How Would YOU Do It? Pt 1

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Now, on with the main subject.

Question: if you were Satan, how would you usher in the final global kingdom?

I’m not trying to be sacrilegious here. I’m simply asking readers to consider exactly what Satan, who is abject evil, would do to bring about the final secular humanist, God-denying global empire. Clearly, this final kingdom will come to fruition over a period of time just as every other empire in history has done.

It’s a fair question and one that may help us realize that what is going on with COVID-19 is exactly what Satan is using. As we’ve noted previously, the Rapture will likely be the big global event and final push for this coming empire, but surely this final empire is in the works now and has been for decades. COVID-19 is simply something being taken advantage of or used to make it happen more quickly.

Satan’s kingdom is described as darkness (1 John 1:5-7), and the domain of darkness (Colossians 1:13-14). Darkness is the opposite of God who is light and truth. It includes all sinful behavior; murder, lying, cheating, stealing, etc. All sin is the foundation of Satan’s domain of darkness. Nothing about Satan’s kingdom is light or truth. It’s all darkness. This is what is beginning to cover the world now in earnest, made possible because of COVID-19 and the thoroughly repressive mandates crippling and enslaving world society.

Daniel 2 introduces us to the final kingdoms that will lead up to the return of our Lord Jesus. You’ll no doubt recall the circumstances under which the prophet Daniel was called to Nebuchadnezzar to provide an explanation as to the dream he had that seriously upset him in Daniel 2:1.

Now in the second year of Nebuchadnezzar’s reign, Nebuchadnezzar had dreams; and his spirit was so troubled that his sleep left him.

The empires during the “Times of the Gentiles” of Daniel 2

Since not one of Nebuchadnezzar’s wise men could provide not only the translation (and Nebuchadnezzar was smart enough to actually demand they provide the content of the dream as well), the king gave the order to have all the wise men slain. This order included Daniel.

But Daniel asked what was going on and why the king seemed to be in such a hurry to have all the wise men slain. He learned of the situation and asked that time be given for him to find out the dream and the meaning. It was granted. In Daniel 2:17-19, Daniel, along with his three friends (who were later tossed into the fiery furnace), began praying and God provided the dream and interpretation.

The specific empires that Nebuchadnezzar learned of were (Daniel 2:27-45):

  1. Babylonian – head of gold
  2. Medo-Persian – chest and arms of silver
  3. Grecian – belly and thighs of bronze
  4. Roman – legs of iron
  5. Revised Roman – feet part clay, part iron

It is the feet of part clay and part iron that are smashed by the stone made without hands. This of course, is the return of our Lord Jesus who smashes all that remains of the final empire to the wind that will exist when He physically returns.

Historically, we have seen the Babylonian, the Medo-Persian, the Grecian and the Roman empires all come and fall. Many conservative Bible scholars believe the Roman empire did not fully fall but remains to some extent in modern day Europe. We know that it took hundreds and hundreds of years for the actual Roman Empire to break apart, but remnants remain.

Here we are in 2021 and what we see on the biblical landscape is the coalescing of the final “revised Roman” empire on the horizon. This final secular humanistic empire will be headed up by Antichrist and will literally fill the entire world. It will be truly global. In many ways, the previous four empires were also “global” because they ruled the then known world. With each new empire, it absorbed the previous one and extended its reach until the Roman Empire went all the way to what is now Great Britain in the north and south to the top portion of Africa.

The final coming empire will be much easier to control because of the technology that exists today. Whether people want to think about it or not, society has come under far greater measures of surveillance than at any other time in history. In fact, the measures for greater surveillance are increasing at a very fast pace.

Because of smart phones, GPS watches and the proliferation of security cameras in many cities (and homes), people can be tracked very easily in real time like never before. Obviously, these things were not available to all previous empires mentioned in Daniel 2, but they are now. Because of these forms of surveillance, most of us don’t even think about the fact that anyone who has access to satellites can see where we are and what we’re doing.

