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September 3, 2021 at 1:35 PM 1 comment

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Commenting on the above, please note number 1 where CDC is now saying that anyone who is fully vaxxed but dies will be tallied as “unvaxxed” if they die prior to the 14th day. While I realize the government is telling us that anyone who takes the vax is not considered fully vaxxed until the 14th day, they are being deceptive by simply including any deaths after the vax but prior to the 14th day as unvaxxed. I’m assuming then anyone who might die after receiving just the first injection would also be listed as “unvaxxed.” While this may be technically correct based on their definition, the truth is that this is fully deceptive because anyone who might look at the information would argue that the preponderance of deaths are of the “unvaxxed” when in reality, to hear many doctors and medical professionals tell it, many are being harmed and/or dying from either the first or the second CV injections. However, these deaths would not indicate the true story or the potentially true story; that many may well be dying because of the CV injections.

Also interesting is the fact that according to number 7 above, 15 million doses of CV injections were tossed because they went beyond their expiration date through not being utilized. This means that people are not wanting them, but the state still must pay Pfizer (or whomever), for the injections disposed of. In other words, pharma gets their money even if the injections are not used.

Number 9 above is an excellent and damming critique of false teachers (mainly word of faith), by Justin Peters. A half-hour in length, it is worth the watch. These people continue to live only due to God’s grace! They are heretics to the max and wait until you hear what some are preaching. It’s all about monetary gain for them, nothing more. They all have seriously lavish lifestyles off the backs of the middle class and even poor people who support them. Of course, the people who continue to send in money do so because they have no clue what the Bible actually teaches, so they are accountable for their actions as well.

Number 12 talks about the increase in “cases” in Israel. The truth is that they are testing, testing, testing and coming up with thousands of “cases” of CV. Depending upon the cycle threshold number used, by using a higher number, they will find more “cases.”

Number 13 is also interesting. A HAZMAT team was sent to a crash site where CV injections were being hauled. The air space above the crash site was closed. Yet, we are to believe these injections are perfectly safe?

CDC has admitted that those who are fully vaxxed are the “super-spreaders” and carrying deadly variants and higher viral loads (#14). They admit these things on paper somewhere, but in public say something different. This is also true of Dr. Fauci who says one thing publicly about masks, but something completely different in his private emails to individuals as seen via the FOIA that released thousands of his emails.

Moving on…It is astounding to me how often the prophets of the Old Testament talk about the same problems facing Israel and other nations then. Jeremiah and Ezekiel overlap to a certain extent in their respective lives and ministries. Yet, even though Ezekiel came to the fore toward the end of Jeremiah’s ministry, they both called out Israel for the same type of egregious sin.

Therefore thus says the Lord God:
‘Because you have forgotten Me and cast Me behind your back,
Therefore you shall bear the penalty
Of your lewdness and your harlotry.

God states in Ezekiel 23:35 that Israel forgot Him and cast Him behind their back. In essence, Israel didn’t even want to think of God or remember Him at all. Israel was guilty of casting God off, doing whatever they could to live without God. This thinking on their part was thought by them to bring about a sense of “freedom” to live the way they wanted to live. Psalm 2 spells it out very clearly. Please take the time to read through that short Psalm.

Israel had gotten to a point through greater degrees of ignoring God and rebelling against Him, that they no longer wanted to even consider God’s perspective and certainly did not want to take the time to obey Him and His rules for healthy living. Instead, Israel, through continued disobedience, fell further and further away from God. This eventually brought them to a point of living in such a way that was diametrically opposed to God’s revealed will for living in order to gain and retain spiritual blessing as well as physical blessing in the Land of Israel. This left God with no choice unfortunately.

Notice the image of Dr. Thomas Constable’s Notes on Ezekiel that I’ve included. He states, “When a nation (or an individual) discards God, there is no other road to follow but that which leads to perversion and utter degradation.” That is astounding for the fact alone that the United States has consistently and willfully moved away from anything that honors God.

Jerusalem would bear the Lord’s punishment for her lewd and immoral behavior because she had abandoned Him. This short message identifies the root problem in Israel’s apostasy: she had forsaken Yahweh. [1]

Dr. Thomas Constable also explains exactly how Israel committed such egregious sin and why because of that sin, God had absolutely no recourse but to judge that nation. In fact, throughout the Old Testament, God affirms His judgment of many nations whose cup of wrath became full. In a few cases, God assures that nation that would “rise” again in the last days and during the coming Millennial Kingdom. However, not all nations would rise. Many have gone the way of the dinosaur due to their flagrant sin, disobedience and abject callousness of God’s commands, which were/are meant to bless and not harm.

