws that forbid mental health professionals from trying to “help” a person away from transgenderism or things similar.

Society is quickly losing ground and quite frankly, I’m not sure that we will see a turn around. I don’t see how it can happen because the path ahead of us seems quite clear. Is this why God chose to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah and other ancient civilizations, because He knew clearly that if He did not step in and obliterate the problem, it would catch on throughout all of society and the time of the Tribulation was way off into the future? He did the same thing during Noah’s day. But it seems that God is allowing all of this demonic activity throughout the earth because the Tribulation is coming sooner than later.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but unless God steps in to stamp out some of the depravity that marks global society, things will simply continue toward their appointed mashup with God’s judgment.

It is so difficult for me to understand how we have gotten this far and so quickly. It wasn’t that many years ago when the lunatic fringe was just that and on the outskirts of society. Today, society is actively embracing the lunatic fringe and wanting them to be in the limelight. It’s nuts! There is no rational reason or explanation as to why any of this is happening except to say that Satan is the driving force behind all of it and he clearly has many human beings that are on his side, willing to do whatever it takes to turn this world over to the globalists who seek total control.

What these globalists (powers behind the curtain), do not fathom is that the coming Antichrist will rise from among their ranks (though he won’t be part of their circle necessarily), and will ultimately take over their positions of power. He will be the final ruler of the Gentile powers first noted in Daniel 2. He will rule this world for a short time until the physical return of Jesus, who will destroy the Antichrist with a word. It is coming to that and what we are seeing now is the great global movement toward that end.

People are blinded today, brainwashed because of their own selfishness and sin. They cannot see their own death spiral and they certainly cannot see their own godlessness.

What we are experiencing today is the absolute chaos and decay of politics that has brought about the morass we are currently witnessing. Stay close to God. If you’re not close, get there by reading His Word and talking with Him daily. He’s the most important relationship you have and you cannot ignore Him. To do so is to be swept up in the pandemonium the Left is trying to create.

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Faith vs Faithlessness Internet is Rife with Political Rumors


  • 1. Chellie  |  February 29, 2020 at 11:39 PM

    Some Interesting Info

    1) A man without a penis or testicles. a M to F Transsexual who has had a Sex Genital Reassignment Surgery, They are Eunuchs. Made that way by Man.


    • 2. modres  |  March 1, 2020 at 7:52 AM

      Yes, you’ve proved my point. God made two genders. Eunuchs are created by people, not God. Transsexuals are not truly changing their inner DNA or chromosomes. They are merely changing their outward appearance. As far as God is concerned a person born male or female remains that gender in spite of what they might do to change things outwardly.

      Sex reassignment surgery does not change the native gender of a person. Beyond this, a growing number of those who have gone through sex assignment surgery are undoing it.

      On another note where did you determine that Cain was fathered by a fallen angel? Where is that in the Bible?


  • 3. Chellie  |  February 29, 2020 at 11:07 PM

    What you are telling me (including about Cain), is simply not in the Bible. You’ve gone beyond what Scripture days because of the teachings of some TV preacher?

    🙂 It is in the Bible but just well hidden, You will find it in the KJV Bible,Geneses 3 ver 13

    And the LORD God said unto the woman, What is this that thou hast done? And the woman said, The serpent beguiled me, and I did eat.

    The word Beguiled Means Seduced, To Make Love, to Have Sex with, the Serpent and Satan is an Umbrella Term meaning Fallen Angles, demons, Evil Sprits.

    In Matthew 19 ver 11, The Lord Says, Not everyone can understand this Saying in ver 12, only those to whom it has been given to, meaning if you were informed/Taught or if you were born that way,

    After Satan (umbrella ) term for Fallen ones, seduced Eve, adam Layed with eve, A woman can Conceive 2 Children if she is still producing eggs , and if she has sex with another person within days of having sex with someone else, she can become Pregnant with another child, ist called hetrosexualSuperfecundation.

    Yes there are 3 Sexes but most people Cant Grasp it, Its way beyond their Their ability to understand and some things are hidden in the bible too.

    This is a Hidden Message,

    11 Jesus replied, “NOT EVERYONE can accept this word, but ONLY THOSE to whom IT HAS BEEN GIVEN. 12 For there are eunuchs who were BORN that way, and there are eunuchs who have been made eunuchs by others—and there are those who choose to live like eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven. The one who can accept this should accept it.”

    Question, is a M to F Transsexual that has had the Sex Genital Reassignment surgery a EUNUCH, Better Belive they are, made that way by Man.

