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By way of introduction to my introductory article on Jeremiah, I wanted to make note of a few things to highlight the state of the USA and its continuing forced erosion of morality and increasing fascism. In truth, the elite know that the United States of America stands in their way of ushering in the final global world empire over which they intend to rule. If not for the USA, that coming final global world order would already be in place.

As we’ll eventually see from the book of Jeremiah that God not only has absolute control over all nations and empires, but uses His discretion in dealing with any nation whose “cup” of sin becomes full to overflowing. Clearly, Jeremiah dealt mainly with Israel, but there are applications within that tell us pointedly if God dealt with His own favored nation as He did, there is nothing to stop Him from dealing with other nations (as history shows), that have gone the same way Israel did.

Here are some linked articles and videos that highlight the disaster that is unfolding within the borders of the USA and you know the drill. No link provided implies an approval of each article, website or author.

A cursory scan through the above links shows what is happening in America. Whether Biden was elected legitimately or not, the fact remains that we have a dyed in the wool fascist in the White House. I seriously doubt that Mr. Biden truly understands what is happening. His staff, under watchful eyes of people outside the administration and who exercise authority over his staff in all likelihood, are directing things.

Piece by piece, the USA is being dismantled. The freedoms that Americans have known and enjoyed for decades are simply being removed incrementally, all based on the COVID-19 “monster” that needs to be controlled, then fully eradicated before any “normalcy” can return to this nation. The problem is that CV-19 is a virus and as such, it can never be fully eradicated. This same holds true for any virus, whether a cold or the flu. The viruses that cause colds and the flu are always mutating as they travel throughout society. It is impossible to vaccinate them away. Proof of this is the fact that many who have received the CV-19 vax/jab, have come down with a form of CV-19 or its variant. While it is being blamed on those who have not gotten the jab, the reality is that it’s very likely that the CV jab weakens the immune system of that person, making them even more susceptible to contracting a number of airborne illnesses.

Because of this, the Biden administration is “talking” about making it impossible for people who have not been vaccinated to travel from one state to another. While some within the administration are saying this is not really on the table, I personally believe the subject was publicly broached as a signal to Democrat governors and legislatures in those states to create their own laws at the state level. The federal government cannot enact an executive order prohibiting average citizens from traveling from one state to another. But it is not inconceivable for Democrat-led states to do what they can to try to create laws keeping unvaxxed people from entering.

The same thing occurred when the Biden administration talked publicly about making the CV jab mandatory throughout society. The federal government doesn’t have the authority to do that, but almost immediately, private businesses including many hospitals began forcing employees to get the jab or lose their jobs. I’m reading there is very little recourse for employees.

But it is not just CV-19 that is making its mark on society. As we see from the above bullet list of links, there are many things going on throughout American society that threaten to destroy what this country was founded on. Transgenderism has pushed gays and lesbians to the back of the bus, while they demand that a person who thinks they are not the physical gender their bodies represent and identify as the opposite. This is ludicrous. It goes against nature, not to mention the very creative acts of God Himself (Romans 1). But transgender people not only want to buck the established system but they want protection for their way of thinking. Soon, as the article from NTEB states, they will arrive to a point in society where it will be fully illegal to say anything construed as negative against trans people. Why, by the way, are we only seeing men who identify as women trying to enter women’s sports and/or locker rooms? Why do we never see a woman identifying as a man trying to get into pro football or basketball?

Notice also that AntiFa was busy assaulting, using bear repellent spray, and fists against a group of gathered Christians in Portland OR who were having a rally to defend freedom. I’m not sure why they chose Communist Portland to do so, because even though police were there, they did nothing to stop the hate and assault on Christians, with Fascist AntiFa asking, “Where’s your God now?!” The truth is anyone who cannot plainly see that Christianity itself is under attack in the USA is thoroughly blind. We are witnessing the rise of demonic forces in order to create the needed havoc to overthrow the American system.

