I Guess Something is Going to Happen in September…or Something

August 3, 2015 at 9:48 AM 7 comments

shemitahAccording to people who are “in the know,” something big “may” be on the way in the coming month of September that “may” alter life in America as we know it. Of course, they are quick to point out that nothing “may” happen as well.

It all involves what is known as the Shemitah (pronounced shmee-tah) and it has been brought to the fore by Jonathan Cahn. He wrote “The Harbinger” and the follow-up book, “Shemitah.” In this latest book, Cahn points out that the Shemitah happens every seven years on the Jewish calendar. What that means is that every seven years, fields lie fallow, debts are forgiven, etc., and essentially, there is a big reset. Again, this was something that was given to the nation of Israel only and was also referred to as the Sabbatical Year. There are references to this in Exodus 23:10–11, Leviticus 25:1–7, Deuteronomy 15:1–6, Jeremiah 34:13–14, along with many others.

Whether or not God intended the principles related to the Sabbatical Year to extend to other nations is in serious doubt. But Jonathan Cahn firmly believes this is the case and especially with reference to America. Building on his sandy foundation that America was founded on biblical principles (true) and therefore was in covenant with God just as Israel was in covenant with God (false), Cahn builds a case for his Shemitah theories. He is generally accepted as the authority by many Christians simply for the fact that Cahn is a Jewish Christian and a rabbi. Therefore, he should know, right? The same is said by many of author Steve Wohlberg, who happens to be a Jewish Seventh Day Adventist. Apparently, instead of going back to Scripture to determine truth, people are more inclined to simply go by a person’s heritage. Being Jewish does not necessarily mean that the individual in question is right on all counts or Scriptural in the way they understand Scripture, but that appears to be lost on the “signs and wonders” crowd.

We are currently in a Sabbatical Year according to Cahn who has found a way to associate them with America, even though it would be stretching credulity to state that America’s founders actually entered into a covenant with God, since most of them were simply Deists, not necessarily Christian. The other problem has to do with the fact that God Himself raised up a specific and peculiar people and called them “Israel,” after founding that one nation. He did so primarily to bring the Savior/Messiah into the world. He did not do that with America or any other nation.

But let’s take a look at some of Cahn’s reasoning regarding the Shemitah or Sabbatical Year. As noted, we are currently in one of those cycles, which began back on September 24, 2014. It will end on September 13, 2015. Again, though the Sabbatical Year cycle was specifically given to the nation of Israel, Cahn makes the connective leap to America and says we’re included because of some founding “covenant” between our founders and God. That was addressed in “The Harbinger” too. Joseph Farrar believes September 13, 2015 marks a very important day for “potential disaster” (article written 05/14/2012). Oooh, this is so exciting!

Based on this current Sabbatical Year cycle then, something “bad” is supposed to happen before the end or at the end of this current cycle (September 13, 2015). I did a quick search of the ‘Net and it was interesting to find that even those who do not believe in the supernatural are interested in Cahn. They talk about how “right” Cahn has been because of the events that occurred in society. Oh and by the way, the “tetrad” (four blood) moon sequence is something Cahn also speaks about. The fact that NASA confirms the tetrad makes many Christians see this as being thoroughly valid. Of course, let’s not forget that many of these same Christians also believe we are actually in the Tribulation (which cannot begin until Daniel 9:27 unfolds). Interestingly enough, the current Sabbatical Year will end just 15 days prior to the observance of the last of the four blood moons. It will be beyond the final day of Shemitah.

Oh, and someone else has pointed out that “The UN will also vote to recognize Palestine Sept 25 and Obama has stated he will not prevent passage. This is the day the US will vote to divide Jerusalem and the day that God will divide the US.” Please note though that the vote and the last of the four blood moons will happen outside the Sabbatical Year cycle, which is said to end on September 13, 2015. Here’s a video which highlights the way some folks think about September 25th. I think they have the wrong date, but who’s keeping track when you’re talking “signs and wonders”?

