Why Does the Global Elite Allow Radical Islam?

September 26, 2012 at 11:36 AM

The title of this particular article is a question that I have been asking myself for quite some time.  Of course, I’m assuming by my title that there actually is a global elite that at the very least, tries their best to direct the agencies of humanity, directing things to a preconceived end.

In fact, with the way politics happens to be, complete with all of its corruption and seeming blindness and nonsense, one almost has to conclude that Satan has created one particular strong group of individuals who – while remaining secretly and quietly in the deep background – work to control the overall direction in which the world moves.  The more I consider it, the more I have to ask, how could it be otherwise?

It would be far easier for Satan and his minions to control one main group than to control billions of individual lives on this planet.  If you have absolute control of one group that has the majority of wealth and power throughout the globe, it merely filters down to the lower echelons who are essentially nothing more than foot soldiers.

Is this group the same group spoken of in the questionable book Protocols of the Elders of Zion?  I seriously doubt it and I’ve dealt with that question before and come to the conclusion that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is fictional; designed to make Jews look bad.  IF the global elite was made up of mainly Jews who were intent on manipulating world powers to their end, it would follow that the news would provide for the world a much kinder view of Jews in general.  This is not the case and in fact, most of the world tends to blame “the Jews” or Israel for the continued problems in the Middle East, and therefore, throughout the world.  If the Elders of Zion was an actual group that deigned to control the world, they are obviously not intelligent enough to keep the world from casting aspersions of Jews in general, in spite of the fact that they are said to own all major corporations, including news bureaus.

If the global elite was a group of elite Jews who were trying to control the world, they have done a very poor job of creating their own press.  Instead of making Arabs look bad, they have only succeeded in making Jews look bad; the archenemy of all other nations.

So what is this group of global elitists and what do they hope to achieve?  Moreover, are they using the current state of radical Islam to bring their goals of world dominance to fruition?

Again, IF a global elite does exist and that same global elite has been attempting to direct the affairs of humanity to their desired end, then I come back to my question regarding radical Islam:  why is radical Islam being allowed to dominate the way it is currently dominating in many areas of the world?  

If radical Islam is truly a threat to world peace, as I believe it is, then there is really only one answer as to why global elitists would be willing to use radical Islam to achieve their goals.  That goal, I now believe, must be to turn the world on its head so to speak, in order to help bring in a new world order.  Once there is enough of a global upheaval where the global elite will come to believe that Islam has served its purposes, Islam will be set aside.

The more I consider this, the more I realize that if what I have just said is true, or even has a possibility of existing, then it also stands to reason that radical Islam is kept on a leash by this same global elite, a leash that the rest of the world does not see.  To us then, it appears as though radical Islam is simply unleashed and doing whatever they want to do under their current belief that their final Mahdi is on his way to rule over the world in the next and final caliphate.

So, by following the logic of reasoning here, if what the Bible says is true (and I have no doubt that it is) and all the talk among leaders of humanity expresses their inner desires for a new world order, it would seem that unbeknownst to these godless leaders, their desires are also God’s desires.  Isn’t this what we learn in Revelation 17 regarding the ten kings?  In that case, it is God who actually produces within them their desires of global grandeur.  Of course, the current world leaders’ purposes for wanting a new world order are more in line with Nimrod’s of Babylon (Genesis 11). Nonetheless, God will have His way.

Nimrod’s purposes involved building a tower to heaven that would show God He was not needed.  Humanity could do whatever it collectively put its mind to accomplishing.  When God saw what humanity was doing under Nimrod’s leadership, He stepped in and confounded the languages so that people wound up breaking off into various culture groups, uniquely united by the languages they spoke.  Can you imagine Satan’s expression when he realized that it was that simple to derail his goals?  No force was needed.  Simply confound the people by introducing a myriad of languages that had not heretofore existed.  Ultimately, it appears that it was not God’s desire or purpose to allow people to unite under one banner as a global conglomerate at that time.  But times have changed.  Is is time now?

God’s purposes in allowing (and that word must be stressed) a new world, or even a one-world order is ultimately so that all things will be fulfilled, the universe will know once and for all who is God, and that God might receive the highest glory.  Looking back, it stands to reason why this was not allowed to be fulfilled during Nimrod’s day, but humanity now stands on the cusp of these final events occurring.  For one thing, during Nimrod’s day, neither the nation of Israel had been born and Jesus had not walked this earth, fulfilling every purpose that the Father gave Him to complete.  Redemption had not been brought to bear on man’s sinful condition.  Thus the need to preempt what Nimrod had tried to accomplish.