Now I’m well aware that my citizenship is truly in heaven, not here on earth. My citizenship in heaven is what is eternal and no amount of demonically-infused AntiFa or BLM or anyone else can thwart that truth.

Even though I’ve been studying Eschatology (study of last things), for years, I really never expected America to be where it is now, after a year and a half of suffering through the CV-19 planned debacle. Besides the amount of fascist and tyrannical tactics and actions we see in society, we’ve never seen the amount and level of apostasy within the ranks of Christendom either. It is appalling to hear what too many within the visible Church are teaching based on the social justice they believe.

We will find as we eventually delve into the book of Jeremiah that God, in some sense, is social justice minded, but not the way we often think of social justice. He often chided Israel for its lack of concern for the widows and fatherless and those poor who had no power. But the type of social justice that is happening today is absurd to the nth degree.

Israel, during Jeremiah’s day, was thoroughly and morally bereft. They had no moral compass because they were so involved in worshiping idols and doing whatever felt right in their own eyes. Their priests only told the people of good things; what they wanted to hear and they claimed to speak for God. This is what’s been happening today with the modern NAR movement.

The kings of Israel during Jeremiah’s time were terrible; corrupt dishing out no real justice. In fact, Israel’s history of kings shows how often they shed innocent blood purposefully because it was in their best selfish interest to do so.

It came to a point with God where He told Jeremiah to not even bother praying for Israel or its leaders (Jeremiah 7:16), because He wouldn’t listen to those prayers. Have you heard such a thing before? God actually said, “Don’t waste your time praying because I won’t hear it.” God had other plans because of Israel’s sin and corruption. He purposed to bring those plans to fruition, using Nebuchadnezzar to do so. This particular king came in, took captives and killed whomever he wanted to kill, showing no mercy. The people of Israel he did leave behind had a very rough time of it because of all that Nebuchadnezzar burnt and destroyed throughout Jerusalem and parts of Israel.

In future articles, I’ll deal with more specifics of Jeremiah. Suffice it to say that if God was not willing to spare the very nation He personally created why would He spare any nation including America once our cup of wrath is full to overflowing?

The other day, I received an email from a relative who was claiming that “life” is winning in America. This is the belief that Roe v Wade is going to be overturned. I cannot see that happening, can you? I’d love it to occur, but I cannot see it happening. Even if it does, many states have already created laws to mitigate against that ruling. But if we take the overall condition of today’s America, we must inevitably ask this question: Why would God spare America? Why?

In short, there is no good reason for Him to do so, yet too many on social networks continue to believe a human “savior” is coming and this savior will set all things to right, just like Cyrus did for Israel of old. People forget that even if that were true, Israel was first overthrown and taken into captivity by Nebuchadnezzar because of God’s judgment. It was 70 years later that Cyrus appeared to release Israelites back to Israel if they wanted to return.

It is important to note that America has not been judged yet. That is still to come. Yet, people continue to believe God will intervene and spare the USA because there are Christians here. Why would He if He was willing to judge Israel where some righteous people lived? How is the USA better than Israel? How can America escape when we constantly adore those who stand against God’s revealed moral code? In short, we cannot.

America has been murdering babies for decades with no sign of slowing down. Now, we are learning that fetus parts are sold and allegedly, some fetuses had organs removed while they were still ALIVE. This is modern day child sacrifice.

We also are seeing people who would’ve been committed to an insane asylum years ago but instead are bending society to their sin, demanding they be fully accepted for who they are and eventually, it’ll be against the law to speak out. What they do goes thoroughly against nature and God (Romans 1).

The lessons of Jeremiah, as we will see, are obvious and apply to all nations, not just Israel. It is time for Christians to start looking up and understand that this world is temporary.

I’ll close with this video (sorry about the ads in it; nod to Grandma Jeri). Worship the Lord! Understand the time is short! He could return ANY day. Be ready.

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As in the Days of Jeremiah? CV-19 and Future Events, Pt 1

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