Misuse of “Freedom of Expression”

September 27, 2012 at 8:33 AM

It’s interesting, but in the past few months, several incidents have occurred in which the protestors were claiming Freedom of Expression to commit crimes.  In one, a graffiti artist defaced a wall of a Chick-fil-A building in southern California over the issue of Dan Cathay’s Freedom of Speech.  The individual who painted or literally tagged his message on the wall of a Chick-fil-A apparently believed he had the right to do what he did, even though he was defacing property he did not own.  He said it fell under freedom of expression. Does that mean then that this same individual can spray paint something on me as a form of freedom of expression?  If he did, it would be classified as assault.

Such is also the case in a recent number of attacks on property in the New York Subway.  A group that was initially denied the right to run pro-Israel advertisements (though eventually won in court) had their work defaced by one particular individual who used pink spray paint to paint her message – protected under the Freedom of Expression act, she states – over the “offending” ads.  Never mind that there are plenty of ads that have been run which are anti-Semitic.  That’s okay with her, I’m sure, along with many other people.  She simply does not want to hear or read anything that is pro-Israel.  That’s too bad.

What is interesting is that the woman in question – Egyptian-American columnist Mona Eltahawy – thoroughly believes that she has a right to do what she has done.  To that end, she has become a “favorite of CNN and MSNBC’s weekend morning shows to discuss Egypt, and she often smears together the Islamist “right wing” and the American right wing.” [1]

So what she does is to indiscriminately group the “right-wingers” in America with the “right-wingers” of Islam, as if their goals and methods are the same.  The Left loves to hear that and encourages it.  In general though, those who are considered right-wingers in America do not deface public property, nor do they break laws to their own advantage.  Quite the contrary.  Right-wingers here in America support, to the fullest extent, the Constitution and Bill of Rights, something that smacks of extremism to those on the Left, who want to overturn or at least abrogate many of the built-in rights guaranteed to actual citizens of this country under those two documents.

At the same time, the “right-wingers” within Islam have their own law called Sharia.  Through it, they believe they have the right to kill, destroy, mutilate, and do whatever else they feel is necessary in order to widen the corridors of Sharia law so that it becomes the norm in an ever-increasing area of the globe.

In other words, the two groups have nothing in common, but Eltahawy deliberately places them together and in doing so, equalizes them, as if they are the same.  However, please note that American “right-wingers” approve of the established rule of law under the Constitution.  Islamic “right-wingers” approve only of Sharia law and believe that it should be instituted worldwide by overturning current rule of law (that is not Sharia) in other regions of the world where Sharia does not exist.

Since the recent embassy attacks, right-wing extremist groups within Islam (radicals) have begun calling for laws to be created within the United States that would make it punishable to “slander” Islam; otherwise known as “anti-blaspheme” laws.  Of course, the word slander is up for grabs as far as meaning goes.  Ultimately, the implication is that if a Muslim is offended, then either Muhammad or Allah has been slandered.  It does not matter if the truth has been spoken; only whether or not a Muslim has been offended.  That becomes the arbiter here, not truth in and of itself.

This is essentially the same tactic that the Left uses constantly.  We’ve seen the race card played whenever anyone expresses disapproval with Mr. Obama.  That individual is labeled a racist, which is of course used to immediately shut down the conversation.  It doesn’t matter that the facts tell some people that Mr. Obama is a completely ineffective leader and from that, the charge is made that he should not be re-elected.  What matters to the Left is that they can and do use the race card as often as possible.

It is no secret that I do not admire or respect Mr. Obama.  I feel the exact same way about Jimmy Carter (and numerous other presidents and politicians).  The only real difference between these two is Mr. Obama’s race.  The same arguments I apply to Mr. Obama I have applied to Mr. Carter, yet no one calls me a racist for making those comments against Mr. Carter since Carter and I are of the same race.  In general, a politician or minister who is left of center, I am in disagreement with and I disagree with them because of their ideology.  If they happen to be black, or some other minority, so be it.  It’s their ideology that I do not care for there are plenty of Caucasian individuals with whom I disagree for the same reasons.  It has nothing to do with race at all, but that’s the only thing the Left has and they have tried to use it (as has Mr. Obama) to their advantage as often as possible.  That’s the only good thing about having a true Leftist who is also a minority as president.  The race card can be used frequently.  If Joe Biden were president, he would be as useless as Mr. Obama, yet no race card could be used.  If Hillary Clinton were president, I would be called a sexist though my disagreement with her are over the same type of ideological issues.

