Hate-Crime, the Qur’an and the Bible

September 30, 2012 at 10:10 AM 2 comments

The world would almost universally condemn putting Islam’s book in the toilet. This same world would not even bat an eye if someone did that to the Bible and called it “art.” No book considered “holy” should be treated in such a way.

You know, it is difficult to remain silent when I see things or read about things that appear to give a huge edge to Islam, while ignoring the things that many within this country – America – hold near and dear.  I have written articles here about the fact that I do not believe this country was created with any type of God-given or promised covenant, between man and Creator.  Having said that, I also believe that though this country was not founded on some sort of preconceived covenant with God, it was founded upon many of the principles that are contained in the Bible and have clearly noted that on numerous occasions.

In fact, it is equally noted that many to most of the original laws that formed for and under-gird this country were created based on a zeal for biblical law.  Even our bankruptcy laws connect back to numerous financial laws within Judaism.  Our Founding Fathers, though often enmeshed in secret societies like Freemasonry and referred to God as the “Great Architect of the Universe,” (a title that allows one to see their bent toward Deism, as opposed to Christianity), nonetheless had a moral compass that not only allowed them to see right from wrong (humanly speaking), but provided them with a sense of insight that caused them – in many ways – to look with high regard at the biblical text, whether they ever completely revered it or not. In essence, the Holy Bible has been part of this country’s birth and development since even before this country was founded, having direct roots to religious people from Europe and England.

But here we are in 2012 and there are those in America who prefer to see how far their hatred of God’s Word and Christians will allow them to go, under the guise of “art.”  Beyond this, there is a strong and tremendously growing footprint of radical Islam that is now safely (and I use that term purposefully) harbored in a country that these same radical Muslims want to overthrow and eventually subjugate.  Sound far-fetched?  Before we get to the “art” problem, let’s discuss another situation that has created tension in parts of America between those whose shield is the Bible against those whose sword is the Qur’an.

A number of months ago, during the annual Arab Festival in Dearborn, Michigan, numerous Muslims acted out against Christians who routinely go to the festival for the purpose of evangelizing the lost, e.g. Muslims.  Since the days these Christians first attempted this several years ago, there have been problems.  I’ve also previously written about those problems here on this blog.  When these difficulties first cropped up, I actually gave the mayor, the chief of police, and the city council of Dearborn the benefit of the doubt.

I wrote a letter to the mayor to which I eventually received a response.  In it, I was told all of the ways the Christian group had allegedly opposed the policies of the city council and I was assured that no one wanted to shut the Christians down or remove the Bible from a public venue.  I was somewhat satisfied, enough to warrant taking a stand against the Christians, sadly enough; a decision which I came to regret (and still do).

However, as time went on, I began to realize that what I had been told was not really the truth.  It was beginning to appear as though I had been lied to by politicians.  Could that be true?  Gee, apparently.

So, with each new year and at each new Arab Festival in Dearborn, MI, things began to get tougher for these Christians who continued to fight for lives of those who are heading into eternity with God in Christ.  Things came to a real, physical head just a few months ago – June, 2012 – when these same Christians were literally pelted with rocks, concrete, urine and other things while at the Arab Festival.  You might think that the police would step in and do something.  They did.  After essentially ignoring the fact that the Christians were being physically (and need I say, illegally),assaulted, the police finally did step in to tell these same Christians that if they did not leave the festival, they would be arrested for “disorderly conduct.”  Can you believe that?  I’m sure the Left has no trouble swallowing that one and inwardly, are smiling like the proverbial Cheshire cat.  The problem of course, is that the Arabs were the ones doing the actual assaulting because they did not like what they were hearing from the Christians.

This is the way radical Muslims act when they hear things that “offend” them.  This is exactly why Mr. Obama stated in his speech to the UN that those who slander Islam should have no part of the future.  This of course, is a very arrogant thing to say for a person who leads not only one of the greatest countries in the world, but a country in which freedom of speech and freedom of expression remain two parts of the same backbone since this country’s inception.  Though he gives lip service to these ideals, when push comes to shove, as he promised in his book, he stands with Muslims, over and against the rule of law in this land.