We know also that as far as the many social networks on the Internet, the tracking continues there as well. In fact, our very written words are seen, recorded, digested and in many cases, are cause for censoring, shadow-banning or outright banning. Things will likely get progressively worse as the controllers tighten things down over we, the controlled.

Do we really believe that Satan’s final secular humanistic empire will simply appear all of a sudden overnight, out of nowhere with no foundation upon which it is to be built? Obviously, we cannot be going on normally one day and then the next – poof! – The Revised Roman Empire magically appears. This final kingdom, like the previous kingdoms, will come into existence incrementally, until an event occurs that catapults the final form of this coming kingdom onto the world’s stage. I’ve noted previously that I believe this major event is the Rapture, which will throw the world into absolute disarray and reassuring voices will need to step up to assuage the world’s fears. There will be calls to work together now that the “malcontents” (Christians) are gone because now nothing holds the world back. This will also allow the Antichrist to be revealed (2 Thessalonians 2).

But before this can happen, a foundation needs to be created and in place. I believe that foundation is happening now in earnest and has been since before the inception of COVID-19, but seriously ramped up since we first heard of CV-19. Who would have thought prior to January 2020 that the world would be at this point where we are seeing more and more businesses mandating all employees have the CV-19 injection(s) or be terminated? The message has been that it is the unvaxxed who are spreading CV, while in reality, it is the vaxxed who are doing that (check the links above for more information and links in previous articles).

According to JD Farag (see “Forest” link above), Hawaii is starting a “60 day” rule where a person cannot go into most places (grocery stores and farmer’s markets are exempt), without proof of vaccine or test showing negative to CV-19 within the past 48 hours. This kind of fascism is beyond the pale and exactly what is forcing the world to kowtow to powers that be to usher in the “great reset.”

If you take the time to go through the links I’ve included above, you’ll learn that doctors and other medical professionals are all extremely concerned about the way they believe we are being lied to and caution is being thrown to the wind. In fact, Dr. Bryon Ardis (linked above), verbally cold-cocks Dr. Anthony Fauci for what he believes has been the deliberate attempt to make CV-19 appear much worse than it is by prescribing Remdesivir to people in the hospital based on Fauci’s own citing of an Ebola study where the drug was used. What Fauci did not tell anyone is that Remdesivir was actually pulled because of the harm/deaths it caused in the Ebola study.

In fact, as Dr. Byron Ardis explains in the video linked above, Remdesivir is what he believes is causing the majority of deaths in the USA for people hospitalized and treated for CV-19. Health officials have been and continue to tell us that the culprit is actually COVID-19, but Ardis explains that people are actually dying from the things caused by Remdesivir. I encourage you to watch it for yourself and then continue researching.

But all of this related to CV-19 – the deaths, the injuries, the vax, the coming boosters and the rest of it – is all serving a united purpose. That purpose is to create the very foundation upon which the final empire will rise.

In Dr. Carrie Madej’s interview (above), she talks about the growing surveillance of people as well as the increased amount of control exercised over global society. She also discusses “Nanotechnology” that will allow people to have an app on the their phones that will literally download drugs and/or information into their systems via that embedded Nanotechnology in their bodies. This is being highlighted as extremely good and beneficial for people because it will all be done through the use of artificial intelligence (AI), injected into our bodies. It will result in making physical doctors obsolete because everything will be driven by computer and computer codes downloaded into our “systems.” She also talks about what she personally has seen under the compound microscope related to the CV-19 vax and it’s a bit hair-raising.

I fully realize this sounds like science-fiction, but for anyone who has read anything produced by Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum (WEC), it is not sci-fi, but is something that is being put in place. This also is part of the foundation for the coming final global empire. The whole of global society will be controlled by the controllers, so why would they tell us the actual reason for what they are doing? Does Satan ever let his followers know the real reason he does anything? Of course not. He obfuscates the truth with a mixture of lies and truth, but mainly lies. His goals are to utterly control the world. You fill in the blanks regarding how he’s going to do that but base it on Scripture please.