The folks over at Dollar Vigilante have written several articles on Jonathan Cahn’s “prophesies.” Of course, we need to state that Cahn has not categorically made any prophecies (to avoid being called a false prophet when they don’t happen, I imagine). They explain Cahn’s “mysteries” fairly well.

After talking about “The Harbinger,” they move into the area of the “Shemitah.” There, they outline Cahn’s points and seem in awe that there appears to be so much factual evidence surrounding Cahn’s claims.

According to Cahn, the original 9/11 occurred and then six days later, US stocks nose-dived by 7% (September 17th). I’m not sure why 9/11 didn’t actually fall on Elul 29, but it didn’t. Seems it would have had more impact because in my mind, the Stock Market falling 7% was a natural reaction to 9/11. Actually, it fell by 684 points or 7.1% (but who’s keeping track, right? Just round things off…).

According to the same article, the Stock Market had another crash at the end of the next Sabbatical Year cycle (September 29, 2008), dropping 777 points. It actually fell 778 points, but again, who’s keeping track? But why was a percentage used in one reference and a specific point value used in another? Because it pushed the narrative to use the percentage from the 2001 drop because the 7.1% can be rounded down to simply 7%. In the 2008 drop, the number was used because 777 also emphasizes the number “7” (even though the actual drop in points was 778).

From there, the guys at Dollar Vigilante then talk about the magical number 7. Now, I realize that 7 is important to God, but 6 has something to say as well. Other numbers are also important in Scripture. This has given rise to “biblical numerology,” where people begin to think that God is speaking to us through the use and repetition of numbers throughout Scripture. People as far back as Origen have always seen magic “codes” in the Bible. Yet too many of these same people don’t read the Bible for anything other than to discover some “magical” way that God appears to be communicating with us. Shhh…it’s all a mystery, open only to those who can truly “see.”

“Take note here the proliference of the number seven. The Shmita occurs every 7 years and results in a washing away of debts. On the last day of Shmita in 2001, the stock market fell 7%. On the last day of Shmita in 2008, the stock market fell 777 points.

Ooh, chills.

The Dollar Vigilante article also goes onto point out what IMF boss Christine Lagarde stated in a speech regarding the number 7. “She spoke for a number of minutes, at the very beginning of her speech, about numerology and the importance of the ‘number 7’.”

StockMarketCrashesI think it’s a bit fascinating that even though 9/11 happened, where 3,000 people lost their lives, that was not the event that God sent/allowed, but it was the Stock Market falling by 684 points (or 7.1%) that is important. Why? Because it allegedly happened on the last day of that Sabbatical Year’s cycle.

What bothers me is why other Stock Market events are completely ignored simply because they do not appear to fall on Elul 29. For instance, in 2013, the Dow climbed up 27.36%. Look at the chart I’ve included from Money Morning, highlighting 10 of the largest Stock Market losses since 1997. Why weren’t the others included in Cahn’s prophecies? Why didn’t Cahn refer to the 10/15/2008 crash? Because it was outside a Sabbatical Year, therefore it doesn’t count. Got it? Good.

I’m really surprised someone has not come to the fore and created some type of correlation between the roughly 3,000 who were saved and brought into the Church on the Day of Pentecost (Acts 2) and the roughly 3,000 who lost their lives on the original 9/11. Then again, the roughly 3,000 who were saved on the Day of Pentecost was likely God’s answer to the Golden Calf idolatry of Exodus 32 where roughly 3,000 were killed due to their disobedience in idolatry. We should also remember that the roughly 3,000 who were saved on the Day of Pentecost were more than likely all Jewish.

It seems plain enough to me that anyone can see anything they want to see in Scripture. It all depends upon how a person understands and interprets it. People today say that Jonathan Cahn is a great man of God. But what has he done? He has said that – through many signs and wonders – God is showing His displeasure with America and if we’re not careful, He will judge America. Well, there’s a big “duh.”

