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Agenda 2030 is in the works. What is it? Everyone has an opinion and of course, conservatives who see the agenda as something that grants greatest control to globalists by removing freedoms for individuals are normally seen as “conspiracy theorists.” Those who support Agenda 2030 simply play the whole thing off as guidelines to promote a more sustainable world, which they support. This of course includes the reuse of the earth’s resources instead of wasting things. Frankly, I don’t know many people who ignore the fact that at least some form of conservation and recycling is important. We should be careful how they use the earth’s resources and not abuse.

Yet, it’s fascinating that the same people behind Agenda 2030 are the same people pushing electric vehicles to replace those that run on fossil fuels. The problem with this is manifold, but here are just two. First, electric vehicles continue to rely on fossil fuels to charge the batteries they use since batteries only store electricity, not create it. An outside source is needed to create electricity. Second rechargeable batteries are made from resources found throughout the earth, though mainly mined in one country in Africa, with children (yes, children), as the miners. This is exceedingly dangerous work with most taking their mined goods to market and selling them for the equivalent of seventy-five cents ($.75), per day. Watch the video below for the facts. The need for batteries used in vehicles are part of the “green” movement, yet what is it doing to the earth and the young children who mine these caves and quarries? Someone’s making massive amounts of money from child labor (and it’s not the children!), but since it’s for a “green” cause, it’s overlooked.

The other problem with electric vehicles is that the needed infrastructure to support electric vehicles does not currently exist as readily as gas stations do. Of course, when you plug an electric vehicle into an electrical socket, it charges, but fossil fuels are being used to charge it. Most electric plants do not rely on solar, water or wind. They rely on fossil fuels. The people behind Agenda 2030 want us to believe that if we all just give up our gas-fueled vehicles and “upgrade” to electric vehicles, the world will be more sustainable. Not true at all. But really, is it all simply a ruse to take gas-powered vehicles away? If so, the auto industry will take a major hit and who can afford electric vehicles?

We’ve also been hearing a great deal about “climate change” Is climate change real? Many scientists appear to be onboard with it, but there are a large percentage of scientists who are not. These scientists are treated as the medical doctors who warn about the CV jab; censored, silenced, ridiculed.

This brings us to another problem…censorship. Those who support the “green” movement cannot have people continuing to speak freely. There can be no open or free exchange of ideas in today’s growing fascist environment. All those who do not support the accepted narrative must be silenced. This is done by doxxing, harassing, shaming or by simply shadow-banning them or suspending/banning them from social media so that their voices are silenced. The Left cheers. However, things are changing on Twitter since Elon Musk bought it and has made it a private company. I’ve begun noticing my tweets are getting out there, I’m seeing people I normally don’t see and my follower count is going up instead of routinely down.

Agenda 2030 officially began in 2015. It is now 2022, so you can see how far we’ve come and what remains to be put into place. Have you read Agenda 2030? Here’s a link to it so: UN Agenda 2030 A PDF version of it can be downloaded here (41 pages). There’s really no excuse to not read it and understand what’s in it. It’ll be up to each person to decide if the “conspiracy theorists” are all wet or if they’re onto something.

Maybe closer to home is the subject of the coming social credit grading system. It already exists in China through several versions, but the goal is to have the same system for all of China. Apparently, Italy is also toying with the idea and is working toward putting things in place there. How does the social credit grading system work? First, it needs tons of surveillance cameras and a very fast Wi-Fi/Internet to undergird the system. Information must be transferred instantly and scores are always upgraded.

In China, people who do things the “right” (state approved), way are rewarded. Those who resist the Chinese government not only do not receive rewards but have certain things taken away from them. There are a plethora of things that can be removed from someone who insists on trying to enjoy freedoms.

Could this social credit system come to the USA? Many don’t believe so, but they should probably think again. Currently, we have groups on the Left who go out of their way to dox, censor and ban people from social media networks who do not kowtow to the accepted narrative. These people think for themselves and like to ask questions, but the Left doesn’t like it and doesn’t want to allow it. These type of people who come against others for their opinions are rewarded under the Chinese system. The Left is crying for more and more restrictions for people and when they end up getting what they wish for, they will likely very much regret what they’ve done because it will begin to negatively affect them. Here’s a twenty minute video about the collapse of our freedoms that helps explain it (with the obligatory YouTube ads placed in front of it…rolls eyes).

