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April 19, 2022 at 12:38 PM 3 comments

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Global society has literally been experiencing a controlled demolition for the past two years and that includes what has been transpiring in the USA. Even though C-19 is no longer on the front burner, it did enough damage to create what exists today and has set the stage for what lies ahead.

Of course, it’s not just C-19, but everything that came in with it or because of it. Transgenderism, critical race theory (CRT), various famines and crop failures throughout the world (attributed to “climate change”), and now the start of potential WWIII between Russia and Ukraine and their allies.

In essence, global society has been hit with major interruptions and in this author’s opinion, it’s all designed to move the world steadily toward the final fulfillment of Agenda 2030. Biden blames Putin for the oil shortage, which is pulling more money from people’s pockets and severely increasing supply costs. We are in 2022, only eight years away from 2030. The agenda was put in motion in 2015.

We’ve also got serious discussion from the Biden administration asking the Federal Reserve creating digital currency, money you cannot hold in your hand and every “cent” of it will be tracked because of its digital nature. If that happens – even though people say it cannot happen in the USA – say good-bye to freedom and the way we’ve always done business. The more things go digital, the more things can be fully controlled. It’s taken many decades but the world is finally arriving to its current reliance on digitization.

In 2011, Google created Google Translate and once that happened, the entire world could again communicate with others who spoke languages other than English without having to first learn another language. This is a reset for the new Babel. The world is finally coalescing into a globalized digital oneness that has not existed since Genesis 10 and 11. The book of Revelation speaks of the harlot, Babylon that will exist during the end times (Revelation 17). We seem to be on the cusp.

What we’ve witnessed and experienced to date is nothing less than Satan using globalists to do all they can to wrest control away from we the people and claim it for themselves. Daymund Duck (via Absolute Truth), outlines what he believes is the process that globalists have been using in order to bring in a truly global kingdom, with globalists of course at the helm. You can read the full article here: Enormous Economic Repercussions where he lists ten things occurring now to usher in this final kingdom.

Two years ago, American society was completely locked down, with only businesses considered “essential,” allowed to remain open. Churches and small businesses were “non-essential.” Many of these small businesses went completely out of business, never to return. During the “15 days to slow the spread” that stretched into two years, the supply chain was seriously compromised and it has never come fully back. Massive amounts of consumer product piled up at shipping docks due to a lack of workers or shutdowns as hundreds of ships were anchored offshore, were unable to dock to offload their cargo.

Moreover, as continuing proof that things have been seriously amiss and potentially artificially created, we learn from the John Durham investigation that those who believed there was a concerted effort to lie about and destroy Donald Trump at every turn were absolutely correct. Even though Durham is now uncovering facts related to Hillary Clinton and her false claims regarding the Trump/Russia connection, life goes on though, with the MSM ignoring it and people continuing to believe Durham is on a wild goose chase.

The problems facing the USA and the rest of the world are enormous and created intentionally, but could have easily been avoided. It all started in earnest when Trump got elected. The Left had to push back and did so massively, immediately and continually. One might ask how such a thing could be done, but considering the Left has managed to put extreme Leftists/Marxists in power throughout government, education, the media and major corporations, it’s easy to understand. The people they put into power tacitly supported the efforts of the treasonous Left to subdue, control and ultimately destroy America.

With C-19 behind us (though variants are potentially in front of us according to Fauci), will more shutdowns occur? Will people fall for it? Unfortunately, if the numbers of people complaining about airlines dropping the mask mandate (due to a federal judge overturning Biden’s mask mandate policy for transportation), is any indication, there certainly will be a percentage of people who will cry for more shutdowns, masks, and other mandates. They may even demand it because they believe masks and social distancing works even though actual science proves they don’t work at all. One of the biggest problems is that by locking down, wearing masks and social distancing, herd immunity had little to no chance of gaining momentum in society. Those options simply made it easier for C-19 to exist and increase its presence in society, not weaken.

But the Left will be the Left. If not for having hypocrisy, they’d have nothing at all as shown in the two photos of Roland Martin vowing to continue to wear masks on airplanes while clearly having no problem being in other venues and closer to people without wearing a mask, as clearly shown in the two photos taken only two weeks apart.

It’s also clear that the alleged 95% effective vax wasn’t even close to that. I certainly don’t fault those who put some faith in it, but what we’re seeing now with the harm and even deaths should be seriously investigated, yet it’s not. Speaking of harm and death, has any other vax done what C-19 has potentially done? It doesn’t appear to be the case. Why can’t every vaccine be more safe than potentially harmful? Do you recall Biden promising that those who got the vax would not get or pass along C-19? He was wrong, yet the media is not there to call him out or vilify him as they consistently did day after day with Trump, who, by the way, is still being blamed for things that he had no hand in creating.

But probably one of the worst things I’m seeing has to do with medical doctors who now feel safe enough to admit that the way the C-19 situation was handled from a healthcare perspective was not good or productive. These doctors are now daring to raise their voices concerning the problems they see with the way healthcare authorities pushed this and are now willing to admit that the mandates and responses proved to be problematic.

