It’s Never Been About War on Terrorism – It’s Always Been a War on Freedom

January 6, 2014 at 9:12 AM

by Fred DeRuvo

The truth makes us free...after it eradicates our freedoms

The truth makes us free…after it eradicates our freedoms

I’ve recently purchased two books written by Grant R. Jeffrey. In fact, one of the books was the last one he wrote before he got to head up yonder to his eternal home.

The first book, Shadow Government is interesting and while there are a few things I don’t agree with him on, it’s a well-written book that has a great deal to say. The second book (his last; One Nation, Under Attack) is also a very good book, with great information for the Christian. Jeffrey provides some great insight and even offers concrete advice about what we should do and how we should prepare for what’s coming.

Years ago, I read articles stating that all phone lines were being rerouted to some huge facility that had the capabilities of recording and storing every phone call. It was difficult to believe and even if it was true, you could not help but wonder why our government would resort to such tactics.

Under the guise of keeping us safer, the Bush administration pushed for and got the so-called “Patriot Act.” It is not in the least patriotic, but like many things our government does, certain acts are created under false pretenses and given a name that gels with people. The Patriot Act created the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and began chipping away at the rights of Americans immediately by overstepping the boundaries of the 4th amendment with the excuse that the government is merely trying to keep us safer.

I don’t recall asking the government to keep me safer. It can’t even run itself, but it supposedly knows what’s best for me and millions of other people? I don’t think so.

Since the creation of DHS, things have gotten worse for the average person in America. Going to an airport nowadays means being searched via electronic machines and if that isn’t good enough, personal pat downs are also administered. Remember, this is all under the pretext of making the skies safer for the traveling public, yet mysteriously, no terrorist has ever been caught trying to board a plane. I had this conversation with one person not long ago and they responded with, “How do you know that?” The answer is simple. The government would be bragging about it from here to eternity if it happened. It would be proof positive to the public that the federal government was “on it,” keeping terrorists from boarding planes. They’d rub our noses in it. “See? We ARE keeping you safe!” The government hasn’t done that and because of it, we know they have not stopped anything.

We have seen the DHS grow in disproportionate numbers and authority compared to the actual threat that may or may not exist within our borders. The problem with that is that the DHS is a federal law enforcement branch and does not have authority in the individual states except where federal buildings and land currently exists. Even the FBI must get permission to work with local law enforcement agencies and they are generally only called in when there is suspected crossing of state lines or when federal laws are broken.

Yet, we are seeing an increase in federal activity within states. We are seeing a greater means of surveillance throughout America and this is one of the things that Jeffrey writes about in Shadow Government. We have become a society where everyone records everything and when the government gets involved, it’s usually done in secret and would be against our wishes if we knew about it.

This all leads up to the National Security Agency (NSA). We know they’ve been busy collecting data (illegally) on all Americans. I recently read an article by Mark Dice who noted that Edward Snowden has what is called the “Deadman’s Trigger.” This means that Snowden has shared very damaging information about what the NSA does with friends and/or associates. If anything happens to him, that information will be released. According to Dice, the information is not verbal, but physically documented memos within the NSA.

Dice notes that the information has to do with the fact that the NSA routinely records every phone call made by anyone in the US. It’s obviously deeper than that (Mark assures us he has not compromised Snowden’s “trigger” by telling us that much), but the gist is that the NSA is illegally spying on all Americans and recording their phone calls. They then store the information and are able to search it to find what they want to find.

The sad part about this is that due to so many “low-information” people within the US, I’m not sure most would care…as long as they continued to get their free stuff. The rest of us? We’re concerned on principle alone. If the NSA is doing this, we know it’s illegal, yet they’re doing it.

But suppose the courts ruled against the NSA and told them to cease and desist? Would we really be able to believe that the NSA would stop doing what they’re doing? I wouldn’t be able to believe it.

We have entered a new phase in modern technology where the use of cell phones (and their wireless signals) has made it infinitely easier for anyone with the technology to intercept our phone calls. I have no doubt that the NSA has that capacity.

But the question is why should they? Why should they be able to simply collect (via recordings) everyone’s phone calls in order to search them later? This is what happened after the Boston Marathon bombing when police/tactical SWAT teams went door-to-door dragging people out of their homes, searching them and their homes – all done illegally. No one in Boston complained about it. “If it keeps us safe, then I’m all for it” was the attitude toward the police action.

What it means is that our government – via law enforcement – can and does see all Americans as enemy combatants until we can prove otherwise. This is what the IRS has always done and continues to do. This is now what the NSA does and will continue to do and this is what the DHS does (including the TSA) and will continue to do.

We have lost our freedom all because the government says it’s chasing terrorists. This is in spite of the fact that Mr. Obama announced last May of 2013, the war on terror was over. If it’s over, then why are our rights still being abrogated?

The truth is that it’s never been a war on terror. It’s been a war on freedom and little by little, the federal government has been eradicating those freedoms whether we like it or not.

Jeffrey says that we are heading toward an America that is America in name only. Our freedoms are being removed, the economy is being decimated, and ultimately, the Global Elite (GE) wants America completely out of the way so that we are unable to interfere when the GE begins to take over the Middle East.

The United States will not have the money or the resources to help Israel. We will simply stand there, looking at what the GE is attempting to accomplish in the Middle East by taking over Israel and getting things done their way. The goal is to make America so weak that our nation will be completely ineffective both within our borders and outside of them.

God will allow it to happen because there are too many people who have gone the way of Cain, Korah, Balaam, and too many others to count. Unfortunately, they are in positions of power as well.

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