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Was Shemitah Ever Associated with Bad Omens in the Bible?

It is clear then that God took the Sabbatical Year seriously…for the nation of Israel. If we are going to say that America is part of that (which it is not), then we would have to agree that since the founding of this nation, at the end of every 7th year, all debts should have been forgiven, the land was to lie fallow, and creditors would essentially do a “reset.” It has not been that way at all, yet Jonathan Cahn has come along to try to make us believe that whether we knew it or not, America was in “covenant” with God right from the beginning.

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I Guess Something is Going to Happen in September…or Something

It all involves what is known as the Shemitah (pronounced shmee-tah) and it has been brought to the fore by Jonathan Cahn. He wrote “The Harbinger” and the follow-up book, “Shemitah.” In this latest book, Cahn points out that the Shemitah happens every seven years on the Jewish calendar. What that means is that every seven years, fields lie fallow, debts are forgiven, etc., and essentially, there is a big reset. Again, this was something that was given to the nation of Israel only and was also referred to as the Sabbatical Year. There are references to this in Exodus 23:10–11, Leviticus 25:1–7, Deuteronomy 15:1–6, Jeremiah 34:13–14, along with many others.

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