Courts and Their Flip-Flop Decisions…

January 28, 2011 at 10:59 AM

I’ve wanted to write about this subject for a bit now but keep forgetting.  It has to do with our courts and how decisions are made.  As a most recent example is Rahm Emanuel’s desire to seek to become the next mayor of Chicago.

He was moving ahead with things and then all of a sudden, the lower courts decided that he was not eligible to run because he had not fulfilled residency requirements.  His lawyers said they would appeal the court’s decision, which of course, is his right.

The higher court decided in Emanuel’s favor, saying he WAS eligible after all to run for mayor of Chicago.  What confuses me is WHY this higher court found something that apparently the lower court overlooked?

I honestly do not get it.  I’ve noticed some cases in California for instance, that are ruled one way, then on appeal, they are ruled another way, then that decision is appealed and it is ruled just like the first court, etc.

Is it because of the judges on the bench who interpret the law?  Is it because higher courts have access to more information?  I simply do not get it.  What happens if a case goes all the way to the Supreme Court and is ruled one way, overturning numerous previous decisions by lower courts?  Is the Supreme Court’s decision correct?  Whether it is or is not really does not matter at that point, since there are no other courts a person can turn to for a decision.

All of this must have to do with the way judges interpret the law.  I can see no other reason for all the flip-flopping that goes on in the courts.  This brings me to this question:  if the laws of this nation are so convoluted and/or complex that various interpretations can apply, then should not the laws that are made be much more concise and/or straight-forward?  Maybe that’s just too simple or some might even say naive.  Whether it’s naive or not, one thing is true – the laws and/or the judges we have are not making sense.

Maybe the problem is the people who make the laws in the first place.  Most are simply average people, not lawyers.  They are not versed in legal language, nor are they versed in Constitutional law.  For instance, the recent law that was overturned by the courts – AB 962 – would have made it a law requiring me to buy all of my ammo, in person, with thumbprint and with signature.  It was overturned as being Constitutionally vague.  Will the lawmakers try again?  Will they appeal?  If they appeal, what will the next court decide?

It is difficult to put faith in a system that seems so open-ended.  It is not that I disrespect the laws of this land.  In fact, I don’t disrespect anyone.  What I simply have a difficulty with is the amount of seeming wiggle room that exists for judges to determine what the law(s) means.

This is one great reason alone why when Jesus returns physically to this planet, it will be His law that will take effect and He will be judge and jury.  His decisions will be final.  There will be no appeals.  It’s certainly something to look forward to experiencing!

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