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Earning Points: Why Cops Do What They Do to Average Citizens

Here is a completely LEGAL inciter that cops use to get you emotionally charged so that you will react in a way that allows them to arrest you. You’ve been pulled over and the cop asks you to step out of the car. You comply and you politely stand at the rear of the car. The officer comes over and gets within an inch of your face and starts SCREAMING at you. While he’s yelling at you, he is also likely SPITTING on you because he’s so close. Moreover, he can even POKE you in the chest. Unless you’re aware that this is an inciter that they use, you will likely react to it.

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Don’t Worry Because It’s All Just in Your Head

When I go into most restaurants now, the barrage of noise that assaults me makes me feel like the Grinch (Noise…NOISE…NOISE!!!) and I cut my teeth on rock drumming. It makes it very difficult to focus and sometimes, trying to hear the person I’m with is nearly impossible. There’s way too much volume from background noise to deal with – everything from music, to TVs throughout the restaurant, to the noise and talk from other customers and all of it bouncing off the numerous hard surfaces throughout the restaurant. By the time I’m done eating, heartburn seems to have come with the meal.

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From the Weird to the Weirder: False Prophets and Baphomet’s Statue

This is the way many in the world think. Their “truth” is always an ever-changing palette of whatever sounds good to them at the time. Like the world, they hover constantly between the pages of Scripture wondering what supra-natural meaning God’s Word has for us, instead of understanding Scripture in its most basic sense as we do in conversation. It goes from weird to weirder.

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False Prophets on the Loose and the Church Yawns, While the World Laughs

Some may think my statements are harsh. They are not. God tells us that when such a man is placed in our midst it is “the LORD your God is testing you to know whether you love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul.” How many listen to men like Steve Fletcher, but fail to listen and the love God?

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It’s Never Been About War on Terrorism – It’s Always Been a War on Freedom

Years ago, I read articles stating that all phone lines were being rerouted to some huge facility that had the capabilities of recording and storing every phone call. It was difficult to believe and even if it was true, you could not help but wonder why our government would resort to such tactics.

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Putin is Not Backing Down Against the Saudis

The world’s powers (GE) continue to threaten countries that are not playing ball with them. Using the Saudis to gain support in that area of the world, it is clear that Putin can and does think for himself. He has chosen to not play the cards that the GE has given him. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out for Putin. He certainly seems like a man who does think for himself and is willing to do what is necessary to remain autonomous, even if that means standing against the GE. How long this will last is anyone’s guess.

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