The final global empire is in front of us and because of that, it is sometimes difficult to believe that our “dear” leaders actually want the best for us in spite of what people may want to believe. In reality, the controllers work in conjunction with Satan (whether they do so knowingly or unknowingly), to help bring a new world order (NWO) to fruition.

In order for this NWO to come into existence the world over, the foundation for it is being carefully laid now. If we can understand that this is what is occurring, we will be better equipped to know what we should avoid.

What I’ve been learning over the past 18 months or so is that I’m finding this world is lacking a great deal of luster. There are too many things I simply don’t want to participate in anymore. The movies and television coming out of Hollywood are nothing I’m interested in. My wife and I pick and choose what we watch through our Roku TV. We rarely have to watch commercials except on YouTube, which I “skip” as quickly as possible.

For me, camping in our pop-up, getting together with family and like-minded friends and enjoying fellowship at our new church is what we enjoy. I truly feel as though we have walked away from Babylon and I’m extremely glad.

I’m also focusing much more on the coming of our Lord, which, according to my understanding of Scripture, could be any day. When I’m not focusing on His return, I notice that the cares, concerns and worries of this world eat at me. Once I realize what’s going on, I then force myself to start repeating memorized Scripture to myself to get my thinking focused on where it should be.

How do you deal with the anxieties of life and cares of this world? My wife goes to a pop-up camping site on a social network and it appears many campers are Christians. But what always amazes me is when she comes across the question posted by someone, “What’s a good devotional?” It’s been years since I used a separate devotional book that quotes a verse or two of Scripture for each new day then provides a quick commentary. My wife and I spend every morning reading His Word, then we often look at the commentary/notes from a variety of Bible scholars. When I first began reading His Word daily years ago, I recall not much sinking in. Now, years later, I tend to spend more active time thinking about what I’ve read during the day. It has made a big difference as my focus is more on Jesus, things to come, and the culmination of all things.

The clear truth appears to be that the Lord is separating authentic Christians from inauthentic ones. If you do not know the Lord, then I’d like to strongly suggest that you make sure you are saved and like any relationship, it is incumbent upon each person to work at deepening our relationship with Jesus. It requires effort on our part. This is exactly what Paul means when he tells believers to work out your salvation with fear and trembling (Philippians 2:12). We do not work to gain salvation. We work on our relationship with Jesus. That means we read His Word daily. We pray often seeking His will and submitting ourselves to Him. It means we are deliberate in our relationship with Jesus just as we are deliberate with other relationships that are important to us.

But if you are not sure that you know Jesus, I’d like to recommend that you go through this particular page on gaining salvation. If you have any questions, please post a comment and I’ll respond to you.

May the Lord bless and keep you!

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Going Down? Anger Without Sin


  • 1. Daniel  |  September 6, 2021 at 10:24 PM

    Fairly good assessment Modres of the current situation however, I should quickly say that in the theology there is error and suggest you review it if still possible. No doubt we are approaching the final global empire which is being made that much more obvious since the spread of covid. But my point is that the pre-trib and dispensationalism conjectures are misinterpretations promoted by Darby then picked up by Scofield a century ago. This virus which is much in line with subtle and dark yet very influential Kabbalist teachings has spread and continues through, deceiving by big reknown seminaries and their friends, almost the entire well meaning Church today… Let’s watch and cease not to reassess what appears to be “done and dusted” eschatological conjectures. It’s going to cause much disappointment to believers when the day comes.
    2Pe_2:1  But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction.
    2Pe 1:19  We have also a more sure word of prophecy; whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts: 20  Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation.


    • 2. modres  |  September 7, 2021 at 7:12 AM

      Hi Daniel, thx for your comments and your conjectures but I believe the Bible teaches a Pre-Trib Rapture regardless of the accusations assessed against Darby and Scofield. In fact I’ve gone over MacPherson’s claims with a fine-tooth comb as have others and found him to be woefully inaccurate.

