Don’t Worry Because It’s All Just in Your Head

January 9, 2014 at 12:10 PM 4 comments

by Fred DeRuvo

Don't worry. It's all in your head.

Don’t worry. It’s all in your head.

Two days ago, I decided to try an experiment. I purposefully searched for “spy” software and accessories like “spy” pens, watches and other things. I provided no information to these websites intentionally. I simply visited a number of sites that appeared through my web search.

Within a day, I was receiving junk mail advertising these kinds of things. When I went to Amazon to look for some specific books, I also noticed that I was seeing ads on the right side of the monitor specifically for spy-related devices and software. Today, I opened up my spam folder here on WordPress and noticed not less than two pieces of junk highlighting spy software for cell phones. Coincidence? Could be, but gee, color me skeptical.

On a related note, I was reading Dr. Dennis Cuddy’s latest article called “SECULARISM, FEDERALISM, INTERDEPENDENCE AND THE NEW WORLD ORDER, Part 5” and noted that he was speaking of how TV continues to manipulate the masses through a number of techniques that have been utilized for decades.

From 1990 to 1998, I taught in the public schools in California. After that, I spent another ten years teaching at the local college level. Shortly after starting to teach 6th grade in 1990, I noticed very quickly that the teacher really needed to be a type of entertainer if for no other reason than to hold the attention of many of the students in the classroom. This became even more important when class sizes grew to 40 or more in one classroom. Without entertaining, you stood a great chance of losing too many students who were unable to concentrate on the daily routine of learning math.

If you’re my age – 56 – or older, chances are good that this type of advertising is an annoyance more than anything else. When I was growing up, the average rock concert did not include a laser light show built into the background and coordinated with aspects of certain songs. Yes, there were spotlights, but in general, the band took the stage and played with spotlights highlighting the various players with one usually remaining on the lead singer.

When I go into most restaurants now, the barrage of noise that assaults me makes me feel like the Grinch (Noise…NOISE…NOISE!!!) and I cut my teeth on rock drumming. It makes it very difficult to focus and sometimes, trying to hear the person I’m with is nearly impossible. There’s way too much volume from background noise to deal with – everything from music, to TVs throughout the restaurant, to the noise and talk from other customers and all of it bouncing off the numerous hard surfaces throughout the restaurant. By the time I’m done eating, heartburn seems to have come with the meal.

Cuddy also notes accurately that while the media does its best to brainwash the masses through what it shows us (and how it shows us), it also does this by what it does not show to us. The so-called news media in America is great at picking and choosing.

Has the fighting stopped in Syria? Nope, but you wouldn’t know that by what America’s media tells us. How about the radiation from Fukushima, is it gone with nothing to worry about? Hardly, but even though huge spikes in radiation have been recorded on the West Coast, that doesn’t mean our media is going to tell us about it. You can read about it from a Russian news site on the ‘Net though.

About a year ago, we canceled our TV. We kept the Internet and now we only watch what we want to watch, when we want to watch it, all without commercials. We use Netflix or Amazon Prime. Even there, it pays to choose carefully. Still want news? Rely on alternative sources on the ‘Net.

Remember, though video games had actually started long before the 1990s, they really didn’t come of age until the mid-1980s with a resurgence that made them far better than their predecessors. Remember Sonic the Hedgehog? That game came out in 1991. Its frenetic pacing became a huge hit among young people. Though Mario (Nintendo) came out in the early 1980s, it also became a hit through many changes and appearances over the years and in some sense, though not as fast-paced as Sonic, it could be just as nerve-wracking.

By the time I got into the classroom, several generations of young people had made video gaming a large part of their lives. Some of those games were even known to cause petit mal seizures due to the lights and pacing. Yet, the children played on and it changed their lives.

I’d be willing to bet that this phenomenon more than others caused an increase in the “need” for medicating our young people with Ritalin, Adderall, and other controlled substances. Instead of limiting the use of gaming, more and more young people became hooked and were affected negatively because of it.

