Everything We Learned About Trayvon Martin…

March 28, 2012 at 2:31 PM 2 comments

…we learned from the press.  That wouldn’t necessarily be bad except that most of the editorial press is severely biased.  It’s almost as if they WANT to create race wars and riots.  Whether they are intending to do so or not, they are doing just that.

In response to what many see as the absence of justice in the Trayvon Martin case, groups of young thugs are participating in “flash mobs” and “flash robs.”  I’m not sure how this is supposed to show support for Martin – by acting like a criminal – but in the twisted minds of too many young people, this is exactly what it does.

Let me say that the situation surrounding Martin’s death is tragic.  I’m sure it could have been avoided, if Zimmerman had not bothered with Martin at all.  Unfortunately, to try this thing in the newspaper and on the Internet is absolutely wrong and reprehensible.

Too many people are taking what they read in the media as if those are the actual facts without distortion.  We simply do not know that.  But people seem determined to go with their gut instead of waiting for all the facts to come in.

The police believe that the evidence corroborates Zimmerman’s side of the story.  Others argue that Martin isn’t here to tell his side and witnesses have come forward on both sides of the issue determined to make their point.  That’s to be expected.

However, what should not be happening is a group like the New Black Panthers essentially putting out a bounty on the “arrest” of George Zimmerman.  Had their been enough evidence initially to warrant an arrest, I believe the police would have arrested Zimmerman.

But this does not matter to the aforementioned Panthers or to other radicals such as Spike Lee who “tweeted” an address he believed to be of Zimmerman, but as it turns out, was the home of an elderly couple.  Nothing I’ve found on the Internet or heard in the news indicates that Lee has apologized or even feels bad about his misdirection; a misdirection that caused a group of people to position themselves outside the home of the elderly white couple creating problems. [1]  “The couple, aged 70 and 72, have been harassed with hate mail, been hassled by media and had scared neighbors questioning them since the tweet, their son Chip Humble told the Orlando Sentinel.

“Fearful for their safety, and hoping to escape the spotlight, the couple have temporarily moved to a hotel.

“The confusion seems to stem from the fact the woman’s son is named William George Zimmerman and he lived briefly at the address in 1995.” [2]

Of course, it goes without saying that two well-known racists and race baiters – Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton – got into the act to fuel hatred of white people.  These two race baiters will do whatever it takes to continue to pit blacks against whites. The media news plays along and was even good enough to describe Zimmerman as a “white hispanic;” a completely new category.  That would be like describing Mr. Obama as a “white negro” or “white African” (since his father was not African-American, he cannot be referred to as African-American).  No one would put up with that and certainly Mr. Obama would have a few chosen words for such an outlandish title.  Yet, the media simply does what it wants to do and we must ask…to what end?

Recently, a 13 year-old white boy was doused with gasoline and set afire by a group of black males.  As they did so, they were heard to say “You deserve it white boy” or something similar.  Why wasn’t this reported on the news, since after all, it occurred in Kansas City not long ago.  It was being reported in the United Kingdom and on the Internet, but not here in the United States.

Imagine if the group of young men were white who doused a young black male with gasoline.  All of George Soros’ news companies would have gone into overdrive telling the story.  They would have been tripping over themselves to make headlines with that one.

In recent times, the media has also overlooked a number of other black on white crimes, in which black males have attacked, injured, and/or raped a young white couple and an older white couple.  No word from the senseless liberal media on these crimes.

In fact, the liberal media prefers to focus solely on those crimes that occur with white on black crime, dutifully ignoring the many crimes that occur with black on black crime.

Not only that, but certain blacks like CNN’s Roland Martin are busy defending Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson against another ex-NAACP official on the air.  Who’s going to come out against Alveda King (Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece) for criticizing both Sharpton and Jackson for “politicizing the Trayvon Martin shooting and leveraging racial tensions to rile up Americans“? [3]

It doesn’t take much these days for people’s ire to rise over tensions caused by this type of crime.  Add that to the fact that most people have already arrived at judgment – finding Zimmerman fully in the wrong – and it’s a powder keg waiting to happen.