      I will not debate the subject here but for anyone who cares to learn how I arrived to my opinion based on Scripture I’ve written a book on the subject called The PreTrib Rapture where I break everything down.

      I’ve always said that if the PreTrib Rapture is the biblical view, that does not tell us WHEN it will occur (except before the official start of Trib), nor does it inform us as to how bad things will become prior to the Rapture.

      I think it could become very bad and have stated so numerous times.

      I’ve also been told to my face that I’m a heretic, that I will lose my salvation after the Trib starts and I’m still here, etc.

      In fact you seem to be implying that I’m a false teacher in your comments above.

      I also find it interesting that this type of condemnation is reserved only for folks who believe in a PreTrib Rapture but not for any other position including those who hold to a “no Rapture” position.

      The Church is not destined to experience God’s wrath and the entirety of that period is the pouring out of His wrath on an unrepentant world.

      At any rate we’ll not debate this here. You’re welcome to think of me however you’d like. I can assure you though I’ve not arrived to my decision without a great deal of study.

      The idea that Margaret MacDonald somehow convinced Darby is laughable especially when considering that in all likelihood MacDonald seemed to be referring to a POST-Trib Rapture position not a PRE-Trib position.

      If you choose to no longer read my articles because you deem my position as heresy, I fully understand. Go in peace as there’s absolutely no point in debating it.

      Thanks for understanding, Daniel.


      • 3. Daniel  |  September 7, 2021 at 10:08 PM

        Thanks Modres for your views. I do not imply least mean that you are a false teacher. Anybody even I, can be in error without being a false teacher. I realize that today near nobody when having undertaken the pre-trib belief is likely to change his mind. It goes with the deep rooted dispensationalism entwined with futurism in a deceived Evangelical majority. However, I have no need to prove anything but suggesting. I will leave there.
        1Cor 13:12  For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known. God is and, Himself will judge!


      • 4. modres  |  September 8, 2021 at 12:03 PM

        Hi Daniel,

        But you are saying that I am DECEIVED. I fully disagree with you. Dispensationalism simply asserts that the Bible should be understood literally. This does NOT mean it is to be understood literalistically, but taken in its most plain and ordinary sense. What bothers me the most is that most reasonable people DO understand the Bible in its most plain and ordinary sense UNTIL they get to prophecy. Then all of a sudden, they go into outer space with their ridiculous interpretations.

        In your first comment below you quote 2 Peter 2:1 – But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction.

        How am I NOT to take that to mean you think I’m a false teacher who teaches “damnable heresies”? In reality, it seems clear that Peter was referring to people who PREDICT things that failed to come to pass. Notice how Peter is using the “false prophets” and “false teachers” almost interchangeably? The damnable heresies had to do with people who presented a message that was contradictory to that of the apostles.

        The belief that the PreTrib Rapture position is perfect HERESY is one that I’ve read from Gary North, Dave MacPherson and to a lesser degree people like Tim Warner. They all have their “man-made” arguments that they believe firmly establishes the “fact” that the PreTrib Rapture is nothing but pure heresy. One of Warner’s followers essentially told me to my face that I am a heretic, that I will lose my salvation if I am alive when the Tribulation starts because I will be so shocked that I “missed” the Rapture, I will deny Christ and take the mark. What absolute hogwash.

        Others have told me much the same.

        But I’m not sure if you’ve been reading my articles for any length of time or simply stumbled upon it recently. Had you been reading for a while, you would have (possibly) noted that whenever I speak of the PreTrib Rapture, I ALWAYS teach with it that we have NO clue how bad things will get for Christians. The only thing the PreTrib Rapture does is remove His Bride from the earth PRIOR to God pouring out His WRATH.

