Microaggression, Intersectionality and War in Urkraine

April 6, 2022 at 1:23 PM 3 comments

When my wife and I are traveling, we normally try to listen to sermons from the pastor of our own church. As a backup, we will often tune into Rev. Danny Jones, pastor of Northlake Baptist Church in northern Georgia. We’re always impressed with his down-to-earth way of expounding God’s Word. In essence, you feel like he’s simply talking with you, instead of preaching at you, or worse, being an orator.

Jones’ sermons are posted at the church’s website and also on their YouTube page. Two recent messages are two that I’d like to highlight for readers of this blog. In a day when too many pastors are concerned with things that appear to be outside the purview of Scripture, it’s good to be able to hear from a preacher who is not afraid to diagnose things based on the clarity of God’s Word, and preach it.

The first sermon I’d like to highlight is titled, “Microaggressions!” (the message begins right around the 8:19 mark). If you’ve not heard the term, “microaggression,” then you’re probably not too aware of the factors involved in CRT, or Critical Race Theory. CRT, as Jones explains was essentially created in the 1980s and as part of its dogma, labels all white people as “supremacists” and/or “terrorists.” The reason they conclude this is due to what CRT proponents believe that America is literally steeped in “whiteness,” which has harmed and continues to harm people of color. They also believe that this still exists and is the major motivating (albeit underlying), factor in the way white people see this world.

Microaggression is a term that means that whenever a white person interacts with a person of color, while their questions and even statements might seem straightforward, the truth (according to CRT), is that often these questions are filled with underlying “aggression,” hence the term “microaggression.” For instance, if a white person is talking with a person of color whom they’ve just met, the white person might ask, “Where are you from?” This innocuous question that has always been seen as simply one of the starting points to advancing conversation, is now seen as really implying you don’t really belong here.”

My wife has just completed a round of “equity” trainings and two more are required. She’s learned all kinds of new words and phrases, many of which Jones highlights (intersectionality, microaggression, etc.). In these trainings, she has learned that as a white person, her “privilege” gave her everything she needed. It didn’t matter that her father, mother, one brother, and grandparents all spent up to 10 years in a relocation camp for people who were kicked out of Yugoslavia and forced to start all over again. It doesn’t matter that her grandfather on her mother’s side literally had everything stolen by the Nazis. It doesn’t matter that they had to wait until they could find a “sponsor” who would help them emigrate to America, help them find work and housing without being a drain on the American taxpayer. None of that mattered.

When my wife’s families did eventually get to come to America, they worked very hard once here, doing the worst jobs. My wife’s father was a grave digger at a Catholic cemetery. He didn’t like it but he did it until he could segue into work as a painter. He did that for a number of years until he fell off a ladder and couldn’t paint anymore for a living, He then had to find work as a maintenance man. Over the years, he worked hard, saved money, was able to buy a house. He continued working hard, saving money and then bought another house. He eventually bought seven homes on the same block and rented them out to people at dirt cheap prices. He only insisted that people take care of their lawns and if they didn’t, he would have it done and deduct it from the rent. He was as fair as he could be.

But proponents of CRT argue that because he was white (he’s now deceased), white privilege carried him through life. This is the claim they make about all white people and some white folks are too insecure to stand up to those lies, so they give in and grovel before people of color.

As Rev. Danny Jones correctly notes, there is no forgiveness in Critical Race Theory. None. There is no endpoint where it will be declared that everything is “even” and we can now move forward. As far as CRT proponents are concerned, whites are guilty of embedded racism and that’s that. Whites must pay. Reparations must be made and then some. It’ll never be over, and I’m frankly getting tired of pastors hobnobbing with CRT proponents. The Bible says the exact opposite of what CRT pushes and Jones brings this out clearly in his message.

CRT firmly believes that not only are all whites racist, but that blacks cannot be racist. CRT says this is impossible. Why? It is due to what they say deals with “power” over others. The argument goes that since blacks do not (supposedly) have power over whites, they cannot therefore be racist against whites. Racism used to simply mean hating someone because of their race or ethnicity, but now it includes having “power” (or not), over another. The problem with this thinking is that it may have been true to a degree in the early founding of America, but that changed drastically and largely because of Republicans.

