Christians and the Old Testament, Part 2

February 13, 2015 at 3:10 PM 1 comment

atheistLast time, we discussed the fact that the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament for Christians) is something that essentially applies to the nation of Israel. As a Christian (and not a Jewish person), I’m under absolutely no obligation to follow the dictates of the Mosaic Law in its entirety. In fact, the only part of the law that I am obligated to follow are those specific moral laws that Jesus emphasized that we must follow.

But atheists, who often come across as extremely arrogant, don’t see it that way. Yet, I’ve shown in my last article that they don’t see it that way for a variety of reasons and certainly the fact that they do not at all consider context of Scripture says quite a bit regarding their absolute lack of research. Again though, as I mentioned last time, they’re not interested in that any way. They simply want to find some “zinger” they can fling at Christians like a monkey in its cage at the zoo.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about in the form of a comment I received in response to an article I posted:

hahaha! What makes you think that your make believe god is real and theirs isnt? Have a good read of the old testament, much of the killings they carry out are also stated as your gods will. atleast they ACTUALLY follow the teachings of their religion (wrong or not) unlike Christians… F**king Christians always so quick to judge! You do realize if you were born in syria/iraq you would be muslim as well, right? And believe all the same bullsh*t they believe. Youre all as bad as each other, literally. ALL religion in general has done nothing but stall evolution. We should be already able to visit other life in the galaxy (which ACTUALLY does exist, youre borderline retarded for using a 2000 year old book as reason to ignore it) if it wasnt for stone age minded people like YOU and them. Wake up…

With the exception of editing his expletives, I’ve left his comment alone and allowed it to speak for him. (By the way, if I’m what he says I am – note second to last sentence – that alone is proof that evolution isn’t fact.)

In his second sentence, you see that he immediately went to the Old Testament. I’ve explained that in the first part of this series. But I’ll go into more depth here. Abraham left Ur of the Chaldees and went to what turns out to be Canaan (Genesis 12) and this is the place God said He would give to Abraham and his descendants. We need to also understand that these particular nations that lived in the land of Canaan (since after Abraham settled there and then the nation of Israel was created through the 12 patriarchs (Jacob’s sons), were overrun with pagan nations, idolaters, who while refusing to acknowledge the God of Creation, had no difficulty making as many gods as possible from wood and stone.

molechOnce God led the Israelites back to Canaan with Moses in the lead, God wanted those nations destroyed because of their idolatry. Worship of Molech was a big deal in those days and one of the most common gods. During the worship of Molech (or Moloch), a parent proved their loyalty by sacrificing a baby of their own. This was done by placing the child in the open arms of the Molech statue. The arms would slowly drop (as the weight of the child pushed down) and eventually the child would fall into a pit with a huge, hot fire going. A band was usually there to play music to hide the screams of the child as they literally burned to death.

God wanted the land cleansed and the way He opted to do it was by using the people of the nation of Israel as His arm of judgment. Unfortunately, Israel failed to fulfill God’s clear instructions on many occasions and because of it, always wound up mirroring the idolatry of Israel’s neighbors. It would create this vicious cycle in which God’s patience with Israel would run its course and because of their idolatry, He would send in a neighboring army from Assyria, or Babylon, or elsewhere to judge them. Many would be killed and those remaining would often be taken into captivity. Eventually, a new generation of Hebrews would be born, grow up and long for the reality of God’s will for them, including all aspects of the Mosaic law.

God would then bring their captivity to an end and they would normally be allowed to return to Canaan, where they would once again restore the worship using the Mosaic Law. This would last for a while, then slowly they would return to a life of pagan worship like their neighbors (the ones they were supposed to have eliminated but didn’t) and the entire cycle would start all over again. This cycle occurred numerous times throughout the Old Testament.

Will this information matter to our friend whom I quoted above? Absolutely not. He’s too arrogant to even consider it. Then he goes onto accuse Christians of being judgmental, as if atheists are not judgmental, as if Muslims are not judgmental. But this ties into his misunderstanding of what being judgmental means and his own failure to understand what “love” means from Christ’s point of view. He’s stuck in the Old Testament and believes he has checkmated me. He hasn’t. We’re not even playing on the same chessboard, but as far as he’s concerned, he won.

It reminds me of the atheist who was convinced that he had a foolproof test to show how hypocritical every Christian is and tried it on me. He said, “Give me $500.” I didn’t have $500 to give him and told him so. He immediately called me a hypocrite and said that I was not obeying Jesus who said “give to him who asks,” (Matthew 5:42). The problem is he had absolutely no clue as to the actual context.

Leading up to and including Jesus’ day, Jews were often involved in lending money, but they would often lend money to their brethren (other Jews) at exorbitantly high interest rates (usury). Jesus was essentially saying that if a brother needs money, that person should receive it (or be lent that money) without interest at all. Help that brother out so that he won’t starve! Don’t charge him ridiculous amounts of interest because he is a fellow Israelite!

But today, we have atheists who think they know something quoting Scripture and ripping it completely out of context, which actually proves they know less than nothing.

We’ll be back with more in this subject of the Christian and the Old Testament! We will also deal with the accusation that Christians are too “judgmental.”

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