It Will Worsen But God is Able

April 14, 2022 at 10:00 AM 3 comments

If you’ve been paying attention to the legacy news (controlled opposition/propaganda), then you’ve likely heard that food shortages are coming. In fact, word from Biden is that they are “going to be real.” Moreover, states like California are implementing new laws that will deal a huge blow to the trucking industry not only there but for any truck that operates in that state. California wants every diesel truck that operates in California to have a 2010 engine or better by January 1, 2023. In spite of official denials, this will play serious havoc with the supply chain. Between actual inflation and “going green,” it seems many are more concerned with reducing the carbon footprint than feeding people and allowing them to work (in spite of all the help wanted signs). So the existing shortage of many products, the rationing that is starting to occur now, and continuing inflation, it’s only logical to conclude that things will worsen.

It wasn’t more than a few years ago that the world looked aghast at the happenings in Venezuela and the tremendous food shortages occurring there. We thought, “that could never happen in the USA!” but unfortunately, it’s coming because it’s been purposefully being designed to happen. CV-19 was the thing that was used to kick off any number of startling events, which would be used to exercise control (through fear) over the population around the world.

Even though CV-19 seems to have taken a back seat to the escalating WWIII between Ukraine and Russia, it all seems to be part of the same game the globalists are playing. What began with CV-19 – societal lock-downs, businesses going belly up, people in dire straights because they could not work and in danger of losing their homes – is now continuing with new shortages being announced, like fuel and food.

But the problem is that this all seems remarkably pre-planned. I’ve been paying attention to people like the Ice Age Farmer, who has done plenty of research into what’s been happening. What I’ve been learning is that we are seeing huge supply chain issues across the world. Because of this, we are being told by the globalists that we’ll need to learn to eat a more “sustainable” diet. What that means is we should forego eating actual meats and instead eat foods that only look and possibly smell like real meats, but are, in fact, created in the labs from vegetable proteins. Supposedly, the latest version of fake meats have actual beef blood in them to make them appear even more realistic.

So what is causing this problem that the world seems to be increasingly facing? Well, aside from CV-19 and the shortages that are occurring from that fiasco, we can go back a number of decades to learn that farmers have been told to use what is known as PFSAs or “biosludge.” Biosludge is basically human excrement that’s been “refined” at sewage treatment plants. This waste has been used by farmers to fertilize their crops. But what has all of a sudden happened is that now it seems that this biosludge is bad news, causing outbreaks of this, that or the other horrible disease, resulting in farmers having to put down entire herds. How do they determine illness in animals? By using the same PCR tests that determined CV-19 in people, in spite of the fact that the inventor of the PCR testing system said they should not be used for that purpose.

Beyond this, the bird flu is allegedly making a huge comeback throughout Europe and even in America, especially with what are called backyard flocks of chickens, ducks and turkeys. Millions of birds worldwide are being destroyed by government officials who come through with PCR tests to determine sickness, then with a positive PCR test in hand, simply destroy the birds. These government officials in the UK for instance, carry gas units with them to kill the birds.

In the UK, according to Ice Age Farmer, there are no longer any free-range birds. All birds must be kept indoors because wild birds flying overhead could drop their poop onto backyard flocks and bird flu could be spread to those flocks. Even the the government might come in and destroy a person’s flock.

So of course, people are panicking and running out to buy everything in sight. This will result in retailers having to ration everything from eggs to meat to fuel. It won’t be pretty. But what I like about Ice Age Farmer is he’s not a fear-monger. He actually points out that what is happening is a good thing because it will probably wake up many more people. He believes the globalists are failing and I’ve read that from numerous other people who appear to be in the know.

I would agree that they are failing and I think it’s because they pushed too hard and continue to push. After all, Klaus Schwab is in his 80s, just like Fauci. These guys will not live forever, in spite of their desire to do so through transhumanism. No one will live forever. They will die and they don’t want to die, but that cannot be helped. Even though they have tremendous control over many things, they have zero control over the day of their deaths. Those deaths will happen. However, let’s be clear. Others will step up to assume their place and responsibilities and will continue to push for the same things. Whether they fail completely or partially is yet to be determined. Certainly, they will make some gains.

But for now, they believe they’ve got the world by its tail and it is simply a matter of time before they are able to contain the entire world, pushing it easily toward their intended goal. I think what we will see though is massive push-back from a good portion of the population. There are already huge waves of resistance in places throughout Europe against high prices and shortages. People aren’t standing for it because they know that while the average person is being told to tighten the belt, eat fake meat and go without, globalists never have to experience that. Does anyone really believe that Klaus Schwab doesn’t have stockpiles of the best beef, chicken and pork money can buy or that he goes without his caviar? Moreover, he very likely has the best organic gardens around, all the while we are being told that we need to be exceedingly careful about where we buy our plant seeds. They’re trying to push us to only buy from Monsanto.

This is all nuts, but it is what it is because there were too many people in the beginning who thought CV-19 was real and would wipe out humanity if we didn’t social distance, wear masks and eventually get the jab. Now we’re finding out that those countries with the highest percentage of vaccinations have the highest incidence of reinfection and hospitalization.

Take the time to look up the celebrity deaths for just 2022. What you’ll find repeatedly are deaths of celebs who are very young and very unexpected. They “died suddenly” and no one knows why or at least a reason is not really provided for their untimely death. It’s all rather bizarre and we are not allowed to talk about the elephant in the room. If we do, the Department of Homeland Security is on hand to “target” us as “terrorists.” These are the things that globalists do to ensure that they have a good chance of winning.

However, with everything that is going on, how can we not panic? It’s actually pretty easy, if you stop and consider it. The facts remain against the globalists. Everything they tell us is a lie and they know it. The fact that they will allow no dissent proves it. Speak out of turn and be ready to be censored or canceled. They need to eliminate any and all opposition voices, which is why Twitter has been busy canceling Babylon Bee, Charlie Kirk, Tucker Carlson and a host of others because they’ve dared to go against the grain by speaking inconvenient truths.

In other words, though it may not seem like it, we are winning the war and they are aware of that. So, they will up the ante and make it even harder for us. Okay, so what do we do? We first of all, calm down so that we can think clearly. We need to remind ourselves that what is coming may very well be what has been predicted in His Word. If that is the case, then God will allow it.

But, have you not stocked up on food? It’s not too late to do so. It doesn’t mean going out and buying everything you can. It means buying extra things you routinely use but leave some for others. There’s a great chance retailers are going to start rationing things so buy extra while you can.

Plant a garden. Buy organic or at least non-GMO seeds but of course they’re starting to warn people to buy only from licensed dealers to avoid “bad” seeds. Ultimately they want to push everyone to Monsanto. Avoid them.

The more I consider what is happening, the more I am becoming certain that God will protect His own; those who are not just Christian in name, but Christian in thought, word and deed. As we humble ourselves and commit to His ways, I fully believe He will bless and bring things about in our lives that will help us through these difficult days ahead.

When you pass through the waters, I will be with you;
and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you;
when you walk through fire you shall not be burned,
and the flame shall not consume you.
For I am the Lord your God,
the Holy One of Israel, your Savior. (Isaiah 43:2-3a)

God is on the side of His child, the one who is authentically saved, who trusts in the Lord and depends on Him for what we need. Difficult times are coming but as Christians, we need not react like the lost of this world. In fact, if our faith does not compel us to trust the Lord through the difficulties that are emerging, we may wish to do some self-checking to determine if we are in fact, His at all.

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