Does Mr. Obama Actually WANT a Second Term?

February 13, 2012 at 6:12 PM 2 comments

We are all aware of the situation with the mandatory birth control mandate included in the Obamacare package.  This is what happens when legislation is passed without reading it, but I guess we can thank Nancy Pelosi for her memorable words regarding that.

The mandate is that religious organizations must provide contraception to people who work for them.  Of course, this butts right up against the Roman Catholic Church as well as evangelicals whose organizations are self-insured.

Recently, Mr. Obama “adjusted” things a bit to insist that the insurance company rather than the organization itself would have to pay for the contraception.  This does not alleviate the problem at all since many religious organizations are simply self-insured.  While an outside contractor may oversee or implement the insurance program, it is the organization itself that pays for it.

This is part of the larger problem with Obamacare because it forces not only individuals but companies to do what they often prefer not to do.  In this case, people are being told that they must buy healthcare coverage, which is asinine that the Federal government should be in the position of forcing everyone to buy anything.

The Federal government exists for the sole purpose of supporting the individual states within the United States.  It was not created as a substitute form of a dictatorial government. It was never intended to be this way, but over time, the Federal government has grown to what it is now and there seems to be no going back.

It reminds me of the income tax, which – society was promised – was only going to be temporary for the duration of the war. Ha, good one. The income tax never went away since its inception and it has grown by leaps and bounds to help pay for all of the things the Federal government believes it has the right (mandate?) to do.

Our Federal government should not be in the birth control business.  Under duress, Mr. Obama has stated that the insurance companies will pay for contraception.  Even if that is true, there is no free ride.  The insurance companies – even if they DO pay for contraception – will need to add that cost into another area of their insurance.  In other words, one way or another, the cost will be passed onto the insured.

It reminds me of the minimum wage.  Every time it is raised, within a few weeks, we begin to see everything else go up as well.  Companies, corporations, organizations, et al, are not going to absorb the additional cost of having to pay the increased minimum wage without getting that expense back someplace else.

The minimum wage goes up and soon, so do groceries, or gas, or services.  Companies answer to their shareholders and the last thing they want to have to do is explain that in part, due to the minimum wage increase, they did not make as much profit as they hoped and initially planned.

I’m beginning to think that Mr. Obama is deliberately trying to shipwreck his own run for a second term with the last few decisions he’s made.

I’m not trying to simply smack him over the head verbally.  I’m trying to figure out why anyone would make a decision that pits him against some of the largest religious organizations in the world! It’s political suicide because he must know that the Roman Catholic Church is not going to roll over and play dead.

I heard All “The Mouth” Sharpton coming to Mr. Obama’s defense in stating that this decision has nothing to do with separation of church and state.  Indirectly, sure it does, but Sharpton wouldn’t admit that to save his life.  Well, maybe to save his life, but apart from that, he wouldn’t.

The entire situation – whether intentionally or unintelligently – pits the Federal government against religious institutions and the Federal government has no business being there.

The latest word is that Mr. Obama will not back down.  Neither will the Roman Catholic Church, so all I can assume at this point is that we will see lawyers drawing up briefs and lawsuits in the near future.

But again, is Mr. Obama crazy? Has he lost it, or is he just no longer enamored with being president.  Seriously, it seems he is always on vacation or out with the kids. The few photos I’ve seen of him working in the Oval Office are the same kind that are taken with every other president – staged photo ops.

I’m seriously beginning to think that Obama is calling it quits emotionally.  I think he wants to pass the torch.  I could be 100% wrong about that, but I’m speaking from my gut.

Time will tell…

On another note, I read today that Seth Rogan believes he’s more productive when he smokes pot.  Rogan – for those who are unaware – caught a big break with the short-lived series “Freaks and Geeks,” then went on to write, produce and act in some of his own independent projects.

The last two that he’s done were seriously lacking, in my humble opinion.  He took the Green Hornet, rebooted it, and instead of doing something really great with it, wound up doing something merely so-so and in the end, he probably should have left the franchise alone.

Another recent move – “Paul” – about a gray alien who comes to earth and needs to get back home, but in the interim hangs out with some earthlings.  In the process, he meets “Christians” who are portrayed as loons, he swears a lot, and essentially created a movie that was an advertisement for evolution.

I saw the movie one evening after I ignored my better judgment.  What I thought was going to be a cute, funny, even family friendly film turned out to be anything but.  Kristen Wiig played one of the “Christian” characters who has a change of heart during the movie and learns to swear.  She ostensibly rejects Christianity because she has now found freedom because of “Paul,” the gray alien.

Her father plays a rigid, almost asperger-like “Christian” who never really “gets it” and continues to believe God created all things.

It’s a very rank and humorless movie, yet I’m sure Rogan is proud of it.  I think that he would have been better off not making “Paul.”

I have played drums for decades and years ago, played in bands.  I recall talking to numerous musicians and many of them stated how much better they played when they smoked pot.  It brought out their creativity they say.

There are only three possibilities:

  1. they actually did play better
  2. they only thought they played better
  3. doing drugs opened their minds to the dimensional raiders that filled their minds, actions, and talents with supernatural energy

I tend to think for most musicians, it’s number 2.  Maybe some played better, but it’s probably easy to think you’re playing really well under the influence of some drug since it warps your ability to reason.

I have to ask, why do people believe that drugs are the answer to their problems, their creative urges, and to life in general?  There is something far more diabolical at work here than the drug itself.

Since the 60s, we have had one generation after another hooked on some sort of drug that has literally captured the mind.  This has left people without the ability to clearly think, analyze, and honestly create.

We’ve had examples of Kirk Cobain and musicians too numerous to count who have been destroyed by drugs.  Whitney Houston’s former drug use may have contributed to her untimely death, but we won’t know for weeks.

Now we have people like Seth Rogan presenting his case for a drug-filled creative and productive binge that young people will hear about and think that it’s okay for them too.

People like Seth Rogan have a great deal of responsibility and yet they act as if they have none; like they live as if they are an island.  What about all those kids who hear/read these types of statements and think they should do the same thing?

I will say this to Seth Rogan: if you think that smoking pot makes you productive, keep it to yourself! You have no idea how many young people you have begun to turn to that (or some other) drug because of your attitude and demeanor.

The reality is that the only drugs can help people; however, even prescription drugs can kill if not taken according to the prescribed dosage.  Young people in the United States do not need role models like Seth Rogan.  They need role models who accomplish things based on hard work and effort.

God gave us what we need to succeed.  Drugs are an extremely poor substitute.

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  • 1. Sherry  |  February 13, 2012 at 7:16 PM

    I believe its a possibility that Obama is trying to build a resume for the top job at the UN. 😕

    Oh, how I wish kids wouldn’t start on drugs, not even marijauna, that some say isn’t addictive. My late fiance died suddenly from a heart attack. His heart was so badly ripped up from holes created from cocaine that only a heart transplant could have saved him. The first drug he tried was pot while in college.


    • 2. Sherry  |  February 13, 2012 at 7:20 PM

      Forgot to mention that he had just turned 43 years of age. Too young.


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