ABC Owes Christian Women Apology for “GCB”

March 16, 2012 at 7:08 AM 10 comments

I saw this op-ed and thought it apropos.  It is certainly well written and ABC has without doubt crossed a line.  It’s almost to be expected.  No such show would highlight Muslim women, Jewish women, or any other group of women because ABC knows how offensive it would be.

I’m disappointed with the people who are acting in the show, but their presence only proves that they are in it for a buck.

Here’s the op-ed by By Dr. Ted Baehr…


There’s been a lot of talk about apologies in the news of late. What can and cannot be said of women in today’s society.

Well, let me enter in a new request – that ABC television network apologize to every Christian woman in the country.

On Sunday, a holy day to those of faith, ABC unveiled its new drama “GCB” which stands for “Good Christian Bi–h.”

ABC has taken blasphemy to new levels of depravity.

Based on the 2008 book “Good Christian Bi—-s” by Kim Gatlin, “GCB” is about a woman named Amanda Vaughn, played by Leslie Bibb, who returns home to Dallas with her two children after facing marital and financial troubles. “GCB’s” trailers, ads, and name suggest this series will not be family friendly or even respectful towards Christians.

According to information about the program received by Movieguide, Amanda is a former “mean girl” who has put the past behind her, while her former classmates and victims have not. They are the new mean girls who are as likely to gossip viciously about their returned rival as they are to offer up a humiliating prayer about her in church.

As soon as their leader Carlene Cockburn, played by Kristin Chenoweth, sees her arrive she calls her friends, smugly gossiping about how Amanda’s former husband died in a car crash while having an affair with her best friend.

Chenoweth’s character then halts the talk saying, “Ladies, it is not appropriate to speak of such things on the phone.” After a pause she continues, “I’ll see ya in church.”

Another clip shows Carlene and her friends confronting Amanda about the moral code of their community.

The following scene shows Carlene in an office getting an invitation from a man to “do it.” Turning religious pictures face down, she crawls over the desk — and the object of her affection — and gives him a heavy kiss.

Meanwhile, Amanda’s gun-collecting, shallow mother, played by Annie Potts says, “I feel certain that the good Lord would like me to have a new fur coat.”

Based on the trailers, Amanda Vaughn appears to be the only sane member of this community, and she doesn’t appear to be a practicing Christian.

When her mother drags her and her children to church, Amanda tells her mother that she “didn’t raise the kids with any particular religion.” While we all know that there are hypocrites in every institution and every religion, GCB uses Southern Christian women as the sole, stereotypical examples of self-indulgence, shallowness and hypocrisy.

Other scenes show young girls being encouraged to wear revealing tops.

When one mother expresses concern that her daughter’s old cheerleader uniform is too tight, Chenoweth’s character tells her not to worry “cleavage helps your cross hang straight.” Later at the game, the football team cheers when the girl’s vest pops open.

Clearly, these are not messages Christian parents would want to send their daughters.

The fact that “GCB” ridicules God, morality, and Christians, who are little more than stereotypes, is typical of the Hollywood, where calling Christian women names is still in fashion. However, if this were a television show about any other group — Muslim women, Jewish women or even radical feminists, the demands for apologies would be ringing from the halls of the media establishment from New York to Hollywood.

Apparently, it is calling only certain women names that is a problem in today’s culture. Christians are easy fodder for derision.

We urge all Americans to call or write ABC executives about this series Robert Iger, CEO of the Walt Disney Company, Anne Sweeney, President of Disney-ABC Television Group Paul Lee, President of ABC Entertainment and demand Christian women be treated with respect and that the offensive “GCB” be taken off the air immediately.
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  • 1. Kathryn Taylor  |  May 25, 2012 at 7:01 AM

    You all need to lighten up….this show is funny and if the title offends you than stop reading too deeply into the acronym GBC, which if you read anything stands for Good Christian Belles…..this show came from a book of the same title Good Christian (female dogs), ABC wasn’t trying to offend you right winged nutters…..I strongly suggest that there are about 20 other TV stations that are solely dedicated to the christian message and that you stick to those because every 15 minutes there is going to be a commercial / sponsored message that will in some what offend thee with its highly charged subliminal gratuitous sexually charged undertones…or simply switch the channel….enough of you zealots!


