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Jesus Founded a True Religion of Peace

I find it remarkable that Islam tends to pass itself off as a religion of peace, when in point of fact, Muhammad carried a sword and routinely entered into physical conflicts with others. If you want to see a religion of peace, then look no further than Christianity.

Jesus preached peace and carried NO weapon. He did not enter into any physical confrontation with anyone. When arrested, illegally tried, and convicted, He did not rebuke anyone, nor did He fight back.

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Does Mr. Obama Actually WANT a Second Term?

We are all aware of the situation with the mandatory birth control mandate included in the Obamacare package. This is what happens when legislation is passed without reading it, but I guess we can thank Nancy Pelosi for her memorable words regarding that.

The mandate is that religious organizations must provide contraception to people who work for them. Of course, this butts right up against the Roman Catholic Church as well as evangelicals whose organizations are self-insured.

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God’s Graciousness to Us

It is relatively easy (unfortunately) to read through parts of the Hebrew Bible (OT) and gloss over parts of it. The opening chapters of Leviticus are a case in point. At first glance, it appears to be one type of offering for sin after another. There is a good deal of repetition included in these chapters as well and it can be tedious to read through.

Today’s schedule had me reading Leviticus chapters 6-7 and after reading it, I couldn’t help but ask the question, “What does this have to do with me today?” This is often the case because we are egocentric. However, what I was trying to get at was why there was such detail associated with the various offerings for sin.

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Khazarian Satanic Cabal According to Benjamin Fulford

I’ve been reading blogs by Fulford for some time and with the exception of a few, I’ve taken them with a grain of salt.

Here are highlights of his latest blog and for what it’s worth, who knows whether or not we’ll see any of this take place.

Fulford is a guy who says he’s under the protection of Asian groups. He in fact, says a lot of things. It’s difficult to know if any of the things from his previous blogs have panned out simply because so much of it is said to have gone on (and going on) behind the scenes. He points to certain signs which are intended to prove his discourse.

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Our Blog Talk Radio Show

Just a quick announcement to note that our Blog Talk Radio show will be aired on the Active Christian Media network beginning Tuesday, February 14, 2012 at Noon PST (3pm EST).

I hope you’ll all tune in. Tell your friends and join the discussion!

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Does Israel Have a Right to Protect Herself?

At any given point, there are over 2,000 missiles poised and ready to go off with Israel as the target. Does Israel have a right to protect herself?

On any given day, the rhetoric out of the Arab world is against Israel, wishing to eliminate all Jews and Israel as a nation from the Middle East. Does Israel have a right to protect herself?

Israel is a nation that many to most wish did not exist. This seems clear enough from what is seen in the news throughout the world. In spite of the vitriol, the death threats, and the movement toward another holocaust, the people of the world often see Israel as the reason for the upset in the Middle East.

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Komen for the Cure’s Waffling

Yesterday, the world was abuzz with the situation regarding Susan G. Komen for the Cure and their association with Planned Parenthood. As most are aware, the organization decided to no longer fund Planned Parenthood with grants for breast exams.

Many pro-lifers were pretty excited and it was noted that donations to the organization had increased drastically because of that news. I was one that donated. Now, I’m reversing my decision. Why? Simply because Komen for the Cure reversed theirs.

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