God’s Perfect Use of Imperfect People, Part 4

February 9, 2015 at 1:49 PM 1 comment

We should probably change the title to “Fearfully and Wonderfully Made” because that’s what we are and even though God has made us and was very happy with the result of His Creation, sin has ruined things quite a bit for us. While we have only ourselves to blame, I also fully believe that God can and will help us if we are earnest and consistent in our prayers to Him for that help.

If you’re starting with this article, please go back and do a bit of catching up, with Part 1. Now, I’m not a scientist or a doctor, but I do know how to study and research things. Some of what I’m going to discuss in this series has to do with my own health. We’ll get to that, but before we do, I want to discuss the four neurotransmitter chemicals, what they are and what they do.

  • SerotoninIs created by a biochemical conversion process which combines tryptophan, a component of proteins, with tryptophan hydroxylase, a chemical reactor. Together, they form 5-hydroxyltryptamine (5-HT), also referred to as serotonin.Serotonin also has to do with mood or feelings of well-being. A lack of serotonin can create symptoms commonly associated with depression.As a neurotransmitter, serotonin influences both directly and indirectly the majority of brain cells. The following is a list of things that it is thought that serotonin could affect:
Mood and social behavior
    Appetite and digestion
    Sexual desire and function.
  • Dopaminea neurotransmitter that helps control the brain’s reward and pleasure centers. Dopamine also helps regulate movement and emotional responses, and it enables us not only to see rewards, but to take action to move toward them. Dopamine deficiency results in Parkinson’s Disease, and people with low dopamine activity may be more prone to addiction. The presence of a certain kind of dopamine receptor is also associated with sensation-seeking people, more commonly known as “risk takers.”
  • NorepinephrineIs a chemical released from the sympathetic nervous system in response to stress. It is classified as a neurotransmitter, a chemical that is released from neurons. Because the release of norepinephrine affects other organs of the body, it is also referred to as a stress hormone. 
  • Epinephrinea hormone secreted by the adrenal medulla upon stimulation by the central nervous system in response to stress, as anger or fear, and acting to increase heart rate, blood pressure, cardiac output, and carbohydrate metabolism.
    Both Norepinephrine and Epinephrine do similar things related to stress in our system.
  • GABAGamma-Amino Butyric acid (GABA) is an amino acid which acts as a neurotransmitter in the central nervous system. It inhibits nerve transmission in the brain, calming nervous activity. 

All four of the neurotransmitters (along with GABA) do different things in our systems. GABA – also a type of neurotransmitter – inhibits some of the nerve transmission in the brain so that we can become or remain calm during stressful situations.

Now, imagine a person whose brain function doesn’t do what most people take for granted. If either Serotonin, Dopamine, Norepinephrine, or Epinephrine are off – either low out of range or high out of range – things can go seriously wrong in that person’s brain. Now, if they are a Christian, they will likely begin to believe they are not Christian. How can they be when their behavior is so far out of kilter? No one is going to look at them and say, “Wow, that poor Christian who is simply suffering from out of kilter brain function due to out of range neurotransmitters.” No one will say that or think it! They will, instead, believe that the person is not a Christian at all based on their behavior.

However, think of a person with a very severe leg break, maybe with part of the femur sticking through the skin. I’m not trying to be gross. I’m simply pointing out how much grace we naturally extend to that person while becoming annoyed with the person who has physiological issues in their brain.

I’m convinced that even if certain people are genetically predetermined to have problems with their brain activity (a good deal of it passes from one generation to the next), there are things that we can do to help ourselves. If necessary, we can also go to a doctor who specializes in that area in the hopes of being given a prescription for a medication that can help. Before we get there though, I want to talk about other things that can happen with our bodies that can create issues that are not even part of the brain issues I’ve been referring to in these articles to this point.

I’ve had some DNA testing done on myself. I’ve had health issues for the past number of years that were underlying and constant. I craved sugar all the time. No matter what I did, it was next to impossible to lose weight and keep it off. For no discernible reason, I would develop these headaches that to me, seemed connected to airborne allergens, yet doctors told me I didn’t have those type of allergies.

I finally threw up my hands and decided to see a licensed naturopathic doctor. Good ones – depending upon the state in which you live – can be difficult to find, so please be careful if you opt for this route! I cannot say that enough. At the same time, it is equally important that you do not simply read an article that may sound like they’re discussing issues specific to you, then go out and start taking supplements that they recommend. That’s ridiculous! Don’t do it!

One of the first things my naturopathic doctor did was have me go to a blood lab, draw my blood, and send it in to determine which FOODS I might be allergic to. He also had other blood tests done that would tell him my Vitamin D levels and other important things

The food tests came back and out of 100 common items, I had sensitivities to 28 items. Each item is given a number based on sensitivity. In this test, anything under 200 was fine. Anything over 200 was not. I found that I was sensitive to several things with the highest numbers:

  • gluten
  • wheat
  • Baker’s yeast
  • Brewer’s yeast
  • Cow’s milk

Baker’s yeast came back with a score of 823. Do you have ANY clue as to how many foods have Baker’s yeast in them? Too many to count and immediately, I realized I needed to stop eating any and all breads, cakes, muffins, and anything that has yeast in it. Most processed foods have yeast in them, even soups. It’s amazing what is out there!

Science can help you figure out what ails you...

Science can help you figure out what ails you…

The other thing I noticed immediately from the DNA testing specifically is that I have an inability to process Folic Acid in its normal form. Unfortunately, our bodies need Folic Acid so what to do? My body specifically lacks the enzyme needed to turn Folic Acid into a form that my body can use so the only recourse for me is to take a form of Folic Acid that has already been what is called methylated. My body cannot methylate Folic Acid at all. The gene that is supposed to do this in me is abnormal. It is incapable of doing its job. I never knew that. Folic Acid then in its normal form can build up in my system and cause me some huge problems.

Taking a methylated form of Folic Acid (known as Folate, etc.) bypasses this problem. I also found out through DNA testing that if I ever develop cancer, chances are great that the chemotherapy that doctors would want to administer to me would likely not work and cause more problems in my system because of it.

Beyond this, because of DNA testing, I have now learned that if I am ever found to have clinical depression, the prescriptions that would likely be prescribed to me would not work in low dosages. I would have to have much higher doses of prescription medication for them to accomplish anything and as most know, the higher the dose of any prescription medication, the better the chances of having major side effects.

My point is – and we’ll go over more of these things in upcoming articles – is that had I not done any testing at all, I would never have known these things. What is it YOU do not know about your own body that could very well be creating issues for you (whether it’s brain functions, or other parts of your system)?

Our bodies are truly fearfully and wonderfully made. What works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another. In order to help yourself, you need to find out what issues you may well have in your own system. I am convinced due to the heavily processed foods in society, the unhealthy lifestyles that many of us have, and the way we snack our way to poor health, not only will we die sooner, but we will experience less than wonderful lives until then.

We can do things about it to improve our health, which will improve our outlook, which will help us see that God does love us, that He can and will use us, and that until the time He takes us home, we can enjoy decent to great health so that we become less of a pawn for the enemy.

We’ll be back with more next time!

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1 Comment

  • 1. Sherry  |  February 9, 2015 at 4:51 PM

    Thanks for sharing your experiences, modres. Many times a happy face hides a sad heart. One way to make a positive out of a negative situation is to lean 100% on God. (Some of us have to-its not an option…!)

    Ah, but talk about God using imperfect people!- both Martin Luther and Charles Haddon Spurgeon suffered bouts of severe depression. We’re in good company!

    God bless you!~


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