The Convenient Reason for Violence Against U.S. Embassies

September 15, 2012 at 8:37 AM

I’m amazed and appalled.  It is becoming clear from numerous reports that the Obama Administration knew of the possibility of attacks that did occur against U.S. sovereignty in foreign countries.  The Obama Administration is claiming that they had no definitive Intel so they could not act.  That is asinine and the only people who are buying that are the lefties who swoon whenever Mr. Obama appears or says “boo.”

The truth of the matter is that when you hear something – even if it’s not clearly definable – about what “might” happen in a part of the world where radical Islamists live, you take the potential threat seriously and you do what you can to prepare for it.

Let’s put this in general terms.  I live in a house that has locks on the doors and windows.  Beyond that, we have an alarm system.  Beyond that, should someone actually break in while we were home, I have other ways of dealing with that problem.  In other words, I do not live my life as if I will never be taken advantage of by some low-life criminal or thug.  At the same time, I do not go through life thinking that at any moment, I might become a victim.  There is a balanced approach that allows me to live this life realizing that bad things can happen and I have done what I can to prepare for them.  After that, the chips fall where they may.

It’s no different from driving a car on a crowded roadway.  I wear a seatbelt and obey the traffic laws.  I don’t do things that distract me from the main task at hand, which is driving.  I am constantly looking in the mirror and keeping a safe distance between myself and other vehicles.  Even with that, things happen and they can happen quickly.  I recognize that, but it does not keep me from driving.

Because of the volatile nature of the Middle East and parts of North Africa, one would think that our current administration would be aware of the constant potential of problems occurring.  What’s more, with the (then) upcoming approach to the September 11th anniversary, one would also (logically) believe that the possibility of violence and/or terrorism in various parts of the world would be an even greater possibility.  The Obama Administration seems to think that this possibility was very remote or even non-existent.  They were wrong; deadly wrong, but they also seem not to care.

So what happened?  Under the guise of some dimwit who created a film that allegedly portrays Islam’s prophet Muhammad unfavorably, the Muslim world in the Middle East and parts of Northern Africa exploded into violence.  It just so happened that this explosion took place on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.  Gosh, who would have seen that coming?

Reports are suggesting that there was enough Intel available up to 48 hours prior to the attacks. [1]  This would have been plenty of time for the Obama Administration to simply take precautions.  Instead they did nothing and because of it, we have several dead Americans.  Many of our embassies have been damaged or completely destroyed, the American flag has been replaced at several of these locations with the Islamic banner – signifying Islamic victory – and it even goes so far as to note that Marines did not have live ammo to use against rioting protestors. [2]  This was done under orders of the U.S. Ambassador to Egypt, however, the buck stops with Mr. Obama as Commander-in-Chief.  He would know whether or not his troops had the necessary means of defending themselves and others at American embassies.

In the wake of these deadly terrorist attacks, both Mr. Obama and Secretary of State Clinton have stated that the events are terrible and should not have happened.  Mr. Obama is going one step further to do what he can to clamp down on free speech in this country by first asking YouTube to review the film that allegedly insults Islam’s prophet (they did and refused to remove it) and now the Federal authorities are investigating the film’s producer.  Why?  Because Muslims are offended and when Muslims become offended, they become enraged.  When they become enraged, all is fair in love and war.  Instead of meeting force with force, Mr. Obama believes it is better to do whatever it takes to placate these angry Muslims.

This demeanor should not surprise us since his own admission states clearly that when push comes to shove, he will stand with Muslims (from Audacity of Hope).  This he has done since the beginning of his term as president.  Of course, people still say that Mr. Obama is a Christian, yet most of the Muslim world fully believes he is “one of them.”  Since actions speak far louder than words, it is clear from his actions that he has chosen to stand with Muslims because he is a Muslim himself.  There is no other reason for doing what he does when the sovereignty of the United States is attacked.  In effect, he has placed himself (and our troops) in a “stand down” position.  Yes, Marines are headed to certain embassies, but will they have ammo?  Who knows.

I am beginning to believe that this latest situation involving the Islamic world was designed to showcase Mr. Obama’s “cool head” and ability to take charge.  He failed.  He wanted to be seen as a hero and instead is being seen as someone who cares not one iota for this country.  Duh.  Unfortunately, those who are still planning on voting for him remain clueless.  They continue to be dazzled by this man for one reason or another.

