President of Mexico Berates U.S.

August 26, 2011 at 12:38 PM

In an interesting twist, Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon blamed the U.S. for the latest set of death’s at a casino there, where drug traffickers firebombed the casino leaving 52 victims in its wake.  The deaths of those people is tragic indeed.

But for Calderon to blame the United States for the drug problems in Mexico while at the same time, joining the Federal Gov’t’s suit against Arizona seems to be hypocritical at best.  He blames the U.S. “saying it is not doing enough to reduce the country’s high demand for illicit drugs or to stop the illegal trafficking of U.S. weapons into Mexico.“[1]

Let’s ask ourselves what the United States is doing.  At every major port of entry (and many smaller ones), Border Patrol agents are busy trying to find and deter tons of illicit drugs from making their way into this country.  Moreover, our Border Agents put their lives on the line daily in order to keep the multitude of illegal aliens out of America.

Because the Federal Gov’t is certainly not doing enough to curb this problem, it falls to the individual states and they are hamstrung due to budgetary restraints.  Arizona is moving ahead with their plans to build a wall along the southern border of their state with Mexico and they are doing it with donated money from private citizens and corporations, since the Feds see no reason to help with the problem.  In fact, Mr. Obama no sooner became president when he put a stop to the plans to build a wall along the entire southern border of the United States where it meets Mexico.  Yes, more can be done.

But what is Mexico doing?  Let’s see, do they have a border checkpoint that it is thorough and demanding as the ones in the United States.  Why are so many illegals allowed to leave Mexico?  Why does the government of Mexico seem to turn a blind eye to the illegals leaving?  Simply because if they keep those people in that country, the resources of Mexico would be further drained, so it is better for Mexico if people leave to find work in America.  This is also why Mexican officials are so tough on people trying to illegally enter Mexico from countries south of them.  They don’t want any illegals either, but it is fine for them to leave Mexico for the U.S.

Moreover, what is Calderon doing to eliminate the drug cartels in Mexico?  To listen to his charges, one would think that no one in Mexico has a drug problem and that all of the illegal drugs are all bound for the United States and Canada.  That can’t be the truth, but any moment now, we’ll hear from someone in this administration that Calderon is correct.  I would not be surprised at all.

What Calderon seems to be ignoring is that the battle between drug cartels is happening on Mexican turf.  These turf wars have been going on for quite some time with thousands of innocent lives in the crossfire.  To blame the United States for something his country is creating and exporting is ludicrous, but then again, so is joining a lawsuit against one of the states because we want to make it more difficult for illegals to remain below the radar.

What Calderon seems unwilling to admit is that if the U.S. had stronger borders and better ways of determining who is and who is not legally here in this country, that in and of itself would go a long way in cutting down on drug trafficking from places like Mexico.  However, Calderon prefers not to see that, instead wanting to blame the United States for the ills in his own country, ills that he has had no luck in eliminating.

I will agree that our Federal Gov’t can do much more to stop the flow of illegal drugs and illegal aliens.  Right now, they do not care and prove it by their lack of action.

However, Calderon has not done enough to eliminate drug trafficking in Mexico and that could be done by improving the outlook for jobs in Mexico so that people could earn a decent wage with benefits.  In many ways, parts of Mexico look and feel like a third world country.  The government is either unable to help, unwilling to do, or both.  If Calderon spent more time trying to figure out ways to improve Mexico’s economy, he might actually make a dent in the drug trafficking problem that is taking the lives of many thousands of people every year.  Instead, he thinks that railing against the U.S. is going to correct the problem that is homegrown in his own country.

In case Mr. Calderon is not aware, this particular administration does not care what happens at the border.  They believe that the border has never been safer.  They believe that enough money is being spent and enough personnel are lined up for the battle.

What is our Federal Gov’t’s plan?  To initiate programs like “Fast and Furious” where over 2,500 guns were illegally sold in straw purchases that made their way to drug cartels.  This was all done with the approval of the ATF.  In doing so, at least one of our Border Agents was shot and killed with one of those guns.  The personnel in the ATF lost track of those very guns they told gun dealers they were going to track.  In the process, we lost a life and simply added to the drug turf wars.

In spite of this, this same administration now wants to force these same dealers to provide information about the people who buy long guns over a certain quantity.  This is a duplication because all of the sales records are there, and it simply shows that the Federal Gov’t is trying to cover its butt when it knows it blew it big time.  AG Eric Holder says he knew nothing of the program, which is a lie.  He has continued to stonewall Congress about his alleged non-involvement.  The problem is that it happened under his watch, therefore he is responsible, period.

Politicians are all alike.  They all want to place blame off themselves and onto someone else.  We’ve seen that happen repeatedly with this administration and now we are seeing it happen with administrations in other countries.

It would be so much easier to respect politicians who actually took responsibility for their actions.  Can you imagine if Mr. Obama came out and said, “Look, we inherited some problems from the Bush Administration, but I’m in charge now.  The buck stops with me!”  Instead we get the same old finger-pointing and now the race card.

Can you imagine if AG Eric Holder agreed that he did not handle things that well with “Fast and Furious” and whether or not he knew about all the nuts and bolts of the operation, he was sitting in the big seat when it went down, and since ATF is part of his oversight, he blew it, big time.

What if President Calderon admitted that he did not have the resources to challenge the drug cartels?  What if he stated that his government was at fault for all the people who believe that they can have a better life in the United States?  What if he admitted that Mexico has not done enough to take care of its people, but he wanted that to change at all costs?

Politicians are ironic.  They accept credit where little or no credit is due (as in the case of the death of bin Laden), or they routinely place the blame on someone else when they should be admitting that the buck stops with them.

If politicians were more willing to accept responsibility for things rather than foist blame on others as a continual practice, the people in the United States would be far more willing to trust them.  As it is, the finger-pointing gets ridiculous and mainly because politicians believe that the average American is such a moron that we’ll never be able to figure it out.  No, we are figuring it out and we’re not amused.



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