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September 15, 2020 at 10:36 AM 2 comments

Here’s a quick blog post to highlight comments of Dr. Carrie Madej. I’ve highlighted her before and this most recent video is from a guy in Boston who interviewed her live on his channel. The problem is that this video was barely up a day or so before it was removed for the old “violation” of community guidelines argument. No word on what guidelines were actually violated.

I’ve uploaded it to my channel at YouTube and the very same thing could happen, so I suggest to all readers who are interested in this type of thing to download it to your own computer. There are numerous free software programs that help you do this. Fortunately, after watching it yesterday, I downloaded it to my own laptop, from which I was able to upload it to my channel.

The video is rather longish, but interesting. Dr. Carrie talks about how she learned much of what she learned about five years ago while practicing medicine in Atlanta, GA. She attended a conference in which many of the things she talks about in this video were discussed at length in the conference.

Admittedly, what she discusses sound unbelievable; the kind of thing that conspiracy theories are based on. However, it really doesn’t take much research at all to find the sources of these “conspiracy theories” and it turns out that these are actual organizations like Defense One and DARPA, among others, who are working on the very things that Dr. Carrie discusses in the video.

Apparently, a substance called hydrogel is being used in the coming CV-19 vax that is said to work in conjunction with smart phones (with or without a specific app), and the coming 5G (the next phase in cellular data transmission) that allows for lightning fast transmission rates. This, as you’ll recall or already know, is the system that China uses to control society there, as we’ve discussed previously.

Hydrogel is a substance that would be included in the new vax and injected into the patient. Hyrdrogel is known as a “self-healing” substance that works inside a person’s body to help heal cellular damage. But Dr. Carrie is more concerned with how hydrogel can be used against us. She goes into quite some detail regarding hydrogel and what it can mean for people.

It is interesting to me that what has been happening in China with the way the Communist government of China has total control over its population. This has been accomplished with the 5G network installed that allows for the very fast transmission of data, which enables authorities to keep an eye on every single person in China. We know there is the social grading system that also plays into things to keep people subjected to governmental rule.

Does China use something like hyrdrogel? It’s probably impossible to know, but it is clear that hydrogel is concerning to some like Dr. Carrie. The product has been created by United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), though actually made by a company called Profusa, and “can contain harmful ingredients, including very small biosensors, nanotechnology, permanently planted within the body of anyone receiving the injection, allowing the evil people controlling our government to track and monitor the recipients at all times. (Source: Wikipedia)” [1]

Dr. Carrie talks quite a bit about the biosensors that might be utilized and planted inside a person via vaccinations. Profusa’s own website explains the potential use of hydrogel biosensors:

Profusa’s unique bioengineering approach overcomes the largest hurdle in long-term use of biosensors in the body: the foreign body response. Approximately 5 mm long and 500 microns in diameter, each tiny biosensor is a soft, flexible fiber designed to be biologically compatible with the body’s tissues for continuous monitoring, while overcoming the effects of local inflammation or rejection. (Source: Profusa)

Ultimately, a person would not even know these biosensors are inside their bodies. They take up virtually no room at all and since they could be implanted via a vaccine, no one would notice them as they went into the body.

What I’m NOT saying is that the coming CV-19 vax is the “mark of the beast” as noted in Revelation 17. I’m not saying that. What I am saying is that this is the type of system that could very well be used by the Antichrist in the future to implement the “mark of the beast.”

Even though this particular vaccine is likely not the mark of the beast, the reality appears to be that by placing these foreign objects (nanotechnology) into our bodies, we are giving up control of ourselves. Dr. Carrie, in the video, discusses the specific examples that were told to her and others in the conference she attended five years ago in Atlanta. The truth is that the powers that be are planning on using these biosensors or something similar, in conjunction with smart phones and 5G data transmission to be able to control society. How will this be done? Dr. Carrie explains it and she does it better than I can.

Give this a listen. Currently, the video is listed as “private” on my YT channel and you can only see it by clicking on the link here. It will not come up if you search for it. I’ve also added it to my channel on BitChute.

I think people need to be aware of this type of thing and be allowed to make their own decision about it. You might view it and think, “Nah, it’s too far-fetched” or you might say, “This is good info and I’m going to research it to see what I can find.” In either case, you are the deciding factor regarding what you think and how you will act based on the information provided. It shouldn’t be up to YouTube or any other website to decide for YOU what you can see and ultimately what information you have access to.

The link for the video is here: End Game?  (YT)

and here: End Game? (BitChute)


[1] https://z3news.com/w/darpa-injectable-solution-enables-government-tracking-monitoring-recipients/

(Note: contents of video owned by Richie from Boston)

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  • 1. Maranatha Today  |  September 15, 2020 at 11:43 AM

    The Pharma Industry is diabolical! We have seen many people blowing the whistle but Dr Sherri Tenpenny’s interview in this video sheds light in a way that makes me mad, sad and glad! Prays go up and may God have mercy on us all! Please download as it won’t be up long!


    • 2. modres  |  September 15, 2020 at 3:41 PM

      Thank you for the video. I’ll download it then view it later since these vids seem to be removed at warp speed.

      Thanks again!


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