Sodom by the Sea and Other Abominations

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One almost wishes that God would hasten to judge America and get it over with because it is getting to be abysmally evil and corrupt. USA Today just announced “Adm. Rachel Levine Honored As One Of USA Today’s ‘Women Of The Year” which is odd at best considering Levine is a man who identifies as a woman and apparently made external changes to “prove” it. So was Levine able to change their chromosomes? Undoubtedly, no, but that not withstanding, we are supposed to “ooh” and “ahh” and applaud.

Aside from the fact that Levine is a transgender, what specifically has Levine done to earn such a vaunted award? Apart from outwardly turning into a woman, nothing that I can think of even when I research it. Moreover, it is interesting to note that this is the same Dr. Levine who moved Mom out of a nursing home just prior to the CV pandemic lockdown so that Mom would not be in potential jeopardy. We know that there were thousands of elderly people in nursing homes who died in New York state and elsewhere after young people who had contracted CV were placed in these same homes, infecting weak, frail elderly people and essentially giving them death sentences. To date, no one has been held responsible.

Many would argue that Levine is strong and courageous for “coming out” as a woman and should be commended for such a show of bravery. Again, did Levine actually change birth chromosomes? If so, then by all means present the award based on that alone. Of course, we know this was not done and when Levine stands before God, it will be in the gender in which Levine was originally born, not how Levine identifies.

This is the same type of empty verbiage that is applied to male athletes who are often last in their competitive class when competing against other men, but then after identifying as women, are allowed to compete against other women and normally win those events hands down. There’s a reason that women’s and men’s sporting events have always been separated by gender. A man who has more testosterone than women and has different muscle setup than women does not somehow level the field against women by simply identifying as a woman and growing breasts with hormones. The man’s original strength is still often there, which gives that competitor an unfair advantage. Yet, the world is supposed to pretend that this is not weird, nor unfair. We are supposed to simply go along with it because the Left has the microphone and is able to silence anyone who does not play their game.

This is part of the mindset that is the Left. They are godless, atheistic, corrupt, debauched, livid with fake rage against everything good and in essence, are desperate to cancel anyone who speaks out against their platform. Unfortunately, we have come to a time in our society where even much of our government now stands squarely against anyone who does not tow the line and agree with their declared abominations and corruption.

Just recently, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), issued an announcement indicating that they will target anyone who questions the results of the 2020 presidential election or has concerns about the COVID-19 narrative, from lock-downs, to vaccines. Folks, I’m sure you’re smart enough to understand that these kinds of things promoted by the federal government is nothing more than Communist dictates that lead to tyranny. Roughly half the country questions the 2020 election. At least 30% question the CV narrative.

The idea that in America, land of the free, home of the brave, where the First Amendment still stands, we have federal agencies like the FBI or DHS who believe that they can “target” anyone who does not go along with accepted narrative, is what Communist China does. We are moving quickly toward a “state” that sponsors certain viewpoints and only those viewpoints will be acceptable.

In the meantime, we have thousands and thousands of people illegally entering the USA on any given day and apparently, those folks do not need to be tested for CV or anything else and clearly, if they bring in diseases to this country, it’s nothing to worry about, never mind whether or not many of these folks are criminals in their own country. This is so absurd that it is difficult to believe it’s happening, but it is happening.

So, with everything that is happening, how has the USA somehow not yet been on the receiving end of God’s judgment pouring out on this nation? It appears we are overdue for it and while obviously, judgment is not a pretty thing, I’m tired of waiting. Are you?

As I’ve mentioned, my wife and I enjoy watching documentaries and recently, we watched another one on PBS about Coney Island. This particular area just off the coast of New York City has an interesting history behind it. While many innovations came from Coney Island’s development, it also proves that people are people and it really doesn’t matter which era of history we are talking about.

At the beginning of the 1900’s, Coney Island was still developing. The roller coaster was actually invented at Coney Island. It was a short, quick ride, but nonetheless, it inspired bigger and greater roller coasters the world over. Another invention was the hot dog, created by a Polish immigrant (Nathan), who took a recipe put together by his wife to offer these round, sausage-like foods on a bun for five cents each. People loved them and you can still buy Nathan’s hot dogs in stores today that are generally made the same way as they were originally.

Other innovations or at least expansions of innovations centered around the burgeoning electric light bulb. Numerous structures of Coney Island parks adorned their buildings with thousands and thousands of light bulbs that can be seen for miles offshore.