It doesn’t help when Mr. Obama comes along with a statement that suggests Martin could have been Mr. Obama’s son if he had one.  Ostensibly this must mean that Martin’s death goes to the very heart of Mr. Obama and his alligator tears are meant to increase the ire.  Mrs. Obama took another avenue, placing at least some of the blame on Skittles.  She said, “The facts are the facts: had Trayvon Martin and his siblings not been tricked into a lifestyle of sweetened snack servitude this awful tragedy would never have happened.” [4] Uh…okay.  No word on whether this is actually a “spoof” article or the real thing.  It’s difficult to believe someone could be dimwitted enough to blame candy…

I have to appreciate what one individual has stated recently regarding this situation.  If people would just take a moment to stop and reflect, they might come to the same conclusion.  They prefer not to do that because jumping to conclusions is a good deal more creative.

I’ll end this particular blog with thoughts from Harold Hervey in his column titled “White Liberal Media Exploit Black Teen’s Death”:

“Of course the liberal media is stoking this irrational rush to judgment before all the facts are known. The main culprit in this crusade is none other than Al Sharpton.  Remember Al? He’s the guy who pranced around NY State in 1987 pushing the wholly discredited narrative that a 15 year old African-American girl (Tawana Brawley) was raped and horribly abused by white men one of which was a local policeman. After weeks of heated demands for “justice”, emotional marches and fruitless demonstrations led by Sharpton (supported a classically biased media), a Grand Jury officially concluded the girl had fabricated the whole event to avoid getting beaten by abusive parents. 

MSNBC totally ignored that egregious lapse in judgment and rewarded the “Reverend” with his own TV show.  Now he’s using this Martin case to prop-up his flagging ratings.  The rest of MSNBC and NBC have jumped on this racially charged bandwagon for the same reasons. Surprise!  

The only exercise that fatheads like “Reverend” Sharpton, “Reverend” Jessie Jackson and the rest of the liberal media have been doing these days is jumping to politically-correct conclusions.  As a matter of fact, they are Olympic Gold medalists in the Jumping To Conclusions event. Remember the Duke University lacrosse team rape case?  The exact same dynamic applies in both cases: the victim was black and the alleged perpetrator(s) are white.  Or in this case, non-black; it seems that Zimmerman is actually Hispanic. 

Some people never learn from their mistakes. That includes Trayvon’s mother who now wants to Trademark his name. Trying to make money from her son’s tragic death is just as shameful (maybe worse) as a TV network trying to increase ratings. Shame! The election-year ploy Democrats are using by dragging the Martin parents into Congressional hearings is also reprehensible.

Blaming the “Stand Your Ground” Law (Castle Doctrine) for this media feeding frenzy is misguided. Florida has been averaging 35 legally “justifiable” deaths/year attributed to this Law for the past seven years without any hullabaloo from Sharpton, MSNBC or the NY Times. Why?  There have been white people killed by black people who claimed self defense under this Law. There have been black people killed by black people using this Law as a defense.  All types of people of many races and ages have been killed under similar Laws in other states for years. Why no “outrage” before?

CP-USA rejects the notion that liberals have no standards. They actually have double standards.

It’s time for the media, Sharpton and Obama to demonstrate leadership by calling for calm and allowing the legal process to continue without histrionics.   The Administration, Sharpton and the rest of the liberal media must also roundly condemn the $10,000 bounty hung on Zimmerman by the New Black Panthers. There is no place for vigilantes in America. Period.

[1] http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/03/28/elderly-couple-forced-out-home-after-tweet-claims-killer-trayvon-miller-lives/
[2] http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/03/28/elderly-couple-forced-out-home-after-tweet-claims-killer-trayvon-miller-lives/#ixzz1qRsPjNuJ
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[4] http://duhprogressive.com/index.php/220-michelle-obama-blames-skittles-for-controversial-florida-shooting

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