Does Israel Have a Right to Protect Herself?

February 6, 2012 at 7:28 AM 4 comments

At any given point, there are over 2,000 missiles poised and ready to go off with Israel as the target.  Does Israel have a right to protect herself?

On any given day, the rhetoric out of the Arab world is against Israel, wishing to eliminate all Jews and Israel as a nation from the Middle East.  Does Israel have a right to protect herself?

Israel is a nation that many to most wish did not exist.  This seems clear enough from what is seen in the news throughout the world.  In spite of the vitriol, the death threats, and the movement toward another holocaust, the people of the world often see Israel as the reason for the upset in the Middle East.

Yes, I have said this before, but it is just as true today as it was when I said it in the past.  People wrongly believe that if Israel would simply give the “Palestinians” what they want, that all would be well.

Is that the way people deal with bullies?  Should Israel essentially roll over and play dead because nations and groups want her literally dead? That would be foolhardy.

The type of vitriolic rhetoric that abounds against Israel is becoming the norm.  I rarely if ever hear diplomats or politicians come out against it.  Their silence is telling.  It is reminiscent of the silence during the Nazi holocaust of over six million Jews.

Doesn’t the world understand that at least part of the world – the Arab world – is ramping up their hate speech against Israel and that can only mean one thing.  It can only mean that they truly want Israel eradicated off the map.

Does Israel have a right to protect herself?  Without equivocation.  PM Netanyahu does not need anyone’s permission to do what is in the best interests for Israel.  He does not need to ask permission of the United States or any leader of any other country.  If Israel is in danger, she should be able to use all of her powers to cut off that threat.

Right now, Iran is seen as the most realistic threat because Iran is not far off from having nuclear weaponry and once that happens, will anyone, much less Israel be safe? The short answer is NO.

Yet in our world today, politics being what it is, there seems to be a good amount of pretense toward Israel.

Does Israel have a right to protect herself?

I read recently that Israel is the most educated nation, followed by Canada.  That’s interesting to me because Canada is the only nation I can think of that fully supports Israel.  The United States has consistently dialed back its support of Israel over the past few administrations and this current administration seems to be doing all it can to ensure that America does not really support Israel at all.  It almost appears as though the relationship with Israel is based on a sort of blackmail: “You do what we say or else we will pull all of our support!”  This is not a basis for agreement.  This is a basis for hatred between two parties.

Does Israel have a right to protect herself? Israel should do whatever is necessary to survive and if that means taking out Iran’s nuclear facilities, then so be it.  It is very clear to all but the blind and deaf that Iran wants Israel out of the Middle East.  There are Ayatollahs within Iran and elsewhere who go further than that, stating clearly that all Jews should be erased from the face of this earth (my paraphrase).

How can we look at that and not believe another holocaust is on the way?  The only thing that will stop it is God’s intervention because too many countries are once again, looking the other way.

What will be the outcome of all of this heated rhetoric?  Possibly Ezekiel 38-39.  This section of Scripture speaks of the Northern Invasion and the result of it is that God intervenes and routs these nations that attempt to invade and overtake Israel.

Why do we know that this particular section of the Bible is yet future?  Simply because it has not happened in history yet.  The events of Ezekiel 38-39 are real, not figurative.  They appear to be at a time when Israel believes she lives in relative peace.

In spite of the fact that over 2,000 missiles are directed her way, Israel is a strong nation.  Any other nation that was as small as Israel is and surrounded by as many enemies would have folded a long time ago.  Not Israel.  There she sits, in control of her destiny.  Israel will not fold and she will not succumb to those who want her out of the Land.

Does Israel have a right to protect herself?  Without a doubt and that is what Israel will do when the time comes.  However, when Ezekiel 38-39 plays itself out, the text tells us that God Himself will intervene and fight for Israel.  Israel will not lift a finger to help.  She will be protected by God who will route and destroy Israel’s enemies.

There is even a sense that nuclear war (or something like it) will be used to destroy the area north of Israel where Gog came from and Gog is the leader of this Northern Invasion.

Israel has every right to protect herself and to the chagrin of the world, she will do it mightily.  What she will not be able to do, God will do.

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  • 1. Simon  |  February 7, 2012 at 5:53 PM

    Ok thanks. Yes, I am coming at it from a human angle as you rightly say. I do agree insofar as Palestinians being made up and are really just Arabs. In fact, all the Arab nations were just made up by the British Empire – and in many cases very poorly. For example, an ‘Iraqi’ is this weird mixture of Suni Arabs, Shiite Arabs and Sunni Kurds. However, all national and nationalities are ‘made up’ at some point of time, including British (Act of Union between Scottland and England), Germans (Prussia’s conquest of the other German-speaking provinces) and even Americans (who generations ago were just British colonists). I do agree, however, that Israel is perhaps an exception insofar as Jews arguably were a chosen by God.