    • 2. modres  |  May 25, 2012 at 8:47 AM

      Hi Kathryn…

      So, you think it is perfectly okay to come to MY blog and essentially tell me to keep my opinion to myself? That is the height of arrogance, but liberals rarely, if ever, see it that way. You believe – obviously – that you have every right to insinuate your opinion into the mix, though I should keep silent about the things that disturb me.

      Let me explain something…the TV show in question (which has NOT been renewed for a second season and has therefore been cancelled), has the word “CHRISTIAN” in the title. It is because of that that I felt the need to comment. Why? Because it is apparently COMMENTING on the lifestyle of those who are considered to be CHRISTIAN. Since I AM a CHRISTIAN, then it is right up my alley and as such, I have every right to critique the show.

      Had the show been titled “Good PROFESSING Christian B*tches,” I would not have had a problem with it, because it is very clear from their lifestyle that the ladies in the show cannot be authentic Christians at all. The fact that the average person (you included) makes absolutely NO distinction between people who merely CALL themselves “Christian” and those who truly ARE Christian, it behooves me to at least try to educate people about the large gap that exists between the two groups, in spite of the fact that my efforts may be a fantastic waste of time where you are concerned.

      “GCB” denigrates WOMEN and it also castigates CHRISTIANS, which is why – no doubt – people like yourself enjoy it so much. People who watch and enjoy the show are actually laughing AT Christians and Christianity.

      If it was a show in which HOMOSEXUALS or LESBIANS were ridiculed, no doubt you would find it extremely offensive and certainly gay activists would be out in force in an attempt to get the show cancelled. That would undoubtedly be fine with you, but since you are likely not a Christian, there is no love loss with respect to a show in which Christians are held up to ridicule.

      If it was a show in which Islam was being denigrated, you don’t think groups like CAIR would be all over it? People like you would probably be standing right beside them urging sponsors to cut ties with the show and demanding the TV network cancel it. Yet, when a show ventures into my territory as a Christian, I’m supposed to ignore it. What are you, nuts? Obviously, you’re deluded.

      A couple of other things…I am a taxpaying, natural-born citizen of the United States. As such, I have EVERY right to peacefully protest if I choose to do so. I can boycott. In essence, I can avail myself of every legal means of attempting to get this show cancelled. I can try to educate people like yourself, though it may well be a lost cause. Yet I am compelled to continue, just as gay activists feel compelled to fight for the “normalization” of their lifestyle and the passage of laws which will make it against the law to offer a biblical opinion that homosexuality is wrong. These individuals who argue that they are tolerant are some of the most intolerant people around when it comes to defending their abnormality. They are not above harassing people, wishing death upon them, and even vandalizing private property if it serves their purposes. Nothing is sacred and observing the law of the land is not something they really care about. The Occupy Movement is another example of people who circumvent the laws. They protest illegally. They defecate on police cars, or they push police officers on bikes and motorcycles over, or they slam them on the head from behind. There have been rapes and shootings in the midst of Occupy gatherings, but in spite of this, much of the world applauds their efforts. Yet, the Tea Party is constantly vilified in spite of its obedience to the laws and the fact that they gather to support the U.S. Constitution. At the same time, let a true Christian stand up and speak out against the garbage that is on TV and we are shouted down by the likes of you and others. Who do you think you are? I have the exact same rights that you do…assuming you are a full citizen of the United States.

      Had not the word “CHRISTIAN” been in the title of the show, it probably would not have even been on my radar. Since the obvious subject of the show INCLUDES the fact that the main players are supposedly CHRISTIAN, I have every right to insert my opinion into the mix. The show is talking about people who are portrayed as CHRISTIANS, Kathryn. Do you GET that?