Looking back through history, I see FDR, whom many believe was one of the first presidents to begin initializing a true Socialist agenda.  As I look over his many acts as president, there isn’t a good deal that impresses me.  In fact, some of the things he did were downright scary and I believe, fully illegal.  He decided for instance, shortly after the Great Depression, that no one in America could own their own gold.  He then decided that it must be turned in.  Failure to do so would result in a fine, jail time, or both.  This was all done for the good of the union and for national security, which is another way of saying that the president can curtail people’s rights as long as he deems a situation important enough to do so.  While people were paid for their gold, FDR wasted no time in writing an order that effectively doubled the value of gold once it was in the possession of the Federal gov’t.  Interesting, isn’t it?  His administration paid the going rate for gold to Americans, yet once he got it, he doubled its value, making the Federal gov’t extremely wealthy.  Private citizens did not share in this increase.

After FDR, I think JFK was a very effective president in many ways and it would have been very interesting to see where the remainder of his presidency would have placed this nation had he not been assassinated.  Looking back on JFK, what he stood for and what he said, he appears to me to be much more in line with the GOP of today than what the Democratic Party has now become.

Over the years, we have seen so many presidents come and go and their legacy seems to have been to move this country toward Socialism, as I mentioned in my last post.  This has become abundantly clear with Mr. Obama, who has pushed the envelope even more, because of his racial protection that comes from being a minority.  People are afraid of being called a “racist,” so they clam up.

Today, we have a president who bows to leaders of other nations, which is a sign of subservience and cannot be understood as anything else. We have seen the roles of Welfare recipients explode with people and the Federal gov’t stating that there are not enough people taking advantage of entitlements.  It is clear that they want people to become dependent upon the government because people who are dependent on the government will not go against the government.

So in light of all this, we see this great push to eliminate or at least curtail my guaranteed right of freedom of speech and freedom of expression and we see how it is being done.  People who do not agree with those on the right are “allowed” to deface, or at least there are people who believe they have a right to do what they do.

In the previously referenced instance, Eltahawy fully believes she has the right to deface what does not belong to her.  That actually places HER in the same category of right-wing Islamic extremists because it is what they do.  She is ignoring the rule of law within America in favor of something that allows her to do what she does based on her personal beliefs.  Why?  For the sake of Allah and the fact that she is personally offended by what she reads on the posters in the NYC subway system.  It’s called Sharia law.

So while she tries to distance herself from “right-wingers” in America and within Islam, it is absolutely clear that she is acting like her radical Islamic counterparts in another part of the globe.  She herself is Muslim and while pretending to be “moderate,” she gives herself away as a radical because she ignores the rule of law in America; something that Tea Party members do not do.  When a Muslim does this, it is a sign that they secretly abide by Sharia law.

If those print ads in the NYC subway belonged to her, then she would have every right to treat them the way she wants to treat them.  They don’t belong to her.  Someone else fought within the legal system to hang those posters there after initially being denied that right.  Someone else paid for the posters to be created.  Someone else won the right in a court of law to have those posters placed where they were placed.  Eltahawy had nothing to do with that, but somehow in her disturbed mind, she believes she has the right to deface what does not belong to her?

She most certainly has a right to stand there and decry what she believes is wrong with the message stated within the one-sheet poster.  She has every right to write a blog or a letter to the editor, or a column in a newspaper or magazine.  She can even pay to have her own poster created disagreeing with the message that she sees on the poster that offends her.  She has every right to do those things, but she has no right to ruin someone else’s property.  That is not what the law means by freedom of speech and freedom of expression.  She crossed the line, which is why she was arrested.  She broke the law, plain and simple, but to some, she is a hero.  She is nothing more than a radical Muslim without the burkha, bent on removing the freedom of speech and expression so that people are not allowed to say and write things to which she does not personally agree.

It’s really the same when I am called a “racist” for my views of Mr. Obama’s total lack of leadership.  I am slammed over the head – figuratively speaking – with the word “racist” in an effort to stop and block my message.  There is no real defense against being called a racist.  What does one say in response to that?  “No, I’m not a racist.”  How does one prove that he/she is not racist?  We all know that essentially only people of color can use the race card.  A white person using a race card?  Come on, get serious.