Now we live in a day when the redemptive purposes of God in Christ are behind us (historically speaking) and because of that, the remainder of God’s will and purposes can be accomplished.  It is as we read throughout the Bible that God and God alone appoints leaders and brings them down.  What God did during Nimrod’s day, He continues to do during ours.

I note that as I write this, the nations are once again gathering at the United Nations.  World leaders take the stage and speak of the things that they believe are how this world should move.  We talked briefly about Mr. Obama’s speech to the nations in our last blog.  President Ahmadinejad has also spoken, encouraging the world to move to a new world order, where the world is not subject to the dominance of the United States.

There is a great deal of talk today regarding the idea that the world should move to its next obvious stage.  People speak of a new world order as if it will simply materialize overnight and it will be the best thing this globe of people will have ever seen or experienced.

What many seem to forget is that no new world order of any kind can come to fruition without pain and stress.  It won’t simply happen, smoothly segueing from our current state to the new level without problems.  I believe that in order for a new world order to be established, there must be a good deal of crises in order to bring about something from the ashes.  We cannot simply move to that new world order because there are too many of us who would unite against it.  This was not the case during Nimrod’s day either.  He was a hunter of men and one who obviously had a good deal of charisma and charm, not to mention superior intelligence.  He was able to bring people together because they all spoke one language and they had nothing.  There was no global system in place at the time.  There was no central government.  There were certainly no government handouts and what people did for a living was to either farm or garden, or possibly both.  That was the main industry.

Today, we have a world that is far different from Nimrod’s.  Today, we have gone through the industrialization of many countries and technology has catapulted us into our modern era.  That same technology changes so quickly that it is very difficult to keep up with it.  The global elite cannot simply dismantle what currently exists in order to replace it with something else on a global scale.  It must occur in stages.

Many believe that 9/11 – while produced by radical Islamists – was something that the global elite used to move us toward a more global order.  The impact of 9/11 has forever changed society and not for the better.  In fact, 9/11 was the can that opened, forever bringing radical Islam into the limelight.

Because of 9/11, sweeping changes in air travel have occurred.  Most people – sheep, really – believe that the more checks and balances put in place in airports, guarantees a safer trip in the air.  Not true, but as long as they continue to think that, they are certainly willing to have their rights abrogated.  The common response to additional “safeguards” put in place by TSA is normally along the lines of “well, if it makes us safer as we travel, I’m all for it.”  How far are these people willing to go?  Are they willing to submit to mandatory strip searches with our anal cavities being probed, prior to boarding an airplane?  I think some would have no problem with that.

We could argue as to whether or not the TSA has actually made us safer, but that’s really not the point.  The point is that the global elite knows that a common “enemy” is what galvanizes people.  Radical Islam has quickly become that common “enemy” for many people and countries.

There is a good deal of talk today regarding Psalm 83 and the coming Arab war with Israel.  Pundits, Bible scholars, and students of the Bible all believe that Psalm 83 highlights a war that will occur and many believe that this war is on the brink of occurring.  I would disagree.  I see Psalm 83 as simply an imprecatory Psalm; a Psalm where one individual cries out to God to bring judgment onto nations that are working to overthrow Israel.  There does not appear to be anything prophetic in the Psalm.  I realize that some disagree with me because of the references to specific nations and culture groups.  The truth though is that there is nothing that tells us that God is going to do anything here, as is the case in most prophetic portions of Scripture.  This is a prayer for God to intervene.

Those who believe that Psalm 83 highlights an upcoming war or battle in the Middle East also believe that the result of this war will be ruin for Islam.  I find that more prominent in the war of Gog and Magog, Ezekiel 38-39.  Here, we see that God places in the heart of a man the idea that he should and can invade Israel.  Even though the text tells us that God puts hooks in the man’s jaws, turns him around, and causes him to attempt to invade Israel, the man – Gog – is still accountable for his thoughts and actions.  Proof of this is the fact that God Himself takes on Gog and all his armies and literally destroys them.  Once done, he judges the region where Gog came from, leaving them destroyed also.

If this scenario occurs prior to the coming Tribulation (which I believe it will), this could be a major catalyst to a complete global failure.  The nations involved in this attempted invasion will certainly include radical Muslims.  “Togarmah” as mentioned in the biblical text references today’s Turkey, a land that is largely Arab and Muslim.  In fact, the terms used by the Bible for these nations or regions are as follows:  Rosh, Meshech, Tubal, Persia, Ethiopia, Libya, Gomer and Togarmah

We mentioned Togarmah/Turkey.  Persia is modern-day Iran, which is an Islamic country.  Ethiopia is quickly becoming overrun with radicalized Muslims and we know that Libya’s most recent dictator has been deposed, replaced with something akin to the Muslim Brotherhood (as has Egypt).