        There is absolutely NO saving from man’s wrath against Christians, perpetrated by Satan. None. Persecution against Christians has been happening to some degree or another since the 1st century. Currently, across the globe, Christians are being tortured and killed for their faith in Jesus. Why hasn’t the Rapture happened? Because the Rapture does NOT save us from man’s wrath. It simply removes us from the path of God’s wrath.

        Noah entered the Ark and THEN God’s wrath began pouring out. Lot was physically removed from Sodom/Gomorrah and THEN God’s wrath poured out.

        But ask a question – exactly how BAD do you think it was living in the days of Noah and Lot? I can assume it was extraordinarily BAD. Noah likely saw the abject evil that existed during his day and I doubt he was exempt from being on the receiving end of it from time to time. The only reason God saved Noah was because he was righteous and God was willing to REMOVE Noah from the earth until God’s wrath was poured out completely.

        What about Lot? We know that he was living in very dangerous times and if not for the intervention of the angels, the men of the city would have gang-raped him and worse. However, the evil that was in that city was something that Lot lived with and was essentially immersed in. God did NOT protect Lot from any of that. Yet, Lot was considered righteous so God removed Lot from the cities and THEN poured out His wrath otherwise but Noah and Lot would’ve been caught up in God’s wrath, wouldn’t they?

        Do I believe I have EVERY aspect of Bible doctrine correct? No, and I’m quite sure I’ll find out what particular doctrines I viewed as correct as actually being wrong. No one will stand before God having had perfect knowledge about Him and His Word in this life. But the idea that the PreTrib Rapture classifies me as a heretic, a false teacher or whatever is wrong. I have NEVER taught that the Rapture is our “escape clause” from experiencing any bad things in life. The only “escape” it provides is the escape from ALL of God’s wrath, which is the entirety of the Tribulation period, Revelation 6-19. All the 21 judgments during that 7 year period emanate from God’s THRONE. He controls it and it is very much as He controlled the historical empires that took over and decimated Israel during the Old Testament. Those empires were directed by God Himself yet He also judged those same empires for touching His anointed, pouting out His wrath onto those empires/nations.

        I personally believe that ALL Christians need to get to a point of spiritual maturity where we actually consider it an HONOR to be persecuted for our faith! I want to get to that point where if someone spit on me, or beat me BECAUSE of my belief in Jesus as Savior and Lord, I would be overjoyed that I was counted worthy of suffering for Him who suffered for me. How about you, Daniel? Is that in your front view?

        There is a HUGE difference between suffering for being a Christian and possibly being persecuted to death for it and experiencing God’s wrath. A HUGE difference. The time of Jacob’s trouble is nearing closer and I do not believe that Christ’s Bride will be here to experience any portion of it.

        Having said that, I will also state (as I have many times before), that I have NO clue as to how bad things will get, how much evil and persecution will be ramped up against Christians and in general, how much hatred for Christians the world will adopt. At the same time, that has NOTHING to do with God’s wrath. Absolutely NOTHING.

        Here’s the other part of this. I have NO idea when I will die. Do you know when you will die? I’m 64. I could breathe my last breath tonight during sleep. Will I miss the Rapture? Not according to Paul. In fact, I will “rise” before those living. But it won’t matter to me (as it does NOT matter now), because of my salvation.

        So can I assume that you do not believe in “futurism”? You do not believe the Tribulation is ahead of us? You then also take a what, an allegorical approach to the Millennial Kingdom?

        You have referred to me as “deceived” twice now. I don’t appreciate it. In fact, I believe people from the Reformed Covenant position are wrong about their particular beliefs regarding the future. But I let them have their opinions.

        Yes, we see through a glass darkly. But you seem adept at taking Scripture out of its context. You’ve done so twice now. Paul’s words to the Corinthian believers has to do with knowing Christ. Why did you add text to the verse – “God is and, Himself will judge!” This is not a passage of Scripture regarding God judging us. Paul is simply stating that we can only KNOW part of the things God wants us to know – in fact EVERYTHING that God has revealed through His Word. When we get to heaven, we will no longer need His written WORD because we will have a far fuller knowledge of who God is and how much He loves us. You have deliberately turned that passage into a passage of judgment.

