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Does Mr. Obama Care About Christians?

This may seem like an unnecessary question or at least one with an obvious answer, but I am reminded that there are people who continue to believe that Mr. Obama is a Christian because he has said he is one. Since he said he is, then it must be true. They point to the fact that he spent 20 years in Jeremiah Wright’s “church” so that should end the discussion.

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Should Christians Vote in this Next Election?

There is an awful lot of rhetoric and division out there these days with one camp claiming that in this upcoming election, voting for either individual is a vote for the enemy of our souls. They liken Romney to Obama because they see them both as being godless, at least as far as evangelical Christianity is concerned. To that extent, they are right, in my opinion. Neither of them is what I would call an authentic Christian. Certainly, I do not know their hearts, but I am basing my opinion solely based on what they say and what they do.

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Not Enough “Love” and Not Literal Enough?

There are two things I want to talk about in this blog: being loving and being literal.

Not long ago on a social network, someone posted a picture of a group of atheists protesting and one of them was holding up a sign that said something like “If Jesus Returns, Kill Him Again!” As you might expect, numerous people said they would pray for the man and some sadly reminded all of us that individuals like that will spend an eternity apart from God. You know, the run of the mill type of comments that are posted in response to this type of absurdity.

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Resources to Reach Those Caught Up in Error

I’ve dealt – to some extent – with what I perceive to be doctrinal errors of those within Seventh-day Adventism. It would be impossible to cover all of the sacred cows of this group and many others have taken the time to catalog these errors, in either book form or their websites.

As I’ve stated on numerous occasions, debating does little to nothing to convert a person. It is God the Father who draws a person and if He does not draw them, they will not come to Him. Granted, presenting truth is a good way to start, but that of course is no guarantee that the truth will be embraced. All one has to do is read through the Gospels and the book of Acts to learn of the many times that multitudes of people heard the truth from Jesus (or Paul, etc.), and simply rejected that truth out of hand.

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Atheist Pastors? Yes, They Exist…

A friend of mine, who does a good bit of research on the ‘Net regarding a variety of issues, sent me a link to a group known as “The Clergy Project” (Thanks, Marie!). A fairly innocuous name for a group that “is a confidential online community for active and former clergy who do not hold supernatural beliefs.” [1; emphasis added] Not surprisingly, “The Clergy Project” provides words of welcome from atheists like Richard Dawkins and many others.

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The Convenient Reason for Violence Against U.S. Embassies

I’m amazed and appalled. It is becoming clear from numerous reports that the Obama Administration knew of the possibility of attacks that did occur against U.S. sovereignty in foreign countries. The Obama Administration is claiming that they had no definitive Intel so they could not act. That is asinine and the only people who are buying that are the lefties who swoon whenever Mr. Obama appears or says “boo.”

The truth of the matter is that when you hear something – even if it’s not clearly definable – about what “might” happen in a part of the world where radical Islamists live, you take the potential threat seriously and you do what you can to prepare for it.

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You Can Sense the Pundit’s Frustration by Newt Gingrich

The recent (and ongoing) attacks on American embassies in Libya and elsewhere occurred on September 11th. As Newt states, even though the attacks were blamed on some ridiculous film (that allegedly incensed Muslims because it called out their prophet – Muhammad – as a pedophile and more), the truth of the matter is that if it had not been the film, anything would have worked to be used as an excuse to riot, causing mayhem, death, and destruction.

Look, I’m NOT in favor of people deliberately going out of their way to verbally assault Islam. Presenting facts is one thing (though Muslims get easily bent out of shape when the facts are presented since they don’t believe many of the facts about Muhammad or the history of Islam), but to do something that intentionally puts Muslims on the defensive is not a good idea. It’s bad form. As authentic Christians, it is our job to present the gospel to them. As difficult as that might be at times, we are not exempt from that responsibility. We might become angered as was Jonah, but that also does not excuse our unwillingness to evangelize all people, including Muslims.

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