Cahn “proves” this with all of his supposed Scriptural connections that wow everyone like a magician. But Cahn is actually picking and choosing the events and because they allegedly fall on some portion of a Sabbatical Year cycle, then they must be true, right?

The reality is that Cahn has not proven from Scripture that America and Israel are in any way connected. He is also stating the obvious, but in a “coded” and mysterious way; that those who support Israel will be blessed and those who persecute Israel will be persecuted. We don’t need any “Sabbatical Year” cycle to prove it. The Bible itself is very clear about that, sorry Mr. Cahn.

Cahn speaks of America needing to repent, but in order for America to “repent,” America’s leaders have to repent. That’s not going to happen simply because of what Paul tells us about the End Times. It’s not just Paul, but many prophets from the Old Testament (and other writers from the New) as well.

People are looking to September 13, 2015 with great expectations. They are morons (forgive me) because God has stated that things in society will get progressively worse. While they are looking for signs and wonders, people need the gospel even if nothing bad is coming (but it is).

But Cahn is careful. He won’t say categorically that something is going to happen this September. He says that based on God’s timetable, something bad could happen. Right, okay, thanks Mr. Cahn.

The chances of something bad happening are actually quite good because of the way the world is going. However, many people believe that an economic collapse is going to occur this September. They’ve been talking about it for over a decade now, but supposedly, it all boils down to this September 13, 2015…maybe.

I’m far more inclined to believe that the economy will simply progressively get worse into the next presidency and the next president will be “forced” to introduce a new, global currency that will replace the dollar. No “collapse,” no mess, no real fuss. It will simply move in that direction.

Will September 13, 2015 reveal anything? More importantly, if September 13th does not reveal anything, I’ll be more interested in the reasons why nothing happened and it will probably have something to do with Christians “having prayed” a lot…or something.

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  • 4. Sherry  |  August 4, 2015 at 1:15 AM

    Well, I’m certainly gonna be on the alert!


    Cahn is a con. Blitz is no better. Anyone can take Scriptures and twist them and take them out of context to prove their particular agenda. I heard a Bible teacher prove that there was going to be a Zombie Apocalypse by using nothing more than scriptures. He was trying to make the point that we must know God’s Word and exercise discernment (am I sounding like a broken record…”discernment” seems to keep popping up in my comments!).

    Here is revealed to us a fine example as to why we are not to be respecters of persons when it comes to God’s Word being taught…as if the Pope wasn’t an in-your-face perfect example.

    Aaand! We have before us an example of interpreting omens to predict the future of which is a big no-no! -Deut. 18:10 😡

    Well, he is certainly like his brethren, the Jews, who can’t just leave divination and omens alone! God judged Israel for that! Cahn needs to tremble..and repent! Along with Jan Markel, Sid Roth, Farrar, etc.! Its not supernatural but of a darkened imagination!

    It is a money-maker, though…so long as no one checks to find out the pesky details…


    • 5. modres  |  August 4, 2015 at 5:19 AM

      Thanks for your comments, Sherry. It really bothers me that on one hand these guys tells us about an alleged divine pattern. On the other hand, they aren’t sure what will happen. This is not the way the prophets of old did things!

      I agree with you that the people you mention need to shape up and fast!

      Lighthouse Ministries needs to do the same because Jan Market (who I stopped paying attention to shortly after her position on the Harbinger became known), is one of their writers.

      It all does boil down to discernment and it seems that few have it.


      • 6. Sherry  |  August 4, 2015 at 7:58 AM

        Thanks for letting me know about Lighthouse Ministries. I never paid any attention to who wrote what there. What a time we are in! We even need to be discerning of discernment ministries!

        False teachers and prophets are getting more and more clever with their teachings and more and more cautious about their predictions. Gotta sell the books and keep up appearances-its good for business.

        Have a blessed day!


      • 7. modres  |  August 4, 2015 at 8:42 AM

        You’re welcome. Yep, it’s sad. Have a wonderfully blessed day yourself 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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