The Race Card, Mr. Obama, and the Upcoming MLK Speech

August 25, 2011 at 12:38 PM 3 comments

This really isn’t a prediction as if I’ve looked into the future and actually seen what happened.  It’s more of an educated guess on my part.  I learned today that Mr. Obama chose a controversial painting apparently called the “N*gg*r painting, creating by Norman Rockwell, and placed this painting right outside the Oval Office in the White House.

I find it fascinating that Mr. Obama – who by the way is not African-American, has chosen that race as his race.  More importantly, he is making a big statement ahead of his speech that he will give memorializing the newly unveiled statue of Martin Luther King, Jr. I can only imagine what his comments will include.

We know from certain news bureaus, that the race card has already been played by the likes of perennial race-baiters Ed Schultz and Al Sharpton, deliberately and wrongly accusing Gov. Perry of using the term “black cloud” as a reference to Mr. Obama.  The truth of course, is that the use of the term was used as a reference to the large debt this nation faces.

While some might continue to believe that Perry’s use of the term was really a veiled reference to Obama, these same people would argue that the debt is what it is because of Bush, not Obama.  In that sense then, IF Perry has chosen that term to directly apply to the debt, but indirectly apply to a person, it would have to be applied to Bush, not Obama.  That’s all besides the point since it is patently clear – even to the two numbskulls mentioned above that Perry was not being racist at all.

So the race card is going to be played, just as it was played before the 2008 election.  White America fell for it then, but hopefully, it won’t happen again.

However, it appears that Team Obama wants to play the race card all the same.  I can imagine during his upcoming speech that there will be references to the fact that “white America” doesn’t want a black president.  This of course is what was stated and intimated during Obama’s first campaign.  It worked then, but will it work now?

I can hear in Mr. Obama’s speech the arrogant, denigrating tone and choice of his words that will attempt to make white people the villains.  He needs another four years he will tell us and white people don’t want him to have it.

Mr. Obama will extol the virtues of Martin Luther King, Jr. (and rightly so) for all that he did in helping race relations and helping black Americans and other Americans of color to receive their due.  Instead of rightly pointing out how badly he (Mr. Obama) has failed with his first term as president, he will do what many do when they have nothing of substance to say.  He will redirect and will essentially point the finger at white America as the one roadblock to his being re-elected so that he will be able to turn this economy around.

It is also likely that Mr. Obama will reference his own remarks when he said that if he could not turn this economy around in three years, he would be a one-term president.  He will point out that he said that with extreme naivety and that it is something he should not have said because he was not fully aware of the actual problems this country was facing.  Because of this, the liberal media will hail him as an honest man, one who admits his mistakes.  They will give him a pass.  However, if it was George W., he would have no such pass at all.  He would be even more vilified.  The liberal media would come out in droves saying that Bush should have known what he was talking about before he said anything!  What kind of politician is he anyway?

When Mr. Obama finishes his speech, there will be a rousing cheer and ovation as if he has actually eradicated America’s debt.  The sad truth of the matter is that it doesn’t matter what Mr. Obama says.  His being elected again or not has nothing to do with race and everything to do with his complete inability to correct the problems in America because of his glaringly real lack of interest.

There are still enough individuals in America who believe that as white people, they owe something to people of color.  This white guilt as it has been called by many will create pawns that this administration will hope to use to gain the victory in 2012.

Just this morning, I read a new “poll” that indicated an overabundance of people still continue to blame Bush for our economic woes.  Yesterday I read that Michelle Obama so far, has spent 10 million taxpayer dollars in total for all of her vacations so far.  I doubt that she’s done yet.

Mr. Obama has had his share of personal expenditures as well, that have added to this nation’s debt.  When all is considered, Mrs. Obama’s trips totalling 10 million dollars may not seem like a lot compared to the overall debt, however, it has still unnecessarily added to that debt.  Both Obamas seem to be carefree with taxpayer money, using it however they want, when it suits them.

I believe it is because they both hate this country and want to see it crumble.  The best way to accomplish that is to do so economically.  So far, Mr. Obama’s economic policies (such as they are) have simply added until billions and trillions to our debt.  Yet, he has the audacity to continue to blame Bush for our troubles.  Granted, when Bush left office, there was a debt and liberals love to point that out.  They never refer to 9/11 and the wars that stemmed from that act of war, as the precipitating causes of that growing debt.  As far as they are concerned, Bush gave us a debt, end of story.

