Judas: A Successful Hypocrite

March 16, 2022 at 12:42 PM 2 comments

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Feelz All Around
It’s interesting how global society has changed over the decades since I was a kid. Satan has been busy using numerous people as his personal tools to create change needed to usher in the final global kingdom of Daniel 2, dominated over by Antichrist.

Amazing how FDA and internal pharma docs say one thing, but CDC says another…

One such individual Satan is currently using in big ways is Yuval Noah Harari, who just happens to be Klaus Schwab’s top advisor. Listening to this man pontificate about what he thinks is right and wrong is interesting albeit completely humanistic and godless. His words instantly makes the Christian realize who Harari is speaking for because of the emphasis on feeling. Here’s a short clip of Harari providing his opinion on how society today determines truth: Yuval Noah Harari …Argues Against the Bible and God’s Commands.

It is astounding that mankind in large measure, has devolved to the point where critical thinking has been replaced by feelings. Increasingly and on a grand scale, feelings are used to decide truth. This really all goes back to the real birth of the Left during the 60s and Woodstock, which I may go over in an upcoming article. Decades ago, the saying “If it feels good, do it!” has become the foundation for much of what occurs today. Could that be why Adm. Rachel Levine was named one of the “women” of the year because of Levine’s transgenderism?

If we could sum up 2 Timothy 3:1-5, we’d note that people in the end times will live simply by how they feel about things. Feelings are becoming society’s moral compass. Now of course, feelings are not necessarily bad. However, when we use them to determine truth or falsehood, those emotions can easily sidetrack us since they were never meant to be arbiters of truth. It’s a very quick way for Christians to shipwreck their faith.

During the CV lock-down and mandates, leaders within Christendom used many reasons to attempt to guilt Christians into receiving the CV jab. The one I heard most often is that if we truly love others, we will submit to the jab and not worry about any potential adverse effects, including death. These same leaders within Christendom who said that also often intoned, “Jesus would get the CV vax.” This statement is based on nothing more than their feelings. Would Jesus have gotten the CV vax? I cannot imagine it and there’s nothing to prove that He would. The same applies to wearing masks. Numerous studies have shown that the only masks that make any difference at all are the 3M 6000 or 7000 respirators but while they help the wearer, they do nothing for others nearby. Let’s not even talk about the level of mask worn by scientists working closely with lethal viruses.

This growing dependence on feelings is really a snare that easily draws people away from actual truth. Because so many people tend to go by how they feel, they often become successful hypocrites, yet unable to see their hypocrisy. They fail to see that their feelings are taking them down the wrong path and end up being living contradictions. Content with who they are, they firmly believe they are not only not hypocrites but righteous. This perceived righteousness often creates within them a level of righteous indignation and even hostility toward those who do not agree with them.

Climate Change Hypocrisy
This is true of many areas of thought today, including the notoriously vapid climate change, which seems to be driving much of what the world faces today. Climate change alarmists moan, grown and whine about “carbon footprints.” They want people to have only electric cars, not realizing (or caring), that to create the components for an electric car, fossil fuels are needed. To charge an electric car, fossil fuels are also needed. What is the difference between using oil from within the USA or only buying oil from Russia, Venezuela, Iraq or elsewhere? Isn’t the same carbon footprint being used? In fact, wouldn’t oil be cleaner coming from USA since there are so many federal regulations in place to protect environments that other countries do not necessarily have? Why is the carbon footprint allegedly better if oil comes from outside the USA?

Recently, one particular news organization produced an article stating that if Putin ends up using nuclear bombs, the problem will be what it does to the earth and our climate not necessarily the toll it takes on people. This is completely nuts but because of evolution, God’s Creation has been upended and reversed, with human beings dropping to the low end of the totem pole and everything else – all animals, fish, trees, and shrubs – elevated above humanity as being more important. God made humanity as the very pinnacle of His Creation, tasked to rule over and subdue Creation. Have we abused part of it? Yes. There are always ways to conserve and better use resources more intelligently, but this does not mean we allow people to die from starvation to reduce the world’s population so that the ultra rich people can enjoy the world with fewer people while those who remain subsist on the crumbs they allow to fall from their table.

With all the talk of climate change and the “green” new deal that will force everyone to have an electric car and a very small carbon footprint (or else!), the truth is that there is absolutely no global infrastructure in place for that type of system yet. Instead, globalists simply want to take away what we have now and really don’t care if it gets replaced with anything. Who can afford a $50,000+ electric car? There are not enough charging stations to go around and it will take decades to build them. Even then, those charging stations use fossil fuels as electricity is not made out of thin air. Something has to “burn” in order to create it (unless using hydroelectric dams). Moreover, many cities do not have adequate public transportation nor do rural areas. The solution is not to force people away from fossil fuel driven vehicles at least until something else is fully operational to replace it.