    I Know what i am saying is difficult for most people to understand, but it is GROUNDED in Bible teaching. Most people cannot understand the teachings in the Bible. They need to take off their Blinders and get out of the Box that they are in, so they can see clearly, I am a Non Denomination Minister, I Preach to the LGBT community because They feel they have no Hope, They dont know they are Eunuchs, and Neither does anybody else, Thats Sad. I am Ripping these People away from Satan, I am Attacked all the Time by Satan, I Love it, I use the Power of The Name of Jesus Christ to tell them to leave, and if they come back, then they are to be locked in Chains, soaked in the Blood of the Lamb, and thrown into the Abbess before their appointed time to Await their Judgement, They have a Choice to Stay or Leave, I have not Taken away their free will.

    How many people do you know of that is Helping the 3rd sexed/neutral sexed LGBT Community,


    • 4. modres  |  March 1, 2020 at 11:20 AM

      You have gone WAY beyond Scripture here, Chellie. Some of what you’re referring to uses books like The Book of Enoch, etc, which are not part of the Canon and for good reason.

      The situation you’re referring to where Eve allegedly had sexual relations with Satan is also extra-biblical and not supported in Scripture. While the word “seduced” can have sexual connotations in this case it clearly does not. The forbidden fruit is not a metaphor for illicit sex. The previous text provides detail that there was one tree with a certain fruit that God forbade Adam and Eve to eat of it – literally bite, chew and swallow.

      Eve was seduced to think that God had lied. Con men use lies to “seduce” their prey in order to get something from them; usually money. To seduce someone does not always mean to have sexual relations with them.

      The extra-biblical texts that talk of Lilith, etc, are not part of Scripture. They are considered apocryphal and not to be taken at face value. They are more likened to mythology than factually-based narratives.

      When Jesus talks about some eunuchs being born that way He is NOT saying eunuchs are a third gender. He’s simply saying that there are some who never have the desegregation to marry – like Paul the apostle – but these people have not changed their gender or are somehow born a third gender. Paul was male, period.

      You say you are a minister? Even though Paul forbids women to do so?

      You say you are giving LGBTQ people hope? No, you are giving them an excuse to not have to repent.

      You claim people like me are in a “box” and I should take blinders. The reality is that you have gone way past biblical revelation in favor of what feels good to you.

      There’s probably nothing more we can say because we are so far apart theologically speaking. I wish you well but also wish you would leave the dreams, revelations and the like behind you, adopting instead the truth of God’s Word as it is plainly revealed.

      You are actually changing God’s Word to suit your own preferences and God will not hold people who do that guiltless.


  • 5. Chellie  |  February 26, 2020 at 11:54 PM

    The Elite Owners that rule the World Want you Divided, so its easier to control you, Wake up People, You Have been Lied to.

    Joe Biden was asked by a College Student, How many sexes are there, He Said There are 3 sexes, and Joe is Right, Most silly people think there are only 2 sexes, They have been lied to, as to Divide You.
    the 3 sexes are Male, Female and Eunuchs/Others/ 3rd Neutral Sex,
    the 3rd sexd are the LGBT people, they are a 3rd Sex/Others, they are born that way, Mathew Ch19 ver 12 (1) Born that way (2)Made that way by men (3) those that renounced marriage for the kingdom of God.
    In Sodom and Gomorrah , People were Practicing the Kings Religion, set up by Demi Gods, Ishtar, Diana, (Satan) to where Hetro men and women were forced to Practice the kings religion, where men would have sex with hetro men and hetro women were forced to have sex with women, if they did not comply to the kings religion, they were killed, you had no freedom of religion, Romans chapter 1. dont Judge the LGBT people, they are Eunuchs, Matthew ch7 ver1 or you will be judged by the Lord.


    • 6. modres  |  February 27, 2020 at 6:54 AM

      Hi Chellie, unfortunately you are in error. God made TWO genders according to Genesis. Male and female He created them. A eunuch is still a biological male but minus parts. The Mosaic Law prohibited eunuchs from being priests, etc.

      Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed because they actively overthrew God’s created order by exchanging truth with a lie (Romans 1).

      I’m not judging (condemning) the LGBT community. God’s Word already does that. I’m not sure where you are getting your information about the “King’s religion” forcing people to have sexual relations with members of the same sex but it doesn’t appear to be accurate. Neither Lot nor any member of his family were killed because they didn’t join in.