Instead of telling the world that this is the way it is in America – for better or worse – he coddled the Islamic world by opening the door to them in agreement with them over the issue of eliminating speech or expression that offends Muslims.  Now of course, following on the heels of this, we have numerous Islamic individuals and groups clamoring for special laws that would provide fines, imprisonment or both for those who blaspheme or slander Islam.  I’m sure some day it will happen, if things continue to move as they are moving.

Fortunately, and in spite of the illegal actions of the police department at Dearborn (often referred to as Dearbornistan, because it has become the area of America with the largest population of staunch Islamists), MI, there is at least one legal group that has chosen to fight for the Christians.

“…a team of attorneys from the American Freedom Law Centeris going to court on behalf of the victims of the violent Muslim mob at the Arab International Festival last June, an attack that was captured on video.

The federal civil rights complaint in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan names as defendants officials from the Wayne County sheriff’s office who “sided with the Muslim mob intent on suppressing the Christians’ speech.”

The complaint explains authorities not only failed to protect the Christians, they ordered them to leave the Arab Festival under threat of arrest for “disorderly conduct.”

However, not one Muslim was arrested for the attack that left several members of the Christian group bloodied, the complaint states.

Among the defendants is Deputy Chief Mike Jaafar, a Muslim who was featured in the now-canceled show “All American Muslim,” which appeared on The Learning Channel. [1]

It is very difficult to accept that in America, Muslims (or any religious group for that matter) can gain this type of favoritism, especially given the fact that it is not Sharia law that controls this country (yet), but the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  However, in spite of these facts, people like Mike Jaafar simply set aside that rule of law in favor of Sharia.  How is he justified in doing so?  How is this American?  How is this correct?

There was at least one problem created by the Christians, in my opinion.  They were first seen on the video that captured the rock-throwing, carrying a pole with a pig’s head on it.  During this time, the Christians shouted “God is good and God is not Allah!

I have to wonder why they went to the extreme of carrying a pig’s head on a pole, if not to get the attention of the Muslims…along with their anger.  Would it not have been better to simply walk through the crowd quietly passing out flyers and speaking one-to-one with those at the festival?  In reality, I know they have also done this and they were still met with anger, ridicule, and reviling from the Muslims.  In fact, they were also spit at then, a form of physical assault; illegal in this country, but not in Islamic countries.

Who knows, but maybe they wanted to increase the dialogue, but I have my doubts that this was the way to go.  Nonetheless, they had a right under the Constitution and Bill of Rights to express themselves in such a way, in spite of whether or not it was the smartest thing to do.  The results on the video are obvious (see link below). Still, the individual Muslims are also culpable for their actions and reactions.  They broke the law, yet nothing was done.  The Christians were treated as the law-breakers here.

The difficulty is that since the first time that Christians chose to go to the Arab Festival for the sole purpose of witnessing to Muslims (because the Christians care about the eternal souls of those at the festival), there have been nothing but problems.  Several were arrested their first time out and spent time in jail, only to have all the charges dropped later since it became exceedingly obvious to the legal system that they had done nothing wrong.

The situation has not improved at all and in fact, has gotten worse for Christians when compared with the privileges that Muslims tend to receive in Dearborn.  This seems to be the way things are going here in America and as I explained previously in another article, I fully believe the Left and the global elite that charts the Left’s course is behind this entire situation.  They want/need this country to change, to move further and further away from its biblical moorings to become a Socialist nation.  Societal upheaval will accomplish this.

As I also mentioned, this Socialism would merely be a step toward imperialism.  It certainly seems as though it is biblically mandated because of where this world needs to be in order for the Antichrist to walk out onto the world’s stage.

In all of this, the current Obama Administration has remained silent where Christians are concerned.  Neither he nor those who speak for him have come to the fore to condemn the actions of those within Islam.  Moreover, Mr. Obama has said nothing against – what will most likely turn out to be – the illegal activities of those within the Dearborn, MI police department.  Mr. Obama has responded to this event with complete silence and separation, as if it has not happened at all for the past four years or more.

