Jared Loughner’s Psychotropic Trips with Salvia Divinorum

January 15, 2011 at 11:00 PM

While the liberal left was so quick to pounce on Jared Loughner’s attempted assassination of a Congress woman and the murder of a number of others in his attack last week in Arizona, others have been busy trying to dig up some actual facts on the man.

It appears that Loughner was self-medicating himself with a drug called Salvia Divinorum, which among other things can “significantly alter areas of the brain associated with perception, mood, consciousness, cognition, and behavior.” [1]

Digging further into Loughner’s history brings to the foreknowledge of mental problems that existed long before last week’s tragedy.  These facts were apparently facts that liberals and Democrats alike failed to see, because they were only too quick and too willing to point the finger at people they simply do not like: conservatives.

If, as a number of people who knew Loughner have stated, that he frequently used salvia divinorum, it is obviously very possible – since it is a psychotropic drug – to cause major problems in the ability to differentiate between reality and those things that are not real.

I’m sure over the next few weeks, more about Jared Loughner will come to the surface and the world (particularly liberals) may well be surprised to discover that Loughner’s malicious attack had absolutely nothing to do with any alleged rhetoric used by conservatives, and everything to do with a mind that had become increasingly swallowed up by the false reality that drugs create.

We will certainly keep you posted, but I’m already thinking that a number of high-profile liberals are already at work trying to either remove their feet from their mouths, or they will very soon be telling us that it is not their foot encased in the oral cavity in their face.  It must be our imagination then.

For more on this story, visit the link cited in the footnote reference below.

[1] http://www.infowars.com/arizona-shooter-was-on-powerful-hallucinogens/

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