I watched a video recently of a Mardi Gras event in Seattle, WA.  People were having fun.  They were also drinking and getting rowdy.  To make matters worse, women would pop their tops so that guys would throw beads to them.  It wasn’t long before things turned violent and it did.  It wasn’t hard to predict.

In one particular part of the video, I saw black people seemingly picking out whites and simply beating on them.  In one incident, a lone white woman was standing at a bus stop when a crowd of individuals came along and essentially surrounded her.  Without waiting, one black youth reached out and grabbed the woman by her long hair.  He then proceeded to punch her directly in the face.  Immediately she reached up to hold her face and then another black youth came at her and punched her in the stomach.  As she reeled backwards, a third black youth hauled off and kicked her again, right in the stomach!  The woman fell over onto the ground where she lay crumpled.  The group – laughing – walked away.  They could have done a lot worse, but I’m sure the woman – though the wounds heal – will experience emotional scars that will last.

It seemed that wherever the cameras pointed, blacks were beating on whites or the reverse.  Can the woman who was beaten by three black youths claim the attack was prompted by their racism?  It would likely be laughed out of court, however, if the reverse occurred and three white perpetrators had attacked a black woman, the end result is that it would be listed as a hate crime without equivocation.  Don’t believe me?  Read the book White Girl Bleed A Lot.  Maybe that will wake you up.  If that doesn’t work, then might I suggest checking out Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson’s page – http://bondaction.org/ – which highlights many of the situations that have been and are perpetrated against white Americans on a continual and increasing basis.  I believe these situations are encouraged/allowed by people in the Federal gov’t in the hopes of creating race riots.  Once these go full-bore, could Martial Law be called upon to “solve” the problem?  It’s not far-fetched though the Left routinely poo-poo’s the idea.

The Left knows that people who dislike Mr. Obama’s policies are not racists, generally speaking.  It’s a convenient ploy to subject innocent people to shame, hopefully shaming them into silence.

This is not to say that racists do not exist.  They are out there and they come in all shapes, colors, and sizes.  Do I need to mention the New Black Panther Party, which is nothing more than the black version of the KKK?  Both groups are hate-groups and should be treated as such.  Unfortunately, under the polices of this current administration, black racists tend to get away with quite a bit, as has been proven by the Department of Justice on numerous occasions since Eric Holder has been appointed America’s top cop.  It is disgusting and should not exist, but such are the designs and dreams of black racists when they come to power.

All of this – defacing property not owned by the perpetrator, racism and more – is occurring in a land that has an established rule of law that has been in place since the founding of this country.  I firmly believe that we are seeing so much upheaval in society because of those who are trying to force this country to be something it was never intended to be.  That becomes obvious because those who are for Socialism wind up pitting their ideologies against those who are against it.  Since this country was not founded as a Socialist nation in the beginning, then it is clear that the only way to force a change (as I mentioned in my most recent article before this one) is through catastrophic changes that filter throughout society.

What we are seeing is the desire on the Left’s part to change the meaning of Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Speech.  They don’t like the freedoms that these two rights guarantee because some people are offended by what they see or hear.  The Left is merely using radical Islam and minority discontent to foment this change.  Once they are done using these groups, they will cast them off as easily as they began using them initially.  The Left is out for themselves and the global elite.  It is always amusing to hear some left-wing Democrat call out someone on the Right for their millions that they have gained over the years.  Do you know how many people in Washington – both on the Left and on the Right – are millionaires multiple times over?  It’s absolutely ridiculous the way they prance and preen as if they are somehow connected to the Middle or Lower Class.  It’s nothing but political puffery!  No form of Socialism is going to take away their money.  The only thing Socialism will do is completely eliminate the Middle Class, leaving the haves and the have nots.  That’s the way it was during the days of the old Soviet Union as well, when Communism ruled the day.  The very rich had it all and the rest had little to nothing.

Radial Islam is one means to the Left’s end.  This is why someone like Mona Eltahawy has become a “darling” to the left-wing news bureaus.  They can effectively use her to further their agenda, in spite of the fact that thinking individuals see right through her ruse.  They understand that she is merely an element of the very radical Muslim from which she attempts to distance herself.  Sure, some lefties will argue that she is not killing people, but the truth is that she is living outside the rule of law and in that sense, she has become her own law, based on her belief that Muslims are offended.  If she, as a Muslim is offended, she believes she has the right to deface what does not belong to her.  She’s wrong.  Moreover, that is the mindset of the radical Islamist, not the “right-wing” Tea Party patriot of America, who remains within the law for their activities.