But it is not simply Christians being physically harmed in this country when the current administration in the White House remains silent.  Remember, when the Trayvon Martin situation occurred, Mr. Obama had something to say.  When the Colorado shooting took place, Mr. Obama had something to say.  Why?  Because both of these events play into his staunch desire to eliminate guns from society.

Moreover, when the anniversary of 9/11 occurred recently with American embassies in the Middle East and parts of northern Africa being attacked and in which four Americans were killed, it was all blamed on a short movie trailer that allegedly denigrated (slandered) Muhammad and Islam.  For over a week, we heard this administration, including Mr. Obama himself, lay full blame on this short video as the reason why there was such upheaval in the Middle East.  The fact that this upheaval occurred on the anniversary of 9/11 was not even really noted or pointed out.

Eventually, as the facts became apparent, it also became clear that the real problem had nothing to do with the video (since it had been out for some time prior to 9/11) and this fact forced the administration to begin backtracking on what they had said earlier.  However, even after this, Mr. Obama continued to blame the movie trailer for the unrest in his speech before the UN.  Either he was unable to have his speech rewritten quickly enough, or he wanted to continue to perpetuate the lie that he had originally foisted upon the world.

Now it would appear that we may well have the same thing with the embassy attacks that we did/do with the “Fast and Furious” debacle – illegal weapons to Muslims in foreign countries.  From many sources, it would appear that this was a pre-planned event, designed to create a situation where Mr. Obama would look the hero in gaining the release of Americans who had been captured.  Unfortunately, things went very bad, with the tragic deaths of said Americans.  Mr. Obama described this situation as a “bump in the road” apparently on the way to peace.  A bump in the road?

So we can see when the subject is Islam (or one of his other pet areas like gun control), Mr. Obama has no problem speaking up.  Likening Trayvon Martin to his own son (if he had one) is done to put a very human face on an individual who was acting and dressing more like a gangbanger.

Instead of pointing to all the young African-American men who have given their lives in Mr. Obama’s wars as people to be proud of, Mr. Obama instead chooses to politicize a situation by making a common thug look like someone who should be praised.  The mainstream media gave it their due as well by adjusting grainy photos of Trayvon Martin and trying desperately to clean up his image.  They also never took the time to point out that George Zimmerman was and remains a registered Democrat, but first wanted to try to paint him as a gun-toting, racist, “right-wing extremist.”  Hence the need to refer to him as a “White-Hispanic,” a new culture to be sure.  Considering that no one refers to Mr. Obama as a “White-Arab-Black,” this new play on words should have told us all we need to know about the left-wing media.

Again, Mr. Obama’s views and thinking where his pet projects are concerned are well-known and understood.  He claims to be a Christian, as he did so even again recently at the UN when he gave his speech.  People continue to believe he is that as well.  I have long pointed out – as have many others – that simply because someone says he/she is a Christian, does not mean that they are one.  As Jesus Himself said, we would know them by their fruit.  There are many people today who say they are Christians, yet their lives speak the opposite.  Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson both say they are Christians and both use the title “rev” in front of their name.  It means nothing because they are both consummate liars and worse.  When they speak, they lie.  True Christians do not do this as a matter of course.  We fail at times yes, but we do so because we continue to have the sin nature and our characters have not been fully engrained with the character of Christ.

People like Rick Warren, Joel Osteen, Robert Schuller, Brian McLaren, Tony James, Henry Nouwen, Kenneth Copeland, F. Rodney Howard Brown, Paul and Jan Crouch, Kenneth Hagin, Benny Hinn, Ernest Ansley, and a host of others all use the name Christian.  They all claim to be authentic Christians.  Are they? Does it even need to take a genius to see the “fruit” their lives project?

The fruit of their lives hardly gives us that impression and I’m not saying any Christian need be perfect in this life.  I’m simply saying that the majority of my life should reflect the life of Christ.  Obviously, God is the final Judge and He is the only One who can do that righteously because He knows all things, especially the heart of each person.