I find it fascinating that these doctors stood by and waved the white flag, while many of their colleagues spoke out regarding problems they saw and were roundly criticized, condemned, censored and banned; some even threatened with losing their license. Many doctors faced the storm and are still being called out today by the Left to sow division, distrust and discord throughout society.

So, with these doctors who went unquestioningly along with the government program and pastors who did the same, instead of standing up to the overreach, society went into a tailspin and we are now reaping corporately what we’ve sown. How does anyone trust those doctors (and pastors), who aligned with government bureaucrats? It’s not a lack of forgiveness on our part. It’s the ability to see clearly that these doctors and pastors had little to no discernment but expected us to blindly follow their lead. Too many did.

But now, as we’ve noted, the Avian flu is making a huge comeback apparently. Even the ex-director of the CDC has stated that C-19 was simply the “warm-up” for the Avian flu that is circulating throughout the world now. How do they know it exists? By using the same PCR tests they used to determine who has or doesn’t have C-19. This is not to say that chickens cannot become ill. They often get respiratory illnesses and die. It is the nature of the chicken that goes through tremendous stress laying the number of eggs laid each year. But these respiratory illness can and are healed if given proper attention and quickly. The government’s solution is simply to euthanize immediately.

For globalists’ plans to succeed, society does not need to be shut down again. Sources of food simply need to be destroyed and that will have successfully created more havoc in and dependence throughout society. This continued controlled demolition will continue if God allows, in order for globalists to gain more dominance over society.

None of what I’m offering here negates the fact that a real virus went through society leaving harm and death in its wake. But if people were really interested in looking at all the actual facts (most are not), they’ll see the amount of deception that created the fearful illusion surrounding C-19: the flu magically disappeared, the CDC, on numerous occasions quietly reduced C-19 death numbers and the VAERS reporting system was mocked and denigrated.

Beyond this, terms like “fully vaccinated” were changed to reflect a totally new meaning. Anyone who was not 14 days beyond their first (and then the second and then the booster), vax was for the first time in history considered “unvaxxed” even though they had received a vax. So when these folks were admitted to the hospital (with many of them dying), they were labeled “unvaccinated,” which helped create the false narrative that only those “vaxxed” were the safe ones.

So this is all part of the problem that has laid claim over society. It’s not good news. In fact, if allowed to find its expected end, life will change drastically still more until we are all living in a dystopian future from many sci-fi movies. That’s the bad news.

So where do we go from here? What does the Christian do to overcome the negativity, the bad news, the effects of Satan being allowed to control more and more of global society? There is only one thing I am aware of and I will admit I’m not great at putting it into practice…yet, but I am working on getting there.

Society will continue to move toward the inescapable conclusion of a final, globalized world order where ten “kings” will rise to rule the earth, unless this is not the time for that to occur. Only God knows that and so far, He has not let me know if this is “it” or not. It simply seems to be the case, but I cannot speak with certainty on it and never have done so.

The only thing I know how to do to combat the evil that is growing throughout the globe is to draw closer to God. How is that done? It is done by adjusting our perspective so that it aligns with God’s. It is in understanding that God remains in charge because He alone is sovereign. Satan and his globalist sycophants not.

Knowing His promises to His children and believing that He will fulfill them on our behalf, for those who are willing to embrace those promises. We are told He will never leave or forsake us (Deuteronomy 31:6-8; 1 Chronicles 28:20; 1 Corinthians 10:13; 1 Peter 5:7; 2 Timothy 1:7; Hebrews 4:16, etc.). This should cause us to fall on His grace and mercy in these troubling times.

A few days ago I woke up at 2:00am and my mind filled with terrible thoughts I could not shake. The same thing happened early this morning except I deliberately did something I hadn’t done a few nights before. I began quoting Scripture and I filled my mind with praise and adoration to Him. You cannot think of bad things while deliberately reciting Scripture and praising Him at the same time. The two are mutually exclusive. One pushes out the other. You either give into the fear or push on to the praise. It’s always yours and my choice.

We have an infinitely amazing God. He overcame and overcomes in and through us if we let Him. I want to leave you with this short video from Pastor Alistair Begg who reminds us of something exceedingly powerful that I know I do not focus on enough throughout my day. The video, just under four minutes, is a wake-up call for all Christians. Is it about us or is it about Him? If you think you have nothing to praise Him for, you are as wrong as I have been.

Carry on in His grace, His strength and His truth.

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  • 2. Maranatha Today  |  April 20, 2022 at 2:25 PM

    “The only thing I know how to do to combat the evil that is growing throughout the globe is to draw closer to God. How is that done? It is done by adjusting our *perspective* so that it aligns with God’s. It is in understanding that God remains in charge because He alone is sovereign. Satan and his globalist sycophants not.”

    Thanks for another great article…they always encourage me. Alistar Begg speaks truth…”I began quoting Scripture and I filled my mind with praise and adoration to Him.” YES!!!

    We will overcome all this…we keep our eyes on the Cross and we keep the Sword of The Spirit drawn…It is well. Fred, you have been doing great work for the Lord in your teachings and articles…He sees you! Blessings to you and Silvia.


    • 3. modres  |  April 20, 2022 at 2:30 PM

      Thx Maranatha! Blessings to you and yours as well👍🏼



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