As readers will note, the individual in the video talks about how he thinks globalists will be able to create a social credit rating system in the USA. It’ll likely start with offering discounts or free items to get people hooked, to draw them in, so that they’ll comply willingly. Once that gets up and running, it’ll segue to a mandatory system instead of having the option to be involved. The many young people today who want free stuff and expect the government to be that free stuff channel will initially take advantage of the system when its voluntary, but then become part of the mandatory system later. If they tried to simply put a mandatory system in from the start, there would be major push back. As it stands, even with a voluntary system initially, there will be many (like myself), who will avoid participating like the plague.

The Left has no real clue what they are actually attempting to achieve (unless they know they’re trying to destroy America), though they firmly believe that what they are pushing for is wonderful and right. It is neither because it removes free choice and free speech. These things are the bulwark and foundation of American exceptionalism and as I look around, I realize just how many people seem totally unaware of what’s coming down the pike. They seem truly clueless.

But how could any of this happen? Wouldn’t globalists have to gain charge of and influence over many of the systems in the USA? Well consider the fact that over the past decade or so we’ve seen many corporations come out full blown “woke” in their ideology. Many of the CEOs in these corporations are using their clout to direct their companies to push woke ideologies. Accept the fact that many to most of the people illegally gaining entrance into the USA are given many things that homeless veterans do not receive and they are also often registered to vote even though it is illegal for them to do so.

Consider the election that just occurred in France between Macron and Le Pen. Macron, who had a 36% favorable polling going into the election, allegedly won with 56% of the vote against Le Pen. How did that happen? How is it possible? The same way Joe Biden came in first. Martin Armstrong comments on what likely happened in France here and here, and the fact that many French people recognize they’ve been had and taken advantage of, with their votes being negated.

It’s clear the Left has been working behind the scenes for decades to amass the amount of power they’ve amassed. They have legions of their sycophants who bully people into accepting their ideology. These “brown shirts” work in tandem with the globalists to achieve what they think is the coming new age of nirvana. Of course, it will be anything but that, though they are too myopic to realize it. Their hatred of God, Christians and Christianity is what drives them.

There is so much upheaval happening throughout the world today that it is difficult to focus on just one problem. Society is being overloaded and inundated with shock after shock in order to desensitize us and make us feel that it is hopeless to resist. There’s just too much going on so we must leave the decisions to those who want to control us. The consistent, never ending pressure of problems is designed to create change – “out of chaos, order” – so that people will feel defeated and won’t want to put up a fight.

The globalists know what they are doing, as they remain behind the curtain directing their forces throughout the world. Remember, Klaus Schwab said that we “will own nothing and be happy.” They know most won’t embrace that willingly so it must be forced on us.

This may well result in pockets of revolutionary resistance in various places of the world. Unfortunately, it is not beyond the realm of possibility. People are getting fed up and while the globalists want to throw off God’s “chains,” (Psalm 2), the average person who can see clearly wants to throw off globalists chains and restrictions.

In any case, globalists will remain safely behind the curtain, protected by their security, wealth and status. They don’t plan to ever put themselves into positions that would allow them to come in contact with average people (serfs). We are only “allowed” to be part of their manor if we concede to do things their way.

Yuval Noah Harari, talks about the idea that the rich will live forever, while the average person will die. This is the globalists’ dream, to live forever on this earth through transhumanism. It won’t happen, but I believe this is part of the reason why the mRNA vax was pushed and continues to be pushed as it has been for the past few years. They are now collecting the results and the “study” noted by Pfizer will continue until January 2023. Everyone who took the jab is part of that study. It used to be that people were given the option of participating in a study and any and all of their adverse reactions to any medication administered was treated at the company’s expense, not the individual’s. Now, people are routinely experiencing adverse reactions and in some cases, insurance companies will not help because the CV jab is still listed as “experimental.” There have been cases of people dying after they received the vax and insurance companies refused to pay out stating that the person essentially committed “suicide” because the effects of the mRNA vax were not known ahead of time.

In a few years, it’ll be 2030. What will happen in leading up to that? Interestingly enough, Klaus Schwab and his WEF have entered an agreement with the UN to accelerate Agenda 2030 so that it comes to fruition sooner; all 17 so-called “sustainable development” goals. It’s certain things will worsen in society. While it is good to know what’s here and what’s coming, it’s probably not good to focus on it, so that we are consumed by it. It’s better to tighten our focus to our family, church friends and those who need Jesus.

We do this by being in His Word, hiding it in our hearts and always having it on our lips. While all this may seem somewhat depressing at first, the truth is that the closer we get to all of this in society, the closer we get to the physical return of our Lord and Savior who, after setting up His Millennial Kingdom, will rule in righteousness and truth!


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