    Assuming you are correct though, from a scriptural point of view (rather than my human perspective), what do you think Israel should be doing with the Arab populations in:i) Gaza; ii) West Bank and iii) Israel itself (i.e. Israeli Arabs)?

    Well things certainly are hotting up between Israel and Iran.

    • 2. modres  |  February 7, 2012 at 6:09 PM

      To answer your question Simon, I don’t think there is anything Israel can do to fully placate the Arabs surrounding her. That said, for better or worse, I think Israel should simply hold her ground, stop giving land back, and enforce the agreement that says they control ALL of Jerusalem AND the Temple Mount. One of the big mistakes they made (in my opinion) was to allow Arabs/Muslims to continue to control East Jerusalem and the Temple Mount AFTER they gained those victories, reuniting all of Jerusalem, after the Six-Day War.

      Yep, things are without doubt heating up as you say. This could wind up being a lot of hoopla without anything happening…this time. Who knows? I wish I did.

  • 3. Simon  |  February 6, 2012 at 8:19 PM

    If Palestinians are really a made-up people, to paraphrase Newt Gingritch, the question is whether it should adopt a one-state solution, which makes the local Arab population in Gaza and the West Bank citizens of Israel, in much the same way there are already Arab-Israelis? To preserve the identity of the Jewish population, perhaps a bicameral legislative with a House of Parliament for the Jews and a House for Muslims and Christians would be appropriate? Obviously, if you are suggesting the local Arab populations shouldn’t be given their own state, what other long-term solution is there, short of further ethnic cleansing or genocide of the Arab population on a scale not last seen since Joshua entering Canaan (a significant minority of which are Christian)? Then Israel doesn’t have to give the ‘Palestinians’ (so-called) what they want, which is a state of their own.

    Re protecting herself and nuclear war, the surrounding Arab nations know that Israel has some 200 nuclear weapons. Even the Ayatollahs in Iran are not that crazy to take her on in a conventional total war; thus, they will continue to use asymmetric warfare (i.e. support for terrorism and militant groups). Even if Iran gets the bomb (and Israel will stop that), the Supreme Leader knows the 1 or 2 bombs it makes will be no match.

    In reality, most Arab governments secretly love Israel. They love Israel because whenever something bad happens in their own country, whenever they deny elections, economic development or other freedoms we take for granted, they say, ‘Look, it is all the Israel’s fault – look at what they are doing to the Palestinians’.

    Israel certainly has a right to defend itself. The question is, what is it going to do long term to come up with a ‘Final Solution to the Palestinian Problem’? I hope they would learn from their own recent past and show a bit of compassion as well as real politick.

    • 4. modres  |  February 7, 2012 at 8:13 AM

      The difficulty is that we are coming at this from two separate angles. I see things from a Scriptural perspective (certainly, that’s my understanding of Scripture), while you appear to come at it from the human perspective.

      The “Palestinians” are truly a made-up people, Simon. Generations ago, anyone who lived in Palestine was called “Palestinian.” There is no unique language or culture for the people who now call themselves Palestinians. It was a major coup by Yassar Arafat.

      In essence then, today’s Palestinians are simply Arabs. Do these particular Arabs need a special state when Arabs surround Israel as it is?

      With all due respect, I honestly believe you’re being a bit naive, Simon. There is no “final solution” to the Palestinian problem. With Hamas, Abbas, and too many others absolutely unwilling to go to the bargaining table in good faith, it simply seems that Israel is left holding the bag.

      I hang my hat on Ezekiel 38-39, which has not happened in history yet. That means it is a future event.

      No offense, but it is too bad that SDA theology is such that allegorization seems to be the way prophetic areas of Scripture are dealt with and there is absolutely no need to do that at all. When God stopped the sun in the middle of the day, was that allegory?

      When He says He will defend Israel in Ezekiel 38-39, is that allegory? In neither case is it allegory. The only difference is that one has happened and the other is waiting to happen.

      Yes, the Arab nations would be crazy to take on Israel, but they are not necessarily known for their cool-headed thinking. They HATE Jews and they HATE Israel. That is what drives them. When you are driven by that much hatred, it is not difficult to make decisions that become your undoing as I believe will be the case in the not-so-distant future.

      The Bible speaks of Damascus being utterly destroyed and that hasn’t happened yet either. What is happening over there now though?

      Things are most definitely coming to a head.

      Thanks for your thoughts.

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