Even when Tea Party members go through the proper channels to purchase permits for their events, and are assured that police will be on hand to keep things peaceful should their events be stormed by those on the Left, there have been many cases where elements of the Left has moved in and taken over these events with the use of loudspeakers and chanting and the complete lack of crowd control.  In such cases, video after video has provided visual evidence that the police do absolutely nothing, in spite of all prior guarantees.

So, the Tea Party did the lawful thing and bought and paid for actual permits which allowed them to hold their event dedicated to the rule of law.  Those who crashed the party did not and essentially ran roughshod over the event to get their message out.  Though they broke the law and went way beyond the bonds of what would be legally considered a peaceful demonstration, nothing was done to curtail their illegal activities.  The police officers present became part of the problem, by not acting to shut down the illegal maneuvers of the Left.  In essence, the police stopped serving and protecting and gave their nod to the illegal activities of those attempting to break up what was otherwise a peaceful and in all respects, legal gathering.  Unfortunately, it appears that the concept of “to serve and protect” may be going the way of the dinosaur for too many law enforcement agencies these days.

This same leftist group could have, at the very least, gone to the event with their signs, and remained silently in the background, thereby fulfilling the legal parameters of “peaceful protests.”  They chose not to and in doing so, broke the law.  Yet nothing was done.  Why?  Because the leftist group is supported by the Left, which controls the media and has their fingers in many things, including unions.

I pointed out a few articles ago that during the recent 27th Annual Muslim Parade held in NYC, speeches were given that condemned the United States.  An Imam from Brooklyn spoke of the need to create “anti-blasphemy” laws so that individuals insulting Islam would be punished.  Well, if we are going to make anti-blasphemy laws for one religious group, then we have to make anti-blasphemy laws for all religious groups.  What would that look like?  A mess and it would not stop people from using Jesus’ Name as an epithet either.  The police would stop arresting or fining people for it because they would run out of paper and there are not enough jails to house all of those who would break those laws every day.

Yet, Muslims – who believe they are a special group and are treated as such by the Left – believe that laws should be made to protect them from “slander.”  The only other group I can think of that wants the same thing are gay groups, who want to be protected from what they call hate speech.  If I say, for instance, that homosexuality is biblically wrong under newly created hate-speech laws designed to protect gays, to them, that is abject hate speech and they want that punished by fines, imprisonment, or both.  It’s absurd any way you slice it.

I have a right to express my opinion verbally or in writing.  I do not have a right to deface publicly something that I do not own.  I do not have a right to create something that is deliberately defamatory to another individual or group.  There are laws against that.  Freedom of speech does not allow me to knowingly lie or verbally malign someone’s character.

I do not have the right to violently assault someone whom I believe is a homosexual or Muslim and I would never consider it.  That is beyond the pale.  We have laws in place against those crimes and interestingly enough, even those laws do not stop those crimes from happening.  They simply provide a way for law enforcement and the courts to step in and deal with it when those crimes happen.

But the Left wants to deprive me of my right to say what is on my mind if those words wind up offending Muslims or gays.  That is unconscionable and wrong.  I do not agree with the many movies that have been produced that wind up being blasphemous toward Jesus Christ and Christianity in general.  However, I live in a country where those movies can be and are made.  This is America and it is not perfect, but by far, it is the best country to live in if one wants to be as free as possible, and certain parts of America are definitely freer than other parts.

The Left has it wrong, but of course, they think I’m wrong.  They know that the only way to move our country off its founding moorings is through societal upheaval and chaos.  So the Left encourages radical Muslims to speak up by not curtailing them.  It discourages – as being racism and bigotry – anything that is not politically correct and of course, that depends upon who is saying what, but the Left has decided what is and what is not politically correct.  Anything that does not support their understanding of being politically correct is wrong.

Bill Maher can call Sarah Palin a “c*nt” and got away with it.  The Left comes out to support him.  Ed Schultz says that Bill Maher is a comedian, not a political pundit so he has more leeway.  No, Maher used to be a comedian and he was funny at times, even when I did not agree with him.  Now, he’s simply rude, crude, and offensive.  However, he has the right to say what he chooses to say.  And by the way Ed, Maher is absolutely a political pundit.  He has thrown himself in the ring with the rest of you left-wing eggheads.

