Obama Calls for Spending Freeze and the Daily Kos

January 26, 2011 at 5:01 PM

This is rich in many ways.  Our president, who has spent money hand over fist in an effort to devalue the U.S. dollar, now all of a sudden decides that spending less is the way to go.  Wow, who would have thunk it?

In truth, the spending “freeze” he is talking about is so miniscule, compared to the entire (over) budget, that it will literally make no dent at all in anything.  It will be like taking a cup of water from the ocean.  No effect.

The other thing that Obama alluded to that was important (in-between all the empty words that most politicians simply use to fill up the air), is the idea that taxes will go up.  He indicated that we cannot continue to extend the tax cuts.  That can mean nothing else other than a raising of taxes.

This is what people do who want bigger government, larger government, a government that tends to include itself in virtually every area of society.  Rather than finding ways to cut the budget, people like Obama prefer to simply take MORE money from the average worker to foot the bill for all of their pet projects.

The reality is that this cannot continue on the level it exists without reaching a breaking point.  It is extremely easy for any politician to stand up and say how great we are doing, how our efforts are producing good things.  That’s pabulum.  It really says nothing to thinking people.  It only says something to people who do not think for themselves and need someone to hold their hand through the process of “recovery.”

If things continue the way they are going, the average American will not be able to afford to put food on the table.  Between the low-paying jobs (or no jobs at all) and the government’s desire to take more of what we earn, it will be very tough going to be sure.

I hope you have started stocking up on food.  Might even be a good idea to grow a garden of vegetables.  Finding ways to cut down on the use of gas for vehicles and selling whatever you no longer need are things that can help.  It will give you more food and more money up front.

It is sad to think that so many people in this country seem to be blinded by the leftwing politics of individuals who want this country to become a Socialist nation, where everything is handed out without regard for anything.  It seems that at all costs, capitalism must be destroyed…unless you are already rich.  For the rich person, capitalism is just fine and even if Socialism became the calling card of this nation, the rich would not be participating in it.

Frankly, I’m not sure which politicians can be trusted anymore.  The ones who have a chance of being trusted are kept out of office by lies and defamatory remarks by the left, all the while charging that the right is the one making the lies.  The truth of the matter is that people like Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, and others have lowered themselves to simply labeling and name-calling.  I cannot believe how bad Matthews alone has become.  He used to at least seem intelligent.  Now, he’s simply a buffoon.  It appears as though the left has run out of things to say so they are now acting like children on the playground with a “he-said, she-said” mentality.  It is absurd.

What is at least just as interesting and can be seen as proof of the left’s indiscretions and lies is the Daily Kos.  They used to have a web page ad in which they themselves took Congresswoman Giffords to task for being a “bad Democrat.”  Their ad – as you can see – included a bullseye.  They could not get rid of that bullseye quick enough after this latest tragedy in Arizona, but fortunately, there were a few quick-thinking individuals who grabbed screen shots of it before it was taken down.

Though the left took the time to vilify Sarah Palin, TEA Partiers and others, they took no notice of Daily Kos or other leftwing political rags.  The left is trying very hard to cover their own deceit, but they can’t cover it as well as they would like.  Trying to shift blame on the right is all they can do and they can’t even do that well enough.

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