However, God in Jesus was also the One who stated that we would know them by their fruit, so we are obviously being told to look at a person’s life and judge them accordingly – not to their actual salvation, but to the character of their life.

The apostle Paul repeatedly warned his readers to watch out for the circumcision, or for those false prophets, or for those who were out for money and vainglory.  Too many Christians believe that we are to go through this life with blinders on, never noticing the errant lifestyles or teachings of those who call themselves Christians.  They believe that to notice that is to judge them and they believe we are not to judge because Jesus said “Do not judge.”

Of course, what these folks don’t realize is that we are not to judge a person’s intentions since we cannot see those inner urgings and direction signs.  This is the only way to marry the concept of knowing a person by their fruit (outward signs, including teachings and professions) with the idea that we should not judge (inner motivations).

I started off this article referencing freedom of speech and expression in the field of art.  I now return to that situation, having laid the groundwork for why this country is where it is and how it has happened, largely under an administration that prefers to glorify Islam, to the exclusion of everything else, including the principles upon which this country was founded and in spite of the fact that in taking the oath of presidency, Mr. Obama swore to uphold those values.  This is done while he claims to be Christian, but ultimately placing Christianity under Islam.

You may have heard of it.  There is a new “artistic” display in NYC called – forgive me – “Pissed Christ.”  In the display, a crucifix is submerged in a container of the “artist’s” urine.  This is supposedly art and as such, is protected under the Freedom of Expression laws that govern this country.  I think true artist Glenn McCoy, has captured the dilemma quite beautifully in the one-panel cartoon I have included with this article.  I claim no copyright on this work, as it belongs to the artist/publisher.

Please note that I believe with all my heart that if someone in the US created “art” that showed a photo of Muhammad (against Sharia law in and of itself) sitting in a pool of urine, the Muslim community would be up in arms.  Moreover, it is my belief, based on what has been shown to us repeatedly, that Mr. Obama would clearly speak out against such a situation, though he chooses to remain silent on this current depiction of Jesus in urine, even though it has been brought to his attention.  In that case, even if Muslims grew violent in protest, I find it difficult to believe, based on what has happened already, that they would be arrested and charged with anything.  If Christians gathered en masse and began destroying things in protest of this latest “art” exhibit, Christians would be unmercifully treated, arrested, and jailed.

My question is why is a crucifix in urine considered art?  Certainly, it falls under freedom of expression, but what is the artist attempting to say?  In my mind, there can be nothing of what the average individual would consider to be good in this form of depiction.  The artist is essentially urinating on Jesus as He hangs on the cross.  This is not that different from what people would do when witnessing a crucifixion during the time of Christ.

Unlike what is often pictured for us, crucifixions like this often occurred at eye level.  The malefactor would intentionally be hung in an area where there was a good amount of foot traffic and people would nearly be able to see eye-to-eye with the person hanging on the cross as they would pass by.

The Romans were the paragon of simplicity.  Why would they bother to obtain tall ladders so that it would take at least three soldiers to hang a person on a cross?  Even if it didn’t require three or four soldiers, it would certainly be cumbersome to have to carry ladders of any length for that mission.

It would be so much easier to simply have one soldier on each side of the cross beam, standing on the ground, lift slightly and drop it into place on the stake that was already in the ground.  Then, move onto the next victim in short order.  It also makes it far easier to remove nails when the victims needed to be removed from the cross, as in the case of Jesus and the approaching Sabbath because no ladder would be required for that either.

With a person hanging on a cross like this, at eye level, people walking by would be able to slap, spit on, mock, or whatever else they wanted to do to the felon hanging on the cross, without straining themselves.  The whole intent of crucifixion was meant to be “in your face” as the most severe detriment to other people who might consider rebelling against the powers of Rome.  Of course, it was also meant to further embarrass and chastise the person who was being slowly and painfully put to death by the Roman authorities.

So, I’ll ask again.  The artist whose depiction of Jesus on the cross in a container of the artist’s urine is doing nothing less than ridiculing Jesus.  He can’t personally and physically do that to Jesus now because Jesus does not physically live on this earth, walking around in a human body.  I get the impression though that this artist – had he the chance – would think nothing of doing something like this to Christ.