        After we die, we will see God in Christ FACE TO FACE. While the BEMA Seat of Judgment will have already occurred, we will KNOW Jesus as He truly wants us to know Him. There will be nothing in the way – our doubts, our inability to “see” clearly. Nothing. We will KNOW Him. We will fall at His feet and kiss them! We will gaze on His beauty and ABSORB His love for us.

        Look, if you have a problem with Dispensationalism, then that’s up to you. But you have come here where I post my thoughts and beliefs on what I deem Scripture to teach and you are castigating me because of your LACK of knowledge and understanding, in my opinion.

        Just write me off as a deceived individual and go your way because to remain here reading my articles is not going to be beneficial to you. You are “tainted” against me because of your what I consider to be errant understanding of what Dispensationalism is. I have a huge problem with HYPER-Dispensationalism the same way I have a problem with HYPER-Calivinism, etc.

        If you do not believe that the Bible teaches a future time of seven years where God judges the entirety of the earth, that’s up to you. As I said, I will not debate the subject here.

        People should – before they start reading anything any author writes – read that individual’s statement of beliefs as it makes little sense to engage a person for their beliefs in the event that the person making the assertions hasn’t even read them or bases their objections on one particular article.

        To reiterate – I fully believe the Bible teaches a PreTrib Rapture position and the Church will be taken off the earth prior to the beginning of the coming Tribulation. Believing this, I do NOT believe that the PreTrib Rapture is an escape clause taking Christians out of here before anything bad can happen. That’s rubbish and those who teach it should be ignored.

        You say, “I have no need to prove anything, but suggesting.” Come on, Daniel. You engaged me because of the burr under your saddle that angered you because I’m teaching something you thoroughly believe is deception. Your anger drips off your words. You have a clear problem with Dispensiationalism. I get it. But you’re no more going to change my position than I am going to change yours.

        In fact, I cannot even convince anyone of their need for Jesus, can you? Do you become angry at their “deceived” state of mind or are your more loving and concerned about them? Do you in fact, pray for those who have rejected Jesus? Then pray for me and that’s all you need to do! If I’m wrong, I am more than open to the Lord showing me from His Word that I am wrong.

        Just so you are also aware, every comment is moderated before it is allowed here. I have way too much spam. Askimet has caught over 80,000 spam comments. Most of which simply go to the “trash” folder and are deleted after 10 days so I don’t even need to look there. There are other comments which end up in the “spam” folder that I sometimes double check. I tell you this in case you’re wondering why your comment didn’t appear as soon as you wrote and submitted it.

        Again though, I’m not at all interested in debating with you this subject. In fact, Jesus never debated. He simply stated and left it at that. There’s too much debate today among Christians. You and I both believe (hopefully) that salvation is found in no other than Jesus.

        I’ve always believed Eschatology is not a hill to die on. Amazing though how many thoroughly believe that I am deceived and in full danger of losing my salvation even though salvation, once gained, cannot be lost.

        Take care, Daniel and I hope you find a blog to which you can fully agree with an endorse.


      • 5. Daniel  |  September 10, 2021 at 10:51 PM

        Thanks Modres for your reply.
        There is too much here to reply fully but I am surprised, how reactive you appear to be. It seems I have put a finger on the sensitive part in regards to “dispensationalism and pre-trib”. You seem to be hot under the collard…Why should you be? Have you ask why you are to be so reactive at a critique on the subject? I guess not be surprised. Perhaps a good test about character!
        You speak of being persecuted… Not that I think you would do but I really wonder, who will persecute who in the future with this kind of reaction. I apologise if I have offended you. I didn’t meant to.
        As for your blog, if allowed I will continue to read it. There is always something to learn somewhere. However Modres, do not be surprised that people express their views if you are writing on a public platform.