Someone like Ed Schultz is supposed to be at least somewhat unbiased.  He’s not and he gets away with that because he’s not in the strict sense, a news anchor, but is a political pundit.  He’s also firmly enmeshed deeply in the Left’s territory, so he is also very well protected, as is Chris Matthews and many anchors on CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, and CBS.  These networks are thoroughly in left field and that’s where they want to be.  FOX News is said to be on the right and certainly, they are toward the right, yet they have a growing stable of left-wing political pundits and anchors who regularly face off with those reportedly on the right.  At least FOX attempts to provide what appears to be unbiased reporting, though even they fail many times.

You want true independent news that is unbiased?  It’s not that difficult to find if you take the time to search the ‘Net.  They are there, along with plenty of other bureaus that are fully Left or fully Right.  You have choices so don’t simply tune into the mainstream media because you will not get the full picture.  Matter of fact, you will only get what the Left wants you to know.

There is a sincere move in this country to overturn the rule of law that has been in existence since this country’s inception.  That’s what the Left wants so that they can replace the current rule of law with laws of their own making.  These laws are designed to strip people of their rights.  It will allow the Left to continue their efforts to move us toward Socialism where we will have even fewer rights, and from there, it will simply be just a few steps away to a form of imperialism, again, even further diminishing rights that might remain.  When Antichrist steps onto the scene, it will become Absolute Imperialism.  The move toward Socialism is simply something that happens along the way.  Socialism itself (in whatever form it winds up taking in American society) would only be a stepping stone toward the final goal anyway.  We would not remain at that level in society for long before we moved onto the next phase.

So what does the Christian do in all of this?  We have noted that God will have His way with this world as He has always done.  He is in charge.  It appears that this next election’s results will give us a much clearer picture of what God is going to do after the election.  Right now, it’s anyone’s guess and even if Romney wins, things will still continue to move to the Left.  The global elite are not going to allow someone who is truly conservative to move into the most important office of the United States.  The true conservatives for this next election were knocked out of the race some time ago.

The Elite have worked too hard over the years (even through the Bushes) to now take a chance on losing what they have gained.  Of course, God could easily change those plans, but I’m thinking that all things are pointing to the coming Tribulation period.  If that is the case, then this world needs to be moved toward the implementation of that final plan.  It is a plan where Satan is given tremendous freedom to do whatever he can in order to ultimately attempt to overthrow God.

God guides this planet.  He wrote about what His plans were through the mouthpieces of many prophets of the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament.  He has warned us repeatedly, yet too many continue to ignore those warnings or they allegorize His true meaning away entirely.

This world is on His planned course and schedule and it will all happen according to plan.  It will play itself out.  Nothing anyone can do will stop His plans from coming to fruition.  This realization makes it all too clear that more than anything, it is important for you to know whose side you are on.  Are you on God’s side or Satan’s?  Those are the only two sides.  You can’t be on “your” side and think that you’re somewhere in the middle.  Your side does not exist.  It is God’s side or Satan’s.  It is also not good enough to be on “America’s” side because it appears from Scripture that America will go the way of the world, in spite of what people do to attempt to stop it.

God is on God’s side.  Are you?  His plans are more important than anything.  We can vote.  We can attempt to resist what is happening.  We should always keep in mind that if we are genuinely submitting ourselves to God on a daily basis, we will always be on God’s side.  We will never wind up shortsighted or taken aback at what we see happening in America and throughout the world.

I believe that eventually, the global elite will have full sway over this world, empowered by Satan.  The reason?  Because God will allow it and even demands it.  Why?  Because He and He alone is moving us toward the time of Satan’s practical defeat.  While he was fully defeated at the cross, he has been allowed to continue on for now as if that did not happen.  Even before the cross, Satan was always kept in check by God Himself.  Look no further than the book of Job for proof of that.  What God allows, He allows for His own purposes and great glory.  That’s all we need to know right now.

Jesus Christ will return to this planet again one day and all things point to that event.  It will be the extermination of Satan’s power and the removal of Satan himself.  It will be the beginning of Christ’s physical rule on this planet.  People want Socialism?  They’ll have it at that point, but it will be perfectly administered by One who is perfect Himself.  He will be judge, jury, and executioner (if need be).  He will be perfectly fair to all people who live under His global rule.

Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy, To the only wise God our Saviour, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and ever. Amen,” (Jude 1:24-25).

[1] http://newsbusters.org/blogs/tim-graham/2012/09/26/cnn-and-msnbc-pundit-arrested-vandalizing-anti-muslim-ad-ny-subway-syste#ixzz27fsHjP3f

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