Now, it is very normal to see black people in positions of power routinely; judges, lawyers, police officers, politicians, CEOs and more. These people in those positions of power absolutely do have control over other groups, not just whites. They have the power to often make or break people and if they are corrupt, can easily go beyond the bounds of legality and truth, to create situations for people that are not in keeping with justice.

I like the way Rev. Danny Jones cuts through all of it by going to Scripture and pointing out the truth: in Christ, there is no male, female, slave or free, Jew or Gentile (Galatians 3:28). This actually means is what it says. In Christ, there is no distinction between ethnicity or nationality as all are seen as equal in God’s eyes. Of course, this does not negate God’s created order, does it? A person born a woman is the gender that can become pregnant and give birth to another human being. A person born a man cannot. Marxists would like us to believe otherwise. God-created roles are one thing, but within those roles, all are equal.

Marxism (also as Jones notes), is used today as it has always been used since its inception. It’s a tool of Satan used to divide by every means imaginable. What we are seeing in society today are the results of Marxism. Marxism divides in order to conquer. The goal of Marxism is to pit people against people; men against women, blacks against whites, etc. When Marxism does this, people cannot look beyond it to see what it is doing, but simply too often get caught up into it.

When I finished listening to Jones’ message above, I actually felt uplifted. He reminded me that what is happening throughout society today is not what God’s coming Kingdom will be like. It will be the exact opposite. As Christians, we need to hold onto these truths and not take CRT or any other satanically-inspired credo to our hearts. We are not even supposed to be angry with those who do. I encourage you to listen to the message.

The second sermon Jones preached is from a number of weeks ago titled, “Is the War in Ukraine a Sign of The End?” The message begins at 4:26.

Again, I appreciate the way Jones cuts through the erroneous ideas out there and gets to the heart of the matter. He also asks some great questions designed to make us think. What is troubling about today is the way so many Bible pundits are seemingly consumed with every bit of news related to Ukraine and Russia and constantly endeavor to make it fit over biblical prophecy. The MSM tells us that we should support only Ukraine and supporting Russia is wrong. Yet, the same MSM never seems to notice the neo-Nazis that are coming out of their holes to take on the Russian armies. Apparently, it’s okay to be a Nazi and a nationalist as long as you’re supporting or defending Ukraine.

But as I’ve said before, if Klaus Schwab and George Soros support Ukraine, then I’m concerned. Moreover, it doesn’t even seem that President Zelenskyy cares that much for Ukrainians because many of them are dying. He encourages citizens to take up arms against Russia either not realizing or not caring that if those citizens fire on Russian service members and those service members fire back, it puts Putin and the military in the cross-hairs of “war crimes.” Zelenskyy doesn’t seem to care though because he has a movie…er a statement to make.

One of the other troubling things Jones brings out has to do with Pat Robertson (700 Club). He temporarily came out of retirement to announce that apparently, God was moving Putin to fulfill Ezekiel 38-39; the Northern Invasion of Israel, which Robertson stated unequivocally is “Armageddon.” There are huge problems with this view.

In the book of Revelation, God pours out 21 judgments; seven seals, seven trumpets and seven bowls (Revelation 6-16). These all occur and then we read about the Battle of Armageddon (from the Hebrew word Har-Magedone). The description of this battle is in Revelation 19:11-20 and occurs with the physical return of Jesus to this earth.

Where Robertson gets the idea that Putin is “Gog” from Ezekiel 38-39 and that this is on the verge of happening is desperately wrong, in my opinion. How could this be occurring now when we’ve not yet seen the 21 judgments occur? Many Bible expositors believe the northern invasion of Ezekiel 38-39 and Armageddon in Revelation 19 are two completely different events. They may or may not be but certainly to make the jump as Robertson has landing on the belief that Armageddon is just around the corner is pretty far-fetched. A lot has to happen before that particular battle of Revelation 19.

There are other gems that Jones points out and again, the way he asks questions is designed to make listeners think. He doesn’t seem to want to force-feed anyone his ideas, but while he intelligently presents Scripture, he also asks pointed questions to help folks come to logical conclusions.

I hope you’re all having a great day in the Lord. Should you decide to watch/listen to one or both messages, may you be blessed by them!

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