What Happens When Perfect Peace Doesn’t Come?

February 12, 2015 at 1:17 PM

There are spiritual reasons and physiological reasons for why we feel the way we do.

There are spiritual reasons and physiological reasons for why we feel the way we do.

In Isaiah 26, Isaiah starts by pointing out the coming celestial reign of Jesus over this world. What he describes in verses 1 – 2 – “In that day this song will be sung in the land of Judah: “We have a strong city; God will appoint salvation for walls and bulwarks. 2 Open the gates, That the righteous nation which keeps the truth may enter in.”

Isaiah opens with “In that day…” In which day?

To learn the answer, we need only turn back to Isaiah 25 to see that much of what Isaiah is referring to applies to the coming Messianic reign of Jesus. He will do the things outlined in Isaiah 25, which shall result in singing a new song in the land of Judah.

This leads Isaiah to make the statement in verse 3, “You will keep him in perfect peace, Whose mind is stayed on You, Because he trusts in You.” Verse 4 and 5 speak of why we should trust the Lord forever.

We live with the constant changes created by the unknown from the future. Too often today, situations prompt us to look in front of us to see if we can see the solution to problems. We know, for instance, that America cannot keep racking up the amount of debt that it currently possesses. Yet, things continue with no real end in sight. We are warned by economic prognosticators and other experts that things will come crashing down and it will likely happen sooner than later. During stressful times like these, we often go to passages like this from Isaiah for comfort.

However, consider the fact that there are many brothers and sisters in the Lord who, no matter how much they pray, how hard they concentrate on Him, and how hard they try to focus on the fact that He controls all things, they always come up wanting, failing to gain that peace that the Bible speaks of. When they talk to other Christians, they may be met with the usual, “Well, you’re not trying hard enough. You’re not praying diligently enough. In short, you are not trusting God enough.”

In this life, it is very difficult to obtain that peace that God speaks of in His Word. Either Satan or our sin nature keeps us from it. Moreover, when we are able to gain it, it is often difficult to maintain it. It comes and goes and we don’t know why. It must be us, a reflection on our own inability to trust Him.

I would submit that the ability to obtain and maintain God’s peace often rests on our shoulders, but not for the reason(s) you might think. Consider Job and the hellish experience he went through. Let’s not forget that this man – at the time of his physical and spiritual sufferings – had no clue as to why any of it was happening. We know that he experienced severe problems, including hallucinations, his teeth falling out, scabs and terrible blisters all over his body, not to mention that he virtually lost everything except his wife.

It is difficult to comprehend how Job was able to continue trusting God when things were so horrible. Can we agree that maybe – for at least part of the time he suffered – he was not at peace with either God or himself based on what he said?

I also believe that Satan caused Job to suffer by playing with his mind. In Job 7:14-15 we read the following:

Then You frighten me with dreams
And terrify me by visions;
So that my soul would choose suffocation,
Death rather than my pains.

That is terrible! Satan probably manipulated Job’s neurotransmitters or other aspects of his brain (we’ve talked about those before in our series on God’s Use of Imperfect People). Imagine how easy it is for Satan to manipulate someone’s brain so that they hallucinate, can’t sleep, feel fatigued, experience irritability or a deep sense of sadness, and more. These things will keep a person from feeling as though they trust God at all. It will lead them to question their own commitment to God or even whether or not they are an authentic Christian.

We are often taught that we cannot go by feeling because feelings are fleeting. They should not guide us. However, for the person whose brain does not work correctly, they are constantly being made to recognize their feelings and are often tossed around because of them.

This is a major part – of the human problem. Sin has corrupted us to the point that we often feel out of sync with ourselves and feel we lack the control needed to trust God. While the Bible says we must trust Him and that in trusting Him, He will keep us in perfect peace, the reality is that this in its fullness is for the future.

For the here and now, we strive to trust Him but often fail miserably. Those who suffer from an imbalance in neurotransmitters suffer the greater affliction because sheer willpower and even tremendous prayer may not bring the sought for relief. Yes, God can and does heal today…on His terms. I believe He will provide answers but I also believe these come through committed prayer.

If you are a Christian who has serious bouts with unexplained sadness, dread, anger, irritability, fatigue and more, please know that I am praying for you. These feelings – if they simply come out of the blue for no discernible reason – are likely the result of a brain that is not doing what it’s supposed to be doing. That is the result of the fall.

I’m certainly no doctor. I can’t advise. I would suggest that you take time to seek out of a professional who can administer some tests that will determine the levels of your neurotransmitters. If they are low, they can also provide you with supplements that may help your brain do what “normal” people take for granted and can’t understand why you are so “depressing” to be around. Here is just one site that offers testing directly to you and will consult with you after the test. It’s not free, but it may be worth it for you. Exercise and eating right are other things you can do to help yourself, but these two things will never replace proper brain function.

Our minds were created by God, like everything else. However, like everything else, they been corrupted through sin. If your brain’s neurotransmitters are either low or high, fixing them will go a long way in restoring you to the place where God wants you to be so that you can understand and appropriate the truth in His word.

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