Putin is Not Backing Down Against the Saudis

January 1, 2014 at 8:17 PM 3 comments

by Fred DeRuvo

Second murderous terrorist attack in days occurred in Russia

Second murderous terrorist attack in days occurred in Russia by cowardly suicide bomber.

Most are aware of the terror attacks recently in Russia in which a female suicide bomber blew herself up in Volgograd, resulting in numerous deaths and many more injuries. Because of this, Putin has vowed to destroy Saudi Arabia, whom he believes to be the source of the problem since they wanted him to back away from protecting Syria and he has refused to do so.

We need only go back to the last quarter of 2013 to learn that Putin’s Russia threatened order a “massive strike against Saudi Arabia if the West attacks Syria.” It’s not that difficult to see that the problems in the Middle East are manifold, not so clearly defined as the so-called Palestinians vs. Israelis. It would seem that many countries want to protect what they see as theirs in the Middle East. We know that Saudi Arabia has no interest in keeping Assad in power and ultimately, wants to place a member of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in power there.

This also suits the direction and goals of the Global Elite (GE) because they too want to see a MB puppet installed. Could it be that this is so because the Saudis are also part of the GE?

Since Obama’s involvement in the so-called “Muslim Spring,” we have seen one country’s regime after another either toppled and replaced with the MB, or shaken to its core. It would seem that the GE’s plan for that area of the world is to replace dictators with MB puppets, which would allow them to work with one organization (the MB), as opposed to having to deal with numerous regimes with individuals who may or may not want to work with the GE installed.

The world’s powers (GE) continue to threaten countries that are not playing ball with them. Using the Saudis to gain support in that area of the world, it is clear that Putin can and does think for himself. He has chosen to not play the cards that the GE has given him. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out for Putin. He certainly seems like a man who does think for himself and is willing to do what is necessary to remain autonomous, even if that means standing against the GE. How long this will last is anyone’s guess.

Since Putin has effectively called for war against Islamic terrorism by noting his desire to “destroy” Saudi Arabia, it would be best for the Saudis to take Putin seriously. At the same time, while we know that Putin is not a man of empty words, one can also wonder if he has the ability to carry out his threats because of those who may stand with Saudi Arabia.

If Putin attempts to take down Saudi Arabia, they will obviously receive at least some help and some of it may come from the U.S., though they have stated that they do not trust the USA any longer. If Obama does provide assistance to the Saudis, it means that America’s military forces, technology, armaments, and advice may be used to help the GE win another skirmish so that they can gain more ground in the Middle East.

Certainly, in one large sense, these recent terrorist attacks by suicide bombers may well be the first strikes in a much larger event. Dr. Sergei Markov believes that “The explosions are preparation for terrorist attacks on the Olympics and an attempt to provoke other countries to refuse to take part of the Sochi Olympic Games.” The unasked question is whether or not Putin wants to risk it. If he does, that means he must do something powerful and relatively soon, since the Olympic Games to be held in Russia will occur February 7 through 23, 2014. That doesn’t give Putin or his forces a great deal of time.

If Putin does see fit to strike Saudi Arabia, he can probably expect help from Iran. It also appears that Saudi Arabia, while voicing their frustration and lack of trust with America, has been doing what it can to build up military reserves in Lebanon. This they have done by providing $3 billion dollars to the Lebanese Army.

Putin is not the type of leader who makes threats and then allows those threats to die on the vine. For good or ill, when he says he will do something, history has shown that he generally does what he can to bring those promises to fruition. He has shown that he does not like to back down from potential hostilities directed toward Russia from other countries.

The most tragic part of all of this (aside from the innocent deaths), is that the GE is moving ahead with its desire to bring the entire world under the auspices of one government and one monetary system. They know they have to work as fast as they can, yet with restraint. They have to have all their ducks in a row before their dreams of a New World Order can come to fruition.

Sometimes, the GE plays the wrong hand and sometimes they don’t. Over the next month or so, we will see who blinks first. In the meantime, we can only wait and watch to see what happens and how the GE uses various rulers and leaders as their own pawns in a giant game of chess. It’s been that way since Adam Weishaupt, who formed a modern version of the Illuminati, and changed his name to Rothschilds.

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