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Everything We Learned About Trayvon Martin…

Let me say that the situation surrounding Martin’s death is tragic. I’m sure it could have been avoided, if Zimmerman had not bothered with Martin at all. Unfortunately, to try this thing in the newspaper and on the Internet is absolutely wrong and reprehensible.

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Gangsta Rap Turning Young Black Men into Animals without Conscience

Jesus died 2,000 years ago to make salvation available to all people, to anyone who believes on His Name. His invitation is not extended only to specific culture groups or ethnicities. His love transcends any and all of that. However, people cannot be forced to receive His salvation, but it must be extended to them. What needs to happen is for people like Sharpton and Jackson (who are both “reverends”) to stop preaching a social gospel, and extend the salvation that is offered to all humanity, to those young men who are turning into two-legged animals because of things like gangsta rap.

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