Mr. Obama’s speech while in Las Vegas related to these events is proof enough that his concerns are with himself.  The man has absolutely no ability to express empathy.  It’s simply not there.  He says words but those words have no sense of feeling associated with them.  It’s like watching two people in a romantic scene on the silver screen who have absolutely no chemistry between them.  It becomes clear that they are acting and simply saying dialogue.  Inside, it means nothing to either one of them.

The most astonishing thing to me is that there are still so many people who are either unable to see this complete lack on Mr. Obama’s part or they could care less, believing him to be the man of the hour.

During Reagan’s term, when protestors attacked our embassy in Libya, Reagan attacked the homes of the protestors’ leaders.  You know what?  The protestors went home and shut up.  They knew better than to mess with America.

Now, we have a Muslim-leaning president who seems to cater to Islam every chance he gets.  He takes no solid action to squelch the violence exhibited toward America’s sovereignty and the liberal press in the U.S. plays along, telling Americans that we are to blame for the violence in other parts of the world.  That violence continues to spread, even to Australia. [3]

Let’s put this in general terms by going back to the example of my home.  Let’s say someone breaks into my home and not only do I do nothing, but I start apologizing to them because of this, that, or the other thing.  What do you think would happen?  Do you think I would be broken into again?  Of course.  The only thing that thugs respond to is force because that is unfortunately, their language.  I would not allow a thug to enter my home, giving them the opportunity to take what they wanted to take.  It would not happen because the day I did that, I might as well also simply give them the keys to my house.  Thugs who are met with force may still hate you, but they will respect you because you spoke their language.

If I met a criminal who broke into my home with force, they would either run or be taken out of my home on a gurney or body bag.  If they got the chance to run, I doubt seriously that they would return.  Bleeding heart liberals would condemn me for such “cowardice.”  Stronger gun laws are obviously needed.  What tripe.  Even uber-liberal Brad Pitt believes in having guns.  He owns quite a few and just recently had a high-tech shooting range built for Angelina Jolie.

Yet when it comes to politics, our current administration does not believe in defending U.S. sovereignty and because of it, at least four people are dead and God only knows what happened to them just prior to death or afterwards.  In one case, it was several hours before the body of slain Ambassador Stevens had been recovered.

It would appear that Mr. Obama is content to allow the Muslim world to do whatever they want to American embassies and American citizens throughout the world.  Muslims who perpetrate these crimes are merely seen as recalcitrant children who are misunderstood and need only to be placated.  The truth is that Mr. Obama continues to put Americans and American interests in danger and he does not appear to care at all.  He’s too busy campaigning for the next election.

I cannot help but wonder when the next act of terrorism against the United States, one of its embassies, or American citizens will occur.  When that happens, what will the excuse be then?  Someone burned a copy of the Quran (it happens every day)?  Someone used a piece of bacon as a bookmark in a Quran?  In short, it won’t matter what the excuse is because our current administration will tell us not to jump to conclusions.  We should not be rash in our judgment.  They will then focus on the “perpetrators” who burned a Quran or used bacon to separate pages.  This will continue to encroach the guarantee of freedom of speech here in America.  Oh we’ll be able to say anything we want as long as we do not insult Islam or protest within 100 feet of a political gathering (unless you’re a liberal).

So rather than go after the actual enemy (radical Islam), this administration will direct their gaze onto American citizens who say what they believe to be the truth about Islam.  If it insults Muslims, causing them to riot, then that type of speech cannot be allowed.  That’s like blaming the victim for being raped.  She dressed “provocatively” therefore, she is to blame.  She was “asking” for it.  What utter nonsense, yet this is the way the Left thinks and they see no problem with it.

Well, there is a problem – a severe problem.  Radical Islamists do what they do because of their hatred for anyone who is not of Islam.  It is that simple.  They cannot be placated because they believe that force – even lethal force – is allowed and encouraged by Allah to accomplish his goals.  You cannot placate people like that.  They must be met with force, just like the criminal who is intent upon breaking into your home.  You cannot placate him and no sane person would try.  You would simply do whatever it takes to protect you and your family.

Unfortunately, we have in the Obama Administration, the overriding belief that if we simply do nothing to arouse the radical Islamists ire, we will be fine.  If they become enraged, it’s our fault.  No, it’s not our fault.  They are already (and always) enraged simply looking for any excuse to release their anger on unsuspecting individuals.  This kowtowing to Muslims will only stop when we have someone in the Oval Office who is more interested in protecting American sovereignty than in bowing to those who already hate America.




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