      Regarding all the sexually-charged advertisements, yep, they certainly exist. But I don’t see those ads promoting or attempting to promote Christians (PROFESSING or otherwise) in the roles of sexually-overdosed characters. Then again, I don’t pay that much attention to ads in general. Because of that, I can ignore them easily. In fact, I rarely watch network TV and when commercials DO come on, they are easily MUTED and ignored. I also do not watch supposedly Christian television stations, because most of them preach a message that is so far removed from the Bible, it barely resembles it. Too many Christian “televangelists” are absolute SCHEISTERS in my opinion. Their love of money and fame is sickening and appalling. They often so water down the Word that you would be hard pressed to actually hear a true gospel message from them. I have better things to do with my time and I certainly do not need YOU or anyone else to tell me what to watch, but then again, the hubris that is part and parcel of the left-wing movement seems to know no bounds.

      As far as “right-winged nutters,” you need to do some research. This country was FOUNDED by “right-wingers”! All of our Founding Fathers were right-wingers AND Deists to boot. The people involved in the Boston Tea Party were right-wingers. This country is BASED on the principles of the right, which includes SMALLER government, which translates to LESS taxation, and far less governmental INTRUSION into a person’s life.

      If you don’t like my opinion, follow your own advice and IGNORE it. But do NOT come to MY blog (which I pay for, by the way) and tell me to lighten up, or to get a life, or try to imply that I am either a hypocrite or that I have no right to comment on things that are important to me. I hope I’ve made myself abundantly clear, Kathryn.

      Thank you and have a wonderful day.


  • 3. Nelson Swiger Jr.  |  March 28, 2012 at 12:50 PM

    I think anyone that claims the name of Christian and says they approve of this Satan inspired show, should first examine themselves to be sure they are in the faith and then read the bible and see how God demands his holy name be revered.

    God does laugh, but not at his name being run through the mud, but he laughs at what man thinks is wisdom. God’s foolishness is way above our very best wisdom.

    The Church is the body of Christ and if you are laughing at this show that does poke at the Church, you are in essence laughing in the face of God himself and that is a very dangerous face to laugh in.

    All I can say is repent and turn to Jesus Christ before it is too late and you die and slip into eternity without him and have to face a righteous God for your sins. Jesus can be your advocate or your judge. Today is the day to decide either you are a child of God or one of Satan’s minions.


    • 4. Noeleen  |  May 13, 2012 at 5:40 PM

      It’s appalling that you think people can really watch this show and not just be entertained your not to take it so seriously. you are so not real. You judging people is a sin you not God so you can’t speak for God.


      • 5. modres  |  May 13, 2012 at 8:08 PM

        I have no doubt that people are entertained by the program in question! That is not even an issue for me. It is obvious that people are entertained. What I object to is the way they portray Christianity and women who are allegedly Christian. When I use the term “Christian,” I’m referring to people who are authentic Christians, not simply people who SAY they are Christians or believe they are Christians because they attend a church, or occasionally read the Bible, or some other religious activity.

        My comments have NOTHING to do with judging anyone. When Jesus said we should not judge, He was saying that we should not judge a person’s MOTIVES or their HEART because we are unable to see their heart. I am merely judging what I hear and see and James explains very clearly that our life SHOULD reflect Christianity. God has made this very clear in His Word that we are to actually BE judges of what is right and what is wrong. Too many people hide behind the false notion that we shouldn’t judge anything and to even be on a jury is wrong. You will not find your beliefs in the Bible.

        It is very possible that you yourself need Jesus and the only salvation that is available for people. Have you repented of your sin? Have you come to Him for His salvation? Have you committed your life to Him? Lastly, who are you living to please, yourself or God? These are questions you should really take the time to answer for yourself.

        I truly hope you know whether or not you are saved, as explained by Jesus in John 3 and Romans 10:9-10. It is a decision that will effect your life throughout eternity. Please make sure you have made the correct decision.

        May the Lord bless you.


  • 6. Get Over it from NC  |  March 21, 2012 at 6:57 AM

    I personally love the show! Living in the Bible Belt, I think it shows a real symptom of organized religion-hypocracy. It is funny to me that Christians will get all bent out of shape over a show based on fiction. What is the problem? The way I see it the only problem is that is shows how things really are in some churches. Go to church on Sunday and toss all you learned out the window during the week because you’ll be forgiven when you go to church next Sunday. There are many people I know that are just like the characters in GCB. The truth hurts! I suppose and that’s why panties are in a twist over this show. Lighten up!


