Is It a Waste of Time?

May 25, 2022 at 12:29 PM 3 comments

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My wife and I went to vote this morning. I really did not want to do so because I get this strong sense that it’s pointless. I went into the voting polling place and showed my photo ID, which I don’t mind doing because it proves who I am. Of course, to hear the Left tell it, this is proof of racism in America, having to prove who you are when voting, even though a photo ID is needed for many, many other venues in life and no one ever claims that having to show them at those other venues is the least bit racist. But when it comes to voting, apparently, it’s a hardship for those who are not part of the dying middle class. We are forcing them to do something that many cannot afford to do. Who ever heard of that nonsense? Having a photo ID is necessary in just about every culture.

While waiting, I asked the gentleman how a person who mails in their ballot proves their identity since they clearly do not have to show their photo ID to do so. The answer was that their “name” and “address” was crossed checked in the file system to ensure that the information they provide is accurate. My response, “Oh, I can see why it would be impossible to cheat…” (sarcasm). The man got my point and chuckled along with the joke. Unfortunately, it’s not a joke. People who mail in their ballots really don’t have to prove anything and in fact, are not taking any risks at all. My appearance today at the polling place was duly noted and checked off. If a mail-in ballot is now received also stating to be from me, it would (hopefully), be rejected especially since I never requested one be sent to me. Mail-in or absentee ballots should be used not as a norm, but as an exception.

Joe Biden has rather famously stated that the Democrats have “…the most extensive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics,” and of course, that statement (on video in one of his speeches), is either ignored completely by the Left (and most of the Right), or it is poo-poo’d pretending that he was simply being facetious. Ha ha, it’s a joke, don’t you know? The Dems wouldn’t cheat would they? In fact, no one on either side of the aisle would cheat, would they? Of course not anymore than certain individuals would become far more wealthy through the pandemic, while the average person becomes poorer.

If I continue to vote, as long as there is one machine that is capable of being hacked and changing votes or if mail-in ballots can be harvested, then my vote can easily be negated.  The other issue with voting is what we’ve come to see and even get used to anymore. People we’ve never heard of and know little to nothing about, run for office. They swear they are “conservative” and promise to follow the state and federal Constitution. They use all the right terminology and catch phrases.

Then many of these folks get voted into office and in a very short time, their true colors come out. They are Leftists masquerading as Conservative Republicans. We’ve got a number of them in Congress like Dan Crenshaw, who as it turns out, is a graduate of Klaus Schwab’s WEF young global leaders group. Just about everything that comes out of Crenshaw’s mouth is Leftwing now and his disdain for conservatism is very clear. RINOs have been around for a while, pretending to be one thing, while inwardly being something else.

I am conflicted because I believe for the most part, voting is a waste of time. But by not voting, am I playing into the hands of the Left? After all, it would make life easier for them if I and millions of other conservatives no longer voted, right? But if we continue to vote, they have to work to counteract our votes either by relying on voter fraud or by actually trying to authentically win a political race.

Speaking of aforementioned WEF, the guest list is a who’s who of American politicians like Darrell Issa (R), attending the goings on in Davos this week. Why are our elected officials attending that event? Moreover, how is it Issa (along with many others in Congress on both sides of the aisle), became a millionaire on a congressional salary?

So, it seems we conservatives can keep voting if only to make it more difficult for the extensive voter fraud organization to overcome and negate our votes. Or, we can stop voting altogether and allow the Left to cheer, making their job much easier. In essence, isn’t that what they want? They don’t want us involved in elections at all. Life would be better for them if conservatives just stop voting.

As much as I hate the current system because of the many inherent flaws, it’s the only system we’ve got. If those in power choose to do nothing to correct the problems, then we will continue to experience voter fraud, even though the Left laughs and says, voter fraud doesn’t exist. However, they will find and point out a GOP person who has been arrested for it, while deliberately ignoring anyone on the Left arrested. Anyone who cheats, regardless of party affiliation, should be arrested and charged. If our votes are not secure, we have nothing. Each person will have to make their own decision.

Speaking of people who should be arrested, when is Hillary Clinton going to be arrested? So far, we’ve learned that Michael Sussman and Robby Mook – both directly involved with Hillary Clinton and her presidential campaign – said that the idea to frame Trump by using made-up charges of Russian collusion came from her. She set it up. She paid millions to make it happen using Perkins/Coie to launder the money used in the process.

The goal obviously was to keep Trump from becoming President. When that failed, the goal was to impeach him. When that failed, the goal became to simply ruin his life by destroying his reputation and character while he sat in the Oval Office. If I were Trump, I’d be suing Hillary for defamation. She should be arrested and charged but she’s Hillary, so there’s that. And by the way, I’m not a 100% Trump diehard fan. He did some good things for this country but he did some things I just don’t appreciate.

I will admit I am getting so tired of saying to myself, “Well, justice will be meted out to Hillary and others when they meet their Maker.” Like Job, I’d like to see at least a bit of justice happen now, in this life. I’d also like to have seen speedy trials for the J6 defendants, but that hasn’t happened and it doesn’t appear that it will happen any time soon. As far as I know, no one has been charged with sedition or insurrection, but trespassing. The hundreds of hours of video taken that day by surveillance cameras have yet to be released. If these people are in fact, guilty, then the Constitution still guarantees them a speedy trial. They haven’t had that. Some have been beaten unmercifully by Capitol police officers. At least one inmate lost an eye because of it. Others have died. This is what happens in a third world country, not America! These people are Americans and even if traitors (I don’t believe they are), still need to have speedy trials and their rights upheld.