This “art” comes from the mind of Satan.  It is not art in any sense of the word, as far as I can tell, though it does fall under the freedom of expression guidelines, I’m sure.  The artist here is really telling us how he feels about Jesus and the crucifixion; the very act that authentic Christians look to in understanding the very method of salvation used by God in Christ to free many of us from Satan’s domain.  In essence then, this depiction is Satan’s commentary on the crucifixion.  Since he wasn’t able to stop it and actually goaded the crowds onto betraying Jesus and calling for His death (without realizing what His death and eventually resurrection would mean for the world, including Satan’s defeat), Satan has spent 2,000 years hating the thought of the cross.  This is the most he can do though, since he cannot undo it.  So, he finds some poor schlep – an artist – and some how plants ideas in his head (to which the artist is open to hearing and putting into effect) to create something that could be called art, yet is offensive in every respect.  The more to the Left you are, the greater your understanding and acceptance of such works of “art” will be.  You’re not offended in the least because Jesus means nothing to you personally.  In fact, you take special delight when He is ridiculed because the same power that works in the “artist” works in you.  You have no ability to empathize with Christians, or the Bible, or God Himself.  You see these things as anathema.  Moreover, to you, Christians should simply sit down, shut up, and turn the other cheek.  Isn’t that what Jesus says we are to do?

As you can see, the cartoon by McCoy shows a toilet with a Qur’an in it with the label “Hate-Speech” above it on the left.  On the right, it’s the same scene except one minor detail of change.  Instead of a Qur’an, a Bible has been placed inside the bowl of a toilet and of course, the label above the toilet reads “Art.”

The inference is very clear.  Even though both depictions would be fully protected under the Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Speech rights, only one would be spoken against likely through massive protests.  The Left would dutifully join in with the cries of Muslims everywhere to stop the “hate.”

The Qur’an – we would be told – has no place in that type of environment because it offends Muslims.  It is slanderous, therefore should not be allowed, even though both depictions come under freedom of expression.  This is the type of rhetoric I am certain we would hear from either Mr. Obama or his administration if the “art” on display included a Qur’an instead of a crucifix of Jesus immersed in urine.

This display of “art” opened several days ago and the only thing we continue to hear from this administration are crickets.  But please notice something else.  We are also not witnessing violent protests perpetrated by Christians either, as much as we hate the display.  We are not gathering in the streets.  We are not rioting.  We are not indiscriminately destroying or attempting to violently overthrow that with which we do not agree, possibly taking innocent lives in the meanwhile.  We are passively angry about this violation regarding our beliefs, but we also understand that this type of “art” is protected, as puerile and offensive as it remains.

Of course, if Christians did riot, we would be roundly condemned in the same media that ignores or excuses the violent excesses of radical Islam.  We would be shown to be hypocrites, unable to act like reasoned people, instead giving into the temptation to act like animals.  This of course does not apply to radical Islam.

While it would be nice to have a president who stood up for Christians and Christianity as much as he chooses to stand for Islam (especially given the fact that he has repeatedly denied being a Muslim and says he stands with Christians because he is one), yet it is not to be.  We do not hear him speak out against these types of acts that are committed against Christians and our beliefs.

Apparently, to Mr. Obama (and Eric Holder’s DOJ), it does not matter whether Christians receive their due process under the established laws of the United States in Dearborn, MI, or whether our sensibilities are offended when we see something that literally tramples our own beliefs and desecrates the things we hold dear.  It seems not to matter at all.  Times, they are a changin’ in America.

Instead, Mr. Obama is too busy trying to placate the Islamic world and unfortunately, as far as radical Islam is concerned, that’s like trying to win over the neighborhood bully with words.  It simply does not work.  The only thing that both bullies and radical Islam understand are self-defense through force.