We could just as easily – and do – point out that Mr. Obama has done nothing to reduce or eradicate that debt, and everything to make it larger.  He has had three years to turn it around, and has not done one thing that would cause the economy to actually improve.  They are failed policies and he has not told us of any plan to increase real jobs and get the economy under control.  All he has said is that he is going to be working on it and will let us know in a few weeks.  If he was a CEO of any company in corporate America, he would have been fired a long time ago for not doing his job.

However, he stands before us, and plays the race card as if the real problem is white America.  He implicates white people as the real reason he has been stymied and he accuses the Tea Party of holding Congress hostage, instead of carrying out the very real and bipartisan objectives of passing a balanced budget act, reducing the deb, and reducing spending.  Apparently, those things are really bad things, so we can’t do them.  They are evil, yet this is the way the average individual must live!  Why should our government be allowed to continually spend more money than it takes in?

DC Insider was right.  It’s going to get ugly and I fear that too many people will fall for the old race card, hook, line, and sinker.  That tragedy will not only keep this country from moving ahead, but could very likely set us back to the days before Martin Luther King, Jr. ever stepped up and fought for those who were considered less than in our society.

What is happening with the re-election campaign of the current resident of the Oval Office should not be happening.  It is evil and it should be called evil, because all that playing the race card like this does, is perpetrate evil and hatred.

I hope you will consider the source of these racial implications and allegations.  I hope you will see through the deception.  If you truly want to vote for Mr. Obama because you believe he has accomplished something and needs a second term to complete what he started, then that is one thing.  However, if you believe the hype of “white guilt,” and that is the only reason you are going to vote for the man, then you really need to stop and reconsider.  I am not going to tell you how to vote.  I’m simply asking that you know the reason why you are going to vote and for whom.

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When is a Jew Not a Jew? Obama’s Race-Based Spoils System by Pat Buchanan


  • 1. modres  |  December 26, 2011 at 7:12 AM

    This type of rhetoric is what drives me crazy. It is clear that you did not truly read my words for meaning. You read INTO my words with your own understanding firmly intact.

    In truth, it appears that you are the one who suffers from racism. It is also firmly established that you are exceedingly naive.

    Have you not noticed how often Mr. Obama has played the race card? How about more recently with Eric Holder? How about the countless times that Al Sharpton and others have done the same?

    You have also missed the castigating comments by Rep. Allen West (black) who has ALSO condemned Mr. Obama’s and Mr. Holder’s use of the race card.

    I’m truly sorry that you are so out of touch with reality that you are seeing merely phantoms of racism in me where none exists. It is obviously a reflection of yourself.

    I am not under the delusion that whites are supreme, nor do I believe that minorities need a “helping hand” or are somehow unable to help themselves as the many government-funded programs seem to attest. All these programs do is create situations where minorities then become beholden to our Federal gov’t.

    Thanks for writing and confirming to me the suspicions I had regarding the importance of race in this next election. Racism is very much alive and well in America and you are merely proof of that.

    Thanks for writing and allowing me to clarify.


  • 2. Rudih  |  December 26, 2011 at 5:23 AM

    No person or people can introduce guilt…it is an internal cue. A person or people can only acknowledge circumstance and situation that point to the cause of injustice. Guilt is an internal mechanism that challenges the injustice of action or inaction in the face of choice. Their is no “Race Card” that can do any harm or injustice as much as the books of justified legal discrimination, hate and violence used to situate a system of privilege to one group while denying another group access to resources that sustain life, liberty and pursuits of happiness. The very start of this article is painted and inked in the blood of bigotry and prejudice —-i.e. America’s special brand of racism: White Supremacy. Thanks AUTHOR for pulling off your sheet and letting your voice be heard. In the tide and trend of invisibility when can still here what we used to blatantly see. Let this be a lesson……Racism is NOT dead it is cloaked in a more formidable disguise of language and pretense. Nice Job. Nice Try.


  • 3. JMCS  |  August 31, 2011 at 4:24 PM

    I am not white nor black but I think they should also put out a painting of Reginald Denny beside the N*gg*r painting.


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