      Interesting that you say we shouldn’t judge LGBT community yet if you read the biblical text it’s clear that not only did homosexuals judge Lot but threatened him with violence.

      As for people being born a certain way, yes, people are born male or female.

      I personally moderate every comment to control what is posted here.

      Thank you.


      • 7. Chellie  |  February 28, 2020 at 1:30 AM

        I know its hard for people to understand That there are 3 sexes, and its hard for people to understand that there were 2 creations of mankind, one creation in genesis 1 and the other creation in genesis 2, If you followed Arnold Murray the TV Preacher, he has since passed, he also Agrees that there were 2 creations of man kind, OK Here is the Clincher, A True Hermaphrodite, are they male or female, they have both genitals 🙂 they are a Eunuch that was born that way, also a transsexual person is a Pseudo hermaphrodite, a 3rd sex, WHERE DID I GET MY INFO From ? I ASKED my Heavenly Father Through his Son Jesus Christ for all the knowledge written in the bible, not just for myself, but so I can Teach others, Jesus Says, What ever you ask for in my name, will be given to you
        You will be surprised to know that Cain was Fathered by a Fallen Angel named Gad-reel that was once a angle guarding the gates of the Garden of Edam.
        And that Adams first wife’s name was Lilith. she left Adam because she refused to Lay underneath Him, she felt she was Equal with Adam.
        Just Know, We have all been Lied to about every thing, ask our Heavenly Father for the Knowledge of his word in the bible through his Son Jesus Christ, and Hold on 🙂


      • 8. modres  |  February 28, 2020 at 8:03 AM

        I think we will have to agree to disagree. There are two created genders and that’s it. Why is Jesus telling you something different from what is recorded He said in the Gospels regarding one man and one woman?

        What you are telling me (including about Cain), is simply not in the Bible. You’ve gone beyond what Scripture days because of the teachings of some TV preacher?

        A hermaphroditite is an abnormal situation that is rare in nature and these individuals are usually sterile, unable to procreate.

        The Christian’s job after receiving salvation is to do two things: first, we are to submit ourselves to our Lord so He will work in and through us in order that we might be confirmed to the character of Jesus and second, to evangelize the list of this world.

        Our plates are full with those two things, Chellie. Stick with His Word, stop going beyond it, and become obedient to what He has revealed in His Word not what any preacher says beyond it.


      • 9. modres  |  February 28, 2020 at 8:15 AM

        When Jesus says “whatever you ask in my name, will be given to you” actually means something different than what you’re implying.

        If I ask for a Rolls Royce in Jesus’ name, I’m not going to get one. Jesus is referring to having our prayers and desires conform to His will. What is God’s will for us? To do what He wants is to do.

        He will answer my prayers that conform to His will. Example: “Lord, give me wisdom to know how to talk with my neighbor about salvation” or “Lord, direct my steps today so that my words, actions and thoughts bring you glory” or things like that.

        To pray in Jesus’ name means to seek only His will, not our selfish desires.

        Paul asked Jesus three times to remove the thorn in his flesh. Paul wanted to be healed from whatever problem he was dealing with. Jesus said “No, my grace is sufficient for you,” (2 Cor 12). Why didn’t God grant Paul’s request? Simply because it was not God’s will to do so.

        Praying in Jesus’ name means we ask Him only fir things that He wants for us. Jesus did this always and we see where He prayed in the Father’s name on the night He was betrayed (Luke 22).

        The name it/claim it people believe that God is our genie. If we believe strongly enough, God will give us whatever we ask for but that is not what the Bible teaches anywhere.


  • 10. Maranatha Today  |  February 26, 2020 at 1:13 PM

    I agree with Lynn and boy am I grieved but I keep reminding myself of this, “God is on His throne. He’s not wringing His Hands and He’s in total control!”

    Maranatha and blessings.


    • 11. modres  |  February 26, 2020 at 4:33 PM



  • 12. Lynn Welch  |  February 26, 2020 at 11:39 AM

    “Set your mind on the things above, not on the things that are on earth.
    3 For you have died and your life is hidden with Christ in God.
    4 When Christ, who is our life, is revealed, then you also will be revealed with Him in glory.” Col 3:2-4

    I feel—share—your angst about the direction of society. We can only press on, encourage one another, and keep our eyes on the prize—Jesus Christ! This is all going to pale in comparison to what will “soon” be revealed!!


    • 13. modres  |  February 26, 2020 at 11:44 AM



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