Tell me, if you were being car-jacked by an individual with a gun, would you try to reason with him?  Chances are you would understand how desperate the situation is and if you did not have your own gun ready to go at that moment, you would give that person whatever he wanted in order that your life be spared, would you not?  Even doing this though does not guarantee your freedom and safety because people like this are very desperate.  They do not care about any harm they inflict, whether emotional or physical, or both.  Their perceived need supplants everyone’s.

We’ve all watched with horror those shows that highlight criminal acts caught on camera.  In many, a gunman walks into an establishment and without any or much warning, simply open fire on the person behind the counter.  You cannot reason with a person like this.  They will only run from you when you meet their force with force of your own, if you have the chance.

Radical Muslims are like this.  They believe they have right on their side and their version of right is to use violence to beat people down and into submission.  They believe their calling for Allah supersedes your safety and rights as well as any sense of treating you fairly or as a human being.

If you are not willing to defend yourself against that threat, then you have already lost.  It’s no different from leaving your doors open at night because you don’t care if you become a victim of a home invasion. If it happens, oh well.  You don’t even try to take the minimum safeguards to keep yourself, your family, and your home safe from criminals.

Your attitude determines whether or not you survive, or in most cases, whether you actually become a victim in the first place.  Certainly, this does not mean you look for trouble.  You already know that trouble is there, somewhere, and you would simply prefer not to leave that door open to that trouble, so you take steps to keep yourself safe.

We have an alarm on our home.  I used special locks on the windows and doors.  Am I safe?  I am likely safer than most, but if someone wants to get into my home – if I am there or not – they will because all they have to do is break some glass.  Yes, an alarm will go off and chances are that they will either be scared off, or the police will arrive before they can flee, but there is no guarantee that criminals will not try to victimize me or my family.  I have simply succeeded in giving them a reason to go elsewhere.  If I’m home when this happens, I have other safeguards built into the process.

I have again, come to realize that this world is under the control of the Evil One.  It’s the way it will be until Jesus returns at His 2nd Coming.  Satan hates with a loathing that I cannot imagine, but if what we see in society is any indication of his abject hatred, it’s obviously very real and palpable.

Satan hates Jesus and the fact that it was His death on Calvary’s cross that provides salvation for all who will come to Him for that salvation, believing in who He is and what He has accomplished for us through His death and ultimate resurrection.  Is it any wonder that Satan hates the cross so much that he is willing to cause some “artist” to create a piece of “art” that does nothing except desecrate Jesus and offends Christians?  Why would we think this is not possible?  Why would we even think this is beyond the norm?  Satan is the ruler of this world…for now.

As a Christian, I am in enemy territory and because I see it like that, I am more prepared to deal with the evil that is involved in this day.  I do not go through this life believing that all is well.  It is not well.  In fact, 150,000 people die daily.  How many of them go into eternity not knowing Jesus Christ?  The answer to that is likely very tragic.  Once you are gone from this life, your chances of receiving salvation are also gone.  Why is it hard to believe that Satan would do all in his power to keep people from recognizing the truth?  This life is not the end.  It is merely a bridge to the eternal.  The choices you make here determine your eternal path.

As a Christian, my obligation is to live a life that bears good fruit, fruit that brings glory to God.  In order to do that successfully, I must be aware of the enemy and his attempts to take and keep more people captive and bound in his tyranny of evil.  As the god of this age, he is loath to give up just one soul to the God of Heaven.  Not only does he (Satan) hate God, but he hates all those who follow Him.  Moreover, I fully believe he hates all people – saved and non – because humanity was made in God’s image, unlike Satan.  We are a constant reminder to Satan just how great God is and how woeful he (Satan) is and I’m sure that galls him every moment of every day.  Let’s not forget that according to Scripture, his coming eternal date with the Lake of Fire is a certainty.

Just as the soldier understands the purpose of his mission by studying his enemy and the enemy territory where he is assigned, so too must the Christian understand that those in the world who are not truly part of God’s Kingdom, are part of Satan’s.  As such, they will do whatever they are prompted to do in order to help their master gain the advantage over Christians.  If we allow ourselves to become sidetracked, we become no good to the Father (John 15; see also Ephesians 2).  We must remain on course and understand that even though the world has taken its stand against God and Christians because those of this world take their cues from their master, Satan, we must not respond in kind as the radical Islamist does when they feel “offended” or “slandered.”