This same thing applies to television as well. The difference between today’s TV shows and those of the 1950s or 60s is obvious. Shows I remember growing up with and fully enjoying now seem tedious and unnecessarily drawn out to me. Cuddy states, in part 4 of his articles noted above, that he “mentioned how television has been used by the Power Elite (PE) to manipulate the public. In the last few decades, there has been an increase in the number of TV ads that show flashing lights and quickly changing images.”

Everything is over the top, with flashing lights, changes in musical tempo, and many other things that cause people to react to what they are seeing on the screen, even if it doesn’t appear to make a huge difference for them. Cuddy explains. “The process, according to Bill Strittmatter, works something like this. Though most of life’s events are normal, our survival instinct causes us involuntarily to focus upon ‘highlighted moments’ (e.g., a gun firing, a car screeching, a phone ringing). In the new TV ads over the last several decades, there are a number of ‘highlighted moments’ per minute.”

So these highlighted moments cause us to have a more heightened focus than we otherwise would. As he notes, TV ads have changed so that they now included these brief heightened moments that impact our subconscious more than we realize. “Your mind is involuntarily immersed in these quick changes, simply digesting the image. And because of this mental process, you cannot simultaneously engage in conscious objective thought and analysis about what you are seeing. You simply absorb the information in a manner similar to someone being hypnotized.”

In other words, because of the way advertising (and TV shows in general) work these days, our brain tends to focus more on these heightened moments than other moments of an ad or program. Because of the way the ads are designed, the heightened moments often include the name of the product being advertised and we tend to remember it longer.

As long as you allow commercial advertising and even many programs today created with high-velocity digital techniques, you are in danger of having your opinions formed for you. Take your brain back and unplug yourself from cable. You will likely start to wake up to the actual reality that exists around you.

Conversely, you can continue to be plugged in and tell yourself that it really doesn’t affect you. It’s up to you, but please don’t say you haven’t been warned.

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  • 1. Lester  |  January 9, 2014 at 5:20 PM

    1984 has come a little late! “The slime oozzzing out from the TV set”.
    Indoctrination has finally come of absolute age.It is the brain wash box. Remember Mr Key?? subliminals are rampant in the media today and no one seems to care. I really think the powers that be are using Orwell’s book as their guide! Newspeak, thought police, ministry of love(where they would take Mr Snowden no doubt!) Soon the interaction with the big LCD screen will be just like in the book! We already have it on computers to an extent. “And away we go” as Mr Kramden once said………


    • 2. modres  |  January 9, 2014 at 8:55 PM

      Amazing, isn’t it? The Global Elite told us way ahead of time what their plans were.

      Of course, so did God and He wins 😉


  • 3. Doug  |  January 9, 2014 at 1:29 PM

    Thanks for this post and the cartoon is almost too real to be funny.

    A few years ago the FCC enforced the switchover from analog to digital television. Immediately I noticed that all the HD news programs started using background graphics that were constantly undulating, sparkling, subtly zooming in and out and morphing or shape-shifting. I couldn’t shake the feeling that this was somehow manipulating and hijacking my focus. I thought I might be getting a little paranoid but when I started reading about neuro linguistic programming I realized that watching TV is actually becoming even more hazardous than ever.

    Then I noticed that one of the new age celebrities that participates in public broadcasting fundraisers, Wayne Dyer, started incorporating a bizarre new hand movement into his presentation during “pledge week” on PBS. He constantly made large circles as if turning a crank (or spinning a watch on a chain) as he paced back and forth across the stage. For me, this obnoxious gesticulation made his lecture unwatchable but the people in the audience just sat there staring at him with big serene smiles.

    For sure we are being tracked, bombarded with audio/visual stimuli and subjected to all kinds of lascivious seductions like neuro linguistic programming from the enemy. I believe this is why we are seeing so many young people struggling with gender confusion and falling into sin.


    • 4. modres  |  January 9, 2014 at 3:31 PM

      Thanks for your comments, Doug. The youth of today have no clue about all that has changed and why. It’s only going to get worse.

      I believe digital ads play a major role in deciding how people think. The ads present a constant barrage of imagery and thought-provoking attitudes that undermine traditional beliefs to change society.

      I think the best things Christians (and society) can do is unplug from cable.


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