I’m tired of all the injustice, perpetrated by lies. I’m tired of the mainstream media largely being an arm of the Democrat Party with one lie after another. Now, I hear Brian Stelter (CNN), is bemoaning that maybe they’ve been too “negative.” Really? Is he setting that up for us as a reason to not cover the Durham investigation and all that might come out regarding Hillary (because CNN is pretty silent about it)? Personally, I don’t care how negative the media is as long as it is based on truth and that appears to be in serious short supply these days. What I mean is that they should not report negative stories unless there is truth there, but if what they’re reporting is truth and negative, so be it. They spent four years lying about Trump based on lies paid for by Hillary. They lied about Nick Sandmann and lost a ton of money because of it through his lawsuits. They lied about Kyle Rittenhouse and now he’s suing as Sandmann did. Enough is enough! Lies are not cutting it any longer and the Left better learn that.

According to MSM, Biden is doing a fantastic job, which are abject lies. Things couldn’t be better in spite of him literally turning off the spigot for gas and oil throughout the USA. The Left argues that a good portion of what Biden canceled has no impact on availability of oil now because those things weren’t up and running yet. This is only partially true, because supply and demand always takes into account future or potential availability. Biden took what Trump did – made USA energy independent – and has crippled this nation severely by forcing us to become dependent on other nations for oil. Meanwhile, Biden is also selling some of our oil to foreign countries to help ease their own boycotting of Russian oil. It’s insane literally but this is what we are looking at.

Beyond this, I’ve been reading reports that within ten weeks or so, things will become really severe when wheat and other grain shortages really kick in and may no longer be available. Don’t forget throughout parts of the world (including the USA), they’ve been busy destroying chickens and turkeys due to the bird flu pandemic. The bird flu has never been a problem for human beings until recently. Why? Is it because the virus went through the gain of function process in the lab to make it heartier and more dangerous?

Let me take a short pause while the Left comes along in an attempt to downplay the included images even though they prove mainstream media lies and collusion…

Why does the Left need to constantly resort to lies, false accusations, and threats? Because their father – Satan – has taught them that this is how truth is overcome. It often works and long before the actual truth can come out, lies have already circled the globe several times. Even though the Durham investigation is bringing the truth to light regarding Hillary’s direct involvement in the attempt to bring Trump down, the Left will ignore it or accuse Durham of making things up. Even if/when it is found to be incontrovertibly true, the Left will then fully ignore it. They’ll pretend it doesn’t exist or they’ll try to redirect, instead shining the light back onto Trump.

The truth is the Left lies and everything they accuse conservatives of doing is what they themselves do. It’s called projection and the Left have mastered it. They use Marxist tactics that have been tried and true through the past few centuries. They know if they can make their case before the accused person has the time to respond or prove innocence, they’ve got them on the ropes poised for victory.

Next time, we’ll look back at Nehemiah 6 and see how Sanballat, Tobiah and others tried to destroy Nehemiah’s reputation and credibility by using the same tactics the Left uses today. They also tried to kill him, but God protected him.


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Revelation 7: Interlude Trying to Thwart God

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  • 1. Maranatha Today  |  May 24, 2022 at 1:23 PM

    “Nothing seems to vex the souls of those who know God and are right with God than to witness the wicked prospering and evil people carrying out their wicked schemes without some sort of immediate response from our sovereign Lord.

    A nagging question that has troubled the hearts of God’s people throughout the centuries is why God tolerates evil in this world for another moment? How long will it be before divine justice will prevail and the wicked are punished and the righteous are given their just dessert? How long must we wait for righteousness to rule over the face of the earth?

    Job, in the midst of the darkest hours of his perplexing suffering asked this question. Note (Psalm 10; 94:1-7)

    Job 21:7-14
    7 “Why do the wicked live on, growing old and increasing in power? 8 They see their children established around them, their offspring before their eyes. 9 Their homes are safe and free from fear; the rod of God is not upon them. 10 Their bulls never fail to breed; their cows calve and do not miscarry. 11 They send forth their children as a flock; their little ones dance about. 12 They sing to the music of tambourine and harp; they make merry to the sound of the flute. 13 They spend their years in prosperity and go down to the grave in peace. 14 Yet they say to God, ‘Leave us alone!”

    1. No matter how much our souls are troubled over the perceived or real injustice of this fallen place, we can take comfort in the truth that divine justice in the end will always prevail. Elections may have uncertain outcomes but the ultimate prevailing of God’s divine justice is certain.

    2. When God does exercise His terrible wrath against this fallen world, the response of the believer should be a mixture of joy and sorrow.

    3. No matter how disturbing the details may be in terms of the unleashing of God’s final judgment, we who have received this truth must communicate this truth to everyone in this world.”

    Part of a Bible Study I’m doing…God’s justice, wrath and vengeance is coming…and pretty soon too! We wait, pray and watch patiently till then. It is well in Jesus’ name my dear brother in Christ.


    • 2. modres  |  May 24, 2022 at 1:35 PM

      Yep, I just began reading through the book of Job again this morning. Amazing how much he went through and the reality is that God is under no obligation to explain anything. In fact, God never takes the time to explain the whys and wherefores to Job throughout the whole book. Job got to a point where he understood that knowing God was enough.

      I know I need to focus more and more on God and His life within me, His purposes and the consummation of all things under His powerful direction.



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