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Obama’s Race-Based Spoils System by Pat Buchanan

Obama plays the race card in Washington, DC.

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The Race Card, Mr. Obama, and the Upcoming MLK Speech

I hope you will consider the source of these racial implications and allegations. I hope you will see through the deception. If you truly want to vote for Mr. Obama because you believe he has accomplished something and needs a second term to complete what he started, then that is one thing. However, if you believe the hype of “white guilt,” and that is the only reason you are going to vote for the man, then you really need to stop and reconsider. I am not going to tell you how to vote. I’m simply asking that you know the reason why you are going to vote and for whom.

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When is a Jew Not a Jew?

So, when is a Jew not a Jew? When he is a Muslim, pretending to be a Jew for the sole purpose of harvesting souls for Islam. While it might be a new low that I have not come across before, it is not surprising that radical Islamists would stoop to this level. After all, there are many passages in the Qur’an that teach that lying, stealing, and even murdering is perfectly fine, as long as it is done in the name of Allah.

Jesus said that Satan was a murderer from the beginning and when he speaks, he lies because that is his native language. Do you see a connection here between Satan and what is taught in the Qur’an? If not, then it simply means you have not read the Qur’an for yourself. I would suggest that you do before another day goes by.

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Another Day to Serve the Lord

As you move through the day, His discernment will allow you to see things that you might have otherwise missed. There’s a person who is hurting that you can help. You remember that you need to pray for someone. You gain more wisdom from His Word today than you thought possible. It was easier to memorize Scripture. Your entire outlook for the day is seen from His perspective, not yours.

As authentic Christians, we are blessed with the only God who has chosen to live within us in order recreate us into the image of His Son. The Lord reigns and the more time we spend with Him, the more we begin to realize that He does reign and more than anything, we want to serve Him. I hope and pray that this is your life today. The Lord is with you, if you are His. May He open your eyes to that truth as you seek to serve Him this day.

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Do Disasters Foretell of Prophetic Fulfillment?

There are many in Christianity that do not believe in the prophetic correlation between pressuring Israel and calamity. This, however, has been documented very carefully and thoroughly to the point that if it is coincidence, it defies odds. Last year, Washington DC faced an epidemic of stink bugs and financial disaster. This year, the financial disaster continues to deepen, there is an historic earthquake, followed by a hurricane. All the while, this White House continues to pressure Israel by establishing radical Islamic states in the name of democracy and threatening to divide its land. In Zechariah 12:9 the Lord says, “And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.”

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Foreign Law Bill Angers Muslims

If Muslims want to live under Sharia Law, there are plenty of countries in the world where Sharia Law is the rule of law and they are more than welcome to go there. They should not be welcomed to the United States, live here and work here while living under Sharia. Not only is that a conflict of interest, but it says that Sharia Law is more important and higher than the U.S. Constitution.

Look, if the U.S. courts ignore God and refuse to acknowledge things from a Christian perspective, then Sharia should not be given a place in our courts either. If Muslims don’t like it, they are free to leave. No one is forcing them to stay. Either play by U.S. rules, or go home.

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Just Stop and Worship the Only God for a Moment…

For just a few moments, if you are a Christian, stop what you’re doing and worship Him, along with Carrie Underwood as she sings one of my favorites, “How Great Thou Art.”

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