      • 6. modres  |  September 11, 2021 at 1:44 PM

        Hi Daniel, yes, I’m a bit reactive about this particular area of theology, but I explained why. When you are told to your face that you are a heretic and will lose your salvation (by other Christians), it tends to create a bit of uneasiness.

        Try to remember you essentially intimated that my views are heretical whether you think you did or not, right from the getgo.

        I also noted that I would not go to someone’s blog with whom I disagreed theologically and then engage them on their own blog site though I might quote and/or refer to their own statements in an article on my own blog. This is often why ppl write books as a response to another previously published book.

        This entire area of Dispensationalism vs non-Dispensationalism has resulted in needless acrimony yet it continues simply because the Dispensationalist is seen as either seriously erring or downright heretical by those who ascribe to some form of theology not dispensationally based.

        In the end, it really doesn’t matter, Daniel. I’ve said Eschatology is not a hill to die on. Unfortunately since ppl believe that Dispensational theology is so egregious, it IS a hill to die on for them.

        I’m not sure what brought you to this site nor am I aware of how long you’ve been reading my articles because you haven’t told me. Whether you stay and continue reading or not is entirely up to you. I’m not sure why you’d wish to do so since you have such strong opinions against Dispensationalism.

        You’ve implied many things against me in your comments and I could easily turn them back to you as well.

        Yes, I write publicly and yes, you’re not the first to attack my words (or character), and since I don’t recall you ever commenting on any other article I wrote, I have to wonder why you would remain.

        When you say “there is always something to learn somewhere,” this makes no sense.

        Does that mean I should listen to many false teachers today like Osteen, Copeland, Meyers, Moore and others because mixed with all their lies they may offer a snippet of truth from which I could benefit?

        You clearly disagree strongly with my Eschatology and I’m fine with that. What I’m not fine with is your measured insistence that I’m egregiously (and possibly heretically), wrong and my character is lacking.

        I think we are done with this, Daniel. I’ve taken far more time and effort to go back and forth with you than with others who may disagree with some of the things I present here and not even with respect to Dispensationalism.

        Every comment is personally moderated by me. I’ve allowed every one of your comments instead of sending them to the deleted folder because I felt that they were worth something. I could’ve easily dismissed you and not allowed any of your comments that do not agree with or align with what I present.

        Some blogs actually do that for appearances. The fact that I allowed your unedited comments speaks, I believe, to my character.

        If you think I’ve trashed you or what you believe I’m sorry that you think that but with your first comment, you attacked my position.

        Again, I’m not afraid of ppl having different viewpoints that may disagree with mine. In fact my pastor and I do not agree on areas within Eschatology but I love the man for his expositional preaching and his shepherd’s heart.

        What is troubling is the amount of acrimony that often rises because of disagreements in “non-essential” areas.

        If you wish to remain that’s up to you. Please understand that I will not be visiting this subject with you again. If your intent is to continue to point out what you believe are inconsistencies, error or heresies in my position, those comments (re Dispensationalism), will not be published.

        It would make more sense for you to start your own blog and concern yourself with compiling the errors/heresies you believe make up the Dispensational position and deal with them there.

        Thank you for understanding.


    • 7. Eric  |  September 7, 2021 at 8:32 AM

      Hello Daniel,

      Before you comment any further, I believe it would be fruitful to read the book, “Dispensationalism Before Darby: Seventeenth-Century and Eighteenth-Century English Apocalypticism” by William C. Watson.

      — Eric


      • 8. modres  |  September 7, 2021 at 8:33 AM

        Hadn’t heard of that book, Eric. Thanks.

        Ryrie also wrote about the history of the PreTrib position tracing it all the way back to the first century.


  • 9. Eric  |  September 6, 2021 at 6:13 PM

    Hi Fred,

    Thank you for telling it like it is. This is a message everybody needs to hear. God bless you!

    — Eric


    • 10. modres  |  September 6, 2021 at 8:06 PM

      Thx Eric!


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