It is easy to see that Muslims will play a part in this coming attempted invasion of Israel.  If so, God’s judgment will fall on the armies as well as the leader – Gog – (which likely simply references a title, not a specific person, though of course it will be a specific person.  “Gog” is not a name of a person, but a title or rank that a person holds), which could very well mean that much of Islam’s radicalized Muslims are decimated.

If this is the case, could the global elite be thinking in terms of “who better to join forces against Israel than those who desperately hate them and believe they have a religious mandate to eradicate them?”  In order for that to happen, Islam has to at least appear to be given some leeway in order to foment itself into something that the world believes is unstoppable.  Could this be why Islam appears to be allowed to do whatever they please?

It is not a secret that Mr. Obama does whatever he can to play to and even placate Islam.  If this is so, I believe that this is one of the reasons why he was chosen to do what he does.  It has unmistakably allowed Islam’s growth throughout America, in spite of the fact that most radical Muslims have little respect for Mr. Obama because he is not radical enough, as someone like newly installed president of Egypt, Morsi is from everything we have seen.

Even in his most recent speech to the UN, we pointed out the inequitable way he placed Islam on a pedestal by noting that those who slander Islam will not have a part in the future.  This was juxtaposed next to his statement that those who target Coptic Christians should have no part in the future either.  So, on one hand, we see where Mr. Obama holds the world to a higher standard where Islam is concerned, while on the other hand, providing less accountability to Islam where Christianity is concerned.  Once again, Mr. Obama has placed Islam above the very Christianity of which he states he is part.

So the question as to whether the global elite (if it exists) is using Islam for its own advantages seems to provide the answer regarding why radical Islam is largely unchecked in the world.  Even when people like Michelle Bachman or Allen West (or others) question any ties or connections to the Muslim Brotherhood by Islamic groups here in America, they are squelched, shouted down, and labeled bigots.

In other words, no one is supposed to question those within Islam.  In spite of the fact that the overwhelming majority of terrorist attacks have been committed by Islamic jihadists (nearly all such attacks), we are supposed to live as if this is an anomaly.  We are to ignore the obvious and pretend that overall, Islam is a peaceful religion that is not bent on world dominance or the destruction of those who are not part of Islam.  This is in spite of logic itself.

Why?  It can only be that the global elite has a plan that includes the radical element of Islam.  I believe that the global elite wants to control Israel, Jerusalem, and the Temple Mount.  They can’t simply go in and take it, so they need a patsy and that patsy is Islam.  It doesn’t matter to them that while radicalized Islam is stretching its wings, innocent people are killed.  This is nothing more than collateral damage to the elite.  Their purposes must remain and be fulfilled.

In Revelation 17, we read of the ten kings that I’ve already mentioned.  It’s interesting to note that in that chapter, the ten kings have a purpose that fulfills God’s purpose.  Eventually, they turn on the “harlot” and destroy her because they no longer need her.  They will then give their kingdoms (the ten individual parts of this globe) to the “beast,” which is the Antichrist.  Ultimately, that desire of theirs comes directly from God.  As I said previously, His purposes will be fulfilled.

Everything that is taking place on this earth is leading up to that point when Satan will have given all power and ability to his “incarnate” son, the Antichrist.  Antichrist will lead the world in attempting to fight and destroy God as Jesus makes His way back to the earth in His second coming.  Satan will finally have his day and opportunity to take on God directly – his son with God the Son.  He will fail miserably and rightly so.

The world is quickly moving toward a one-world government that will be ruled over by Antichrist.  In order to get to that point, a number of things must happen first, including something that brings the world to its knees.  Out of those future ashes, a new world order will rise and most on earth will be glad for it because they have come to expect their leaders to take care of them.

The global elite believes they will rule the world.  What they cannot see is that they also are being used by the enemy of our souls – Satan himself – in order to bring about his (Satan’s) final attempt to make himself equal to God.  Just as the global elite may well be using Islam to bring about its desired ends without letting the world at large know this is their plan, so too is Satan using the global elite as the same type of puppets to bring about his desired ends.

The Bible makes it clear that all of this – whose ever plans they appear to be – ultimately start and stop with God Himself.  He operates all control for all of His Creation and He shares that glory with no one.  It is from that vantage point we should be looking.

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