The Left has their “feelz” always on display, and because they are so easily rattled, flying off the handle quickly into attack mode is their normative response with anyone who disagrees with them. Though some Leftists are far more nuanced and studied, able to reflect what they feel with more aptitude than the average Leftist, their reasoning still normally falls flat. In listening to them, one would think they absolutely believe what they are saying. In reality, they don’t believe it. They’ve simply said it so often that it’s part of their mantra. It’s like the young people at Woodstock believing that drugs, rock and roll, food and everything else should always be free. Really? On whose dime because nothing is really free. Woodstock is a very interesting scenario that people have held up as what could be our future. There are huge problems with Woodstock though and I’m not simply talking about politics. Maybe we’ll address it in a separate article.

Judas a Leftist
Leftism has been around for centuries in numerous forms. In fact, one of the original twelve apostles was one. But Judas was a different type of Leftist, somewhat like many today in evidencing their feelz. Judas was a socially progressive individual who would’ve felt at home among today’s average Leftist. If Judas were alive today, I have no doubt he’d be joining the climate change crowd and also calling for mandatory CV shots and masks. Consider this example from his life.

When Mary brought in her alabaster jar of oil, poured it over the our Lord, literally anointing His body for His upcoming death, crying tears at His feet, wiping them with her hair, Judas had one thought (from John 12:5).

Why was this fragrant oil not sold for three hundred denarii and given to the poor?

Ah, thanks Judas. Gosh yes, why wasn’t it sold and given to the poor instead of anointing our Lord? What a “waste,” right? Judas took what he wanted from the money bag that he was in charge of at the time (John 12:6).

This he said, not that he cared for the poor, but because he was a thief, and had the money box; and he used to take what was put in it.

John saw Judas’ hypocrisy and others may have as well. Here was Judas, pretending to show concern for the poor all the while he had no problem stealing money from the treasury whenever he felt the need. Judas didn’t really care about the poor, though that was his excuse to complain. Outwardly, it made him look and sound good, but God saw his heart. Judas was more likely thinking of the value of the oil and how much he could’ve pocketed. A perfect picture of the Left and their virtue signaling.

Judas was a successful hypocrite and our world today is filled with them. They’re in all walks of life, and unfortunately, many of them are also in today’s pulpits. These specific leaders within Christendom are in it for what they can get out of it. They use carefully chosen words to project their concern for the underprivileged in order to appear caring.

Many of these leaders are little more than con artists; religious charlatans, using deceptive words and phrases with much emotion to deceive those within their congregations. The goal is ultimately their own enrichment. I’ve lost track of how many leaders within Christendom have been seen for who they are in private, while publicly pretending they are a leading voice for the downtrodden and poor of this world. It’s worse than a joke. It’s religious criminality.

But of course it doesn’t stop with leaders within Christendom. Too many politicians today gain much from insider trading, lobbyists, and backroom deals all the while pretending they care about the little person. Their main weaponry is feelz and constantly being used against us. How is it so many in Congress have become multi-millionaires on a salary of about $175,000/year?

This is the day and age in which we live, where hypocrites are seen as truly virtuous while the rest of us who think critically and work hard to provide for family and want the Constitution upheld are seen as the “terrorists.” They intend to target us by any means necessary.

We can push to have the “right” candidate run for office and do what we can to get them voted in, but as long as Dominion voting machines continue to be used, good luck with that. Aside from that, what we can do is to find a group of solid Christians who understand what’s going on and stick with them. That may come from your local church, your immediate family, or both. If you cannot find a quality local church, do what you can to find local Christians who are solid in their relationship with the Lord. It can start there, even if it’s only one or two of them.

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  • 1. Maranatha Today  |  March 18, 2022 at 2:27 PM

    Thanks for another great article which expose all we are dealing with in these last days. Your thoughts about Judas are though provoking too.

    “Would Jesus have gotten the CV vax? I cannot imagine it and there’s nothing to prove that He would.” I personally think this is blasphemy against our Lord and Savior and the person who said it has hopefully repented!

    “Recently, one particular news organization produced an article stating that if Putin ends up using nuclear bombs, the problem will be what it does to the earth and our climate not necessarily the toll it takes on people.” Romans 1:25…


    • 2. modres  |  March 18, 2022 at 2:28 PM

      Thx Maranatha 👍🏼😎



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