    • 7. modres  |  March 21, 2012 at 7:11 AM

      The problem is that we do not need any shows that poke fun at Christianity, because true Christianity is not like that show. People will focus on the fact that this is what normative Christianity is all about. I don’t need to lighten up.

      People like yourself enjoy the show because it shows the hypocrisy of Christians, but that’s its MAIN focus, so you’re entertained. The church that I attend does not have women that exhibit such behavior.

      While you may think that the show is “Fiction,” your words actually tell me that you BELIEVE the message of the show, therefore it’s NOT fiction, is it?

      Maybe we should make a show about your family and focus on one thing that highlights your family’s hypocrisy. I wonder how you would enjoy that…


      • 8. Deb Bassett  |  March 23, 2012 at 7:44 PM

        I never thought we would see something like this coming out of ABC. What are you THINKING??? I spend at least 75% of my TV time watching ABC, but you can bet I WILL NOT be watching this sorry excuse for entertainment. I hope everyone will boycott this mean-spirited drivel that is offensive to Christians…..not just women but ALL Christians.


    • 9. Madasa Hatter  |  March 25, 2012 at 2:56 PM

      Having watched several of the episodes of the tv show in question, I think any true Christian would laugh along with the show.

      The core values of the show are respect, family and love. How is that un-Christian? You’re upset because they also include hypocrites who use Bible verses to justify bad behavior? Well d’you know what? Plenty of Christians are exactly like that.

      So how about tackling real issues. When was the last time you volunteered at a soup kitchen, donated to a charity or improved someone else’s life? That’s what *true* Christians do.


      • 10. modres  |  March 25, 2012 at 6:27 PM

        Hey Mad,

        Glad you like the show and you’re certainly entitled to your opinion. However, I fully disagree that any “true” Christian would laugh along with this show.

        You think Jesus would laugh? Read Revelation 2 and 3 for how He speaks to a variety of churches during the apostle John’s day and what He had to tell them. Laugh? Hardly.

        What upsets me is that the world already has a bad opinion of Christians because there ARE so many hypocrites within Christendom who do outlandish things, who fleece people of hard-earned money and all the rest. A show like GBC capitalizes on the tawdriness of those who profess to be actual Christians, but are likely not Christian at all (John 3).

        Volunteered at a soup kitchen? Donated to a charity? Improved someone else’s life? You know nothing of me, so please spare me your judgment. I regularly give to my church as well as other charities. I don’t volunteer at soup kitchens, but I do plenty of other things to help improve people’s lives, including ministering to those in jail.

        However, for me, the greatest improvement for someone comes from knowing Jesus as Savior and Lord. It has eternal rewards. I evangelize because I believe the best gift a person can be given is eternal life. One of Jesus’ last commands was for all of His true disciples/followers to go into every nation and preach the gospel, making disciples of people from all nations. THAT’S what true Christians actually do. They don’t gossip. They aren’t willing hypocrites, but merely accidental ones. They endeavor to emulate the life of Jesus, loving as He loved and abhorring evil as He did.

        Sorry I can’t join you in laughing at GBC. It’s just not my cup of tea. Close to 150,000 people die every day; most without knowledge of Jesus and having no relationship with Him. They enter eternity lost. The visible church is most definitely filled with the “tares” that Jesus spoke of in Matthew 13; those that resemble wheat but are not nor will ever be wheat. It is the tares that give the wheat a bad name because few (like yourself) make the distinction between the two.

        GBC portrays individuals who do not KNOW Jesus, are not in relationship with Him, and are biblically categorized as “tares.”

        The reason folks like yourself enjoy the show is solely due to the fact that it portrays the WEAKNESSES of professing Christians and in doing so, denigrates all Christians and Christ Himself. No Christian is perfect, but that’s just it – the indwelling Holy Spirit chastises those who continue to deliberately live on the outskirts of Christianity. The “b**ches” on GBC are neither “good” or “Christian.” They are merely another attempt at the world to portray Christians as evil.

        The core values of Christianity are not “respect, family, and love.” The core values of Christianity are to know Christ, to make Him known, and to worship God in spirit and in TRUTH.


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