Men often wore suits and hats, women wore dresses and high heels. When they went swimming in the ocean just off the sandy shore, women’s swim suits often looked more like dresses while men’s suits were often one-piece top and bottom. Skin was verboten and public affection was generally frowned upon. This made some of the rides far more enjoyable because on several, women or men had to hang onto or “hug” their partner while on the ride. Of course, people loved that because though touching was something generally not done in public, the rides gave the perfect excuse to do so, especially in what became known as the tunnel of love.

There was also corruption and evil then, but people in general were far more genteel and upright, outwardly. They had not yet sunk to the level of society today. No one then would’ve dare encourage the things considered “normal” today.

So in spite of the innovations and good things that came out of Coney Island there were plenty of baudy, godless things the island was also known for and that is because people were fallen then just like today. Fallen humanity always has this dual character, on one hand creating innovations that are often extremely helpful to the rest of humanity, while on the other hand, participating in things that are anathema to God and stains on our souls. As Coney Island’s popularity grew, new parks, rides, eateries, and even hotels, gambling halls and brothels emerged. It is no wonder that the nickname for Coney Island was “Sodom by the Sea.”

A huge elephant hotel for families was created (see image), but it also contained a brothel. Sure, why not? Bring the family and dad has something to do when not with the family. Oy. Criminals of course attracted to Coney Island because of all the tourists. They were there to steal as many wallets and money as possible. The rides and games were often rigged in favor of the owners, not the public, but it seemed that most of the public was having so much fun that they didn’t really care if they got swindled out of money here or there.

Alcohol also flowed without letup on the island, which created drunk people doing asinine things and made the thief’s job that much easier. But still, to read many postcards from that era sent by those who visited the island, they were having the time of their lives! Again, people will be people and fallen people will be fallen people.

There were attempts to clean things up at Coney Island but often these were not successful. In fact, there were several people who had political connections (and some who were politicians themselves), who tried to work things in their favor repeatedly. Did politicians always try to line their pockets? Apparently, with some going so far as to register more voters than actually lived in that area in order that they might stay in office. Back then, once they were found out, they were arrested, charged and actually sent to prison. Today? Not so much and as noted, if we have a problem with the last election, the DHS is on hand as the Gestapo to force us to stop talking or face consequences.

Coney Island was not only plagued by corrupt politicians and thieves, but often fires would completely destroy one or more of the parks because most things were simply made of wood then and it didn’t take much to spark a tinder. In some cases, many animals died – lions, elephants and others – because Coney Island sported a circus-like atmosphere where animals were used for entertainment purposes for all the people. Lion tamers, seals, elephants and more were noticeably present at Coney Island. That is frustrating to me. I recall as a child visiting the Big Fresno Fair and walking through one particular animal exhibit that housed a hippopotamus. The poor creature was literally sitting in water in what appeared to be a tub not much larger than itself. It could not move freely. As I walked through, my heart broke and then to hear other older children taunting the hippo and spitting on it made me furious. This is the way people can be, making fun of and taking advantage of things they perceive to be weaker. If only that hippo had been able to get out and deal with those youths, but of course, it would have been put down for being “rabid.”

Speaking of being put down, one of the most terrible things I think that occurred at Coney Island was with reference to one of the elephants there. Apparently, this particular elephant had already killed a couple of people. The third one was killed after he offered a lit cigarette to the elephant. I guess he thought that would be hilarious. The elephant didn’t like it and so naturally retaliated. Well, good Lord, apparently, an animal cannot defend itself against stupidity! So, the verdict was to put down the animal. Okay, I suppose, but at least do it quickly and painlessly, right?

Well, Thomas Edison had another idea. He was developing his electricity and thought it would be great to showcase the power of his invention/discovery. So, they decided that they would electrocute the elephant. At first the animal did not want to cooperate and go where she was being led, so they tried to get her handler to get her to the platform where they would strap on these huge electrodes, one around the bottom of each front leg. The handler, to his credit would have no part in it. Eventually, they got the old girl (35-years of age), to the platform, attached the electrodes and turned on the electricity. It took her 10 seconds to fall over and die and supposedly, this was a “success!” This is criminal. Why should an animal have to be on the receiving end of man’s “justice” all because it is meant to live in the wild, not smoke cigarettes and be whimsy and “fun” for people?

Is it any wonder society has sunk to the level we are at today? God help us and maybe the best help He could send would be judgment.

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