The Lord called Ezekiel to pass judgment on Oholah and Oholibah (cf. 20:4; 22:2). He should then announce their fate because they had committed adultery (cf. Exod. 22:20; 23:13; Deut. 4:15-24; 12:24-32) and had shed innocent blood in their unfaithfulness (cf. Exod. 20:13; Lev. 18:21; 20:1-5). Their spiritual adultery consisted of idolatry, and their bloodshed was the practice of child sacrifice in connection with idolatry. They had killed the Lord’s own children. [2]

All the things listed in the above quote were done by Israel (and Samaria)! We would do well to ask, “how can this be?!” It was so because Israel consistently slid away incrementally from the Lord through rebellion and because they mistook God’s grace as His absence! God waited often long periods for the leaders of Israel to understand what was wrong, to repent of it and to bring the people back to God through that repentance. Only a few kings of Judah and none of the northern kingdom of Israel acted righteously.

Eventually, God came to an end of His patience and poured out the wrath that He had warned Israel about for years through a variety of prophets.

They also made the temple unclean (cf. Exod. 20:24-26) and treated the Sabbath as any other day of the week (cf. Exod. 20:8-11; Lev. 19:3, 30). On the same days that they practiced child sacrifice they entered the temple to worship Yahweh. This amounted to treating Molech and Yahweh as though they were equal. (verses 38-39)

These daughters had sent to other nations and invited ambassadors to come to them to make treaties (cf. Deut. 17:14-20). They had made themselves as attractive as
possible, like a prostitute does for her lover. They even used the things that they should have used only for the worship of Yahweh to entice desert lovers (e.g. the Arabians, Moabites, and Edomites). The whole atmosphere of the reception was like that of a drunken orgy. The same Hebrew word, saba’im, can mean “Sabeans” and “drunkards” (v. 42), and both meanings could have been intended (double entendre). These foreign lovers gave the Israelites the wages of a prostitute including bracelets and crowns. (verses 40-42), [3]

God essentially states that Israel acted as the whore, except in many cases, Israel paid other nations to help them by coming to their aid in time of war. What prostitute pays the customer??? This is what Israel did repeatedly. Nothing connected to Jehovah was sacred to Israel, which the nation took and literally threw to the pigs.

Today, there is a continued belief that America will be spared. I personally do not see how this is possible. If God was willing to pour out wrath onto the nation He specifically created (Israel), why would any nation be exempt from God’s judgment?

The USA will not be spared. It appears that the entire world will suffer God’s 21 judgments of the coming Tribulation and that includes the United States (Revelation 6-18).

How can God spare a nation that has wandered so far away from the moral fiber it once had? How can God ignore the continued sin that is piled up along with the constant mocking of God? How can the United States not fall under God’s condemnation for the USA’s continued movement away from God that has defined the USA for too many decades? How can God look aside and not notice the level of debauchery and sin that has so gripped America? What some think is God’s “absence” is the same “grace” that kept God from judging Israel for so long, yet eventually, His judgment did fall.

As previous noted, the only thing that keeps the USA from completely wallowing unchecked in the tremendous sin that has taken over much of this nation is the fact that there are still Christians in America; part of the full Body of Christ. The Holy Spirit working through the Church, restrains evil from becoming fully evil. It holds things back. This is what Paul tells us in 2 Thessalonians 2 that the restrainer (the Holy Spirit), is the dam against the complete overflow of evil into global society.

It is because of this that persecution is starting to be felt by Christians even in the USA. Most recently, in America, that persecution is seen in governments and businesses attempting to force/coerce everyone into receiving the CV-19 injection against our principles and beliefs. This coercive effort to force people to have something they have concerns about is not for our health, but for control. I’m amazed at just how many people – Christians included – are unable to see this problem or that CV is being used to usher in the final global kingdom of Daniel 2.

CV aside, America has been sinking in the mire of abnormal behavior for decades. In spite of this, too many Christians are hoping for and even anticipating a “rescue” for the USA. It will not happen and in fact, it is very clear from Scripture and from what is going on throughout global society that things are gearing up to become worse than they are now.

But we should not fear because the day of the Lord is at hand. He protects and keeps those who are His, who are committed to following Him every step of the way. Does that define you? Does it define me?


[1] https://planobiblechapel.org/tcon/notes/pdf/ezekiel.pdf

[2] Ibid

[3] Ibid

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