We can work through the existing legal system to correct wrongs.  We can protest peacefully if you believe that is what you are called to do.  In short, you can use all the laws at your disposal to make Christ known to a world that hates Him.  As Christians though, we cannot stoop to the level of the radical Muslim who believes that violence is the answer to the perception of slander, desecration, and blaspheme.

God is God.  He is alive.  He works in and through us, if we will allow Him to do so through our submission of our will for His.  We have not seen the end of things that will offend Christians.  It will worsen.  But we need to remember that as offended as we are of the things that the world sees no problem with, God is far more offended.  He will act.  He will right all wrongs.  Our job is continue to share the love of Christ to a world of people filled with satanically-inspired hatred (and that is something that often confuses them because they would be hard pressed to understand why they don’t like Christians in the first place, at least in some cases).

It’s a tough job, but it is a job we are called to fulfill and while we cannot always count on the civil authorities to uphold our rights provided for citizens of this country, we can know that God is the One who holds us up.  He will deal with His enemies with perfect justice and holiness.

We must be aware of how Satan works in order to avoid his snares.  We must also always look to God to carry us through, not on a wing and a prayer, but on the mighty arms of God Most High, who will bring Himself untold glory through our lives; lives that are submitted to Him and His purposes.

[1] http://www.wnd.com/2012/09/cops-to-answer-in-court-for-stoning-of-christians/

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Misuse of “Freedom of Expression” People Love Darkness Rather Than Light

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  • 1. Penelope Wagmeyer  |  October 1, 2012 at 8:17 AM

    The Dearborn thing has nothing to do with the art thing. Those Dearborn Christians were just aggravating the Muslims. They weren’t reaching the lost.
    The art discussion is very valid, on the other hand.


    • 2. modres  |  October 1, 2012 at 9:24 AM

      Hi Penelope,

      I disagree. BOTH situations show a willingness on the part of those in authority to abrogate the rights of Christians, in favor of Muslim Sharia. I’m sorry you are fully incapable of seeing this, Penelope.

      In BOTH cases, Christians are being denigrated, while Islam is being favored. Whether they were “aggravating” Christians or not is absolutely moot. The apostle Paul and others in the Bible can be accused of the same thing. Maybe Jesus should not have been so critical of the Pharisees? Your point is an aside.

      If I preach in a public park and people don’t want to hear it, they can leave. My rights cannot simply be removed because someone might become aggravated over the content of my speech. We have freedom of expression, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion in this country. The Christians in Dearborn have the right to go to the festival and evangelize. It is has already been upheld by the courts and unfortunately for Mike Jafaar, he and his police department will likely come out on the losing end of this legal situation because not only did he FAIL to protect the Christians, but he threatened them with arrest when they were simply expressing their rights. Whether or not you agree with their rights makes absolutely no difference.

      I already stated that I disagreed with carrying a pig’s head on a pole. I do not agree with everything they did. Again, that is not the point. They have the right to express themselves and they did. The Dearborn Police Department did not act appropriately. They favored Islam and canceled the unalienable rights of Christians. The Christians have a right to sue.

      The “art” in question is not valid at all, though I also stated that the artist has a right to express himself in such a manner, in spite of how much I disagree with it. Unlike YOU, I can admit that the artist has that right even if it means offending me, whereas you do not believe that the Christians in Dearborn have any such rights. I see no other purpose for this alleged art than the fact that the “artist” has chosen to urinate on Jesus. Surely you can understand that if the depiction included the Qur’an or Muhammad, instead of Jesus, Muslims would be up in arms. You think that type of “art” would engender “discussion”? Would you be willing to support that type of “art” even if it meant going up against radical Islamists bent on doing you harm? I hardly think so.

      Did you even read the article for meaning? It appears as though – like many on the Left – you came here to present your superfluous viewpoint that doesn’t even center on the points I made.



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