What Satan Started at Babel He is Completing Now

December 29, 2013 at 9:44 AM 3 comments

by Fred DeRuvo

It's on again...

It’s on again…

First, I do understand the need for anonymity. Look what happened to Edward Snowden. He is a man on the run and at any point, his life could be taken from him. Why? Because he chose to alert Americans (and the world) about the terrible way our government has been setting aside the Bill of Rights to further their own gains.

Some call his acts treasonous, which of course is hilarious, considering what many lawmakers in DC are doing with respect to the Constitution. By the way, does this current administration have any respect for the Constitution? It would appear that they do not. Yet, the left comes out in droves to offer their support for Obama and those who serve his purposes.

But let’s face it, the reality is that the Global Elite (GE) works through the Obama administration as they have worked through nearly every administration since Woodrow Wilson. It really is incredible how early on the GE managed to get their hooks in the federal government.

Therefore, we have what we have today and it has finally become so obvious that only low-info voters and leftists refuse to acknowledge it.

Because of this, there are also many people who have someone they go to or rely on to tell them the inside dope. Problem is that either these “insiders” (as they are called) are never all that specific or they are specific and when what they reveal doesn’t come to pass, it’s all because they (insiders) got the info out there causing the government to change direction. It’s all too convenient.

I can think of four individuals who write regular columns who all defer to their own personal insider. They swear by these individuals. They won’t tell us their name – and I do understand the reasoning behind that – but they write about them and their message to us in an almost fictionalized account of what will supposedly transpire.

One such individual recently wrote an article about the alleged last “official” contact and message from his personal insider. The trouble is that as you read the article, there is nothing new. It’s the same warnings we’ve heard repeatedly. The other difficulty is that these insiders rarely give any direction on how to prepare, aside from the basic “stock up on food, water, guns, and ammo” directives.

There is one writer who apparently has an insider that has connections into the White House and to date, no one in the WH has been able to figure out his identity. This “White House insider” provides details, but the way the “story” unfolds is a bit much (ex: “He looked at me and winked. He actually winked!”). This type of representation borders on a fictionalized retelling of events that may or may not happen.  It certainly makes the story interesting to follow, but that is also part of the problem.

In short, it is impossible to know whether any of these “insiders” truly exist. I’ve been reading one guy for several years who indicates roughly every six months that there will be a run on the banks so take your money out – NOW! So far, it hasn’t happened. It’s like listening to a very bad psychic who continues to repeat the same warning over and over. Eventually, she will be correct simply because it’s bound to happen, but by that time, will anyone be listening?

Personally, I prefer Dr. Dennis Cuddy’s warnings. His are based largely on history, common sense, and the Bible. If you haven’t read him, might I suggest that you do? I’ve quoted him numerous times here on this blog and you can find his online articles by heading over the his archives.

His most recent set of articles – “Secularism, Federalism, Interdependence and the New World Order” – explain how the New World Order is rising and will come into full existence. He also explains that instead of a huge crisis that will cause America to sink into unavoidable financial oblivion requiring a “reset,” Cuddy believes that it will happen over a longer period, kind of like the frog coming to a boil in a pot. The effect will be the same but many to most will not realize what is happening.

Almost all “insiders” believe that there will be a huge crash that occurs at some point in time. This will usher in Martial Law, with many deaths and mayhem. The government will literally take over all of society, set aside the Constitution and create a new society, one fitted much better for the coming New World Order.

Cuddy believes that the gradual and steady movement toward a societal “reset” is better for the GE because it doesn’t give away so much and allows them to continue the charade that our rights and freedoms are still intact while they consistently remove them from our plate.

Does this mean we should not prepare? Not at all. We should prepare because of what is eventually coming and we do not know how quickly things will progress (and neither do the “insiders” by the way).

As far as I’m concerned, there is one source that we can depend on. That is the Bible. Daniel 2, 7, 9, 10 is only one instance where God lays out the plans for how things will develop as we move toward the physical return of Jesus Christ.

God has provided us with the knowledge of the various final kingdoms that act like steps toward the 2nd Advent. He also provides us with the order in which those kingdoms will appear. From Babylon, to Medo-Persian, to Alexander’s Greek Empire, to Rome, to the final revised Roman conglomerate, we know what will be.

Because of this, we also know that the final human kingdom to appear is the one that I believe is being built now – the revised Roman Conglomerate.

Technically, this “final” empire began with Nimrod and Babel. This was Satan’s first attempt to build a global government where he would lead (through Nimrod) and he wasn’t counting on being interrupted by God.

Since it was interrupted by God, since that point, Satan has had to work very hard to bring humanity together again, getting us to a point where he could lead the world through the final “Nimrod,” the Antichrist.

Satan has been rebuilding that kingdom since Nimrod’s Babel. We are at the point (I believe) where things are coming together. The world is being moved toward a one-world government. Satan will place himself as leader over this government in the form of his “spiritual” son, Antichrist.

In some ways, it’s not important to know exactly when these things will occur. The fact that they will occur is all we need to know. We should prepare as best we can, but we should not worry about the times and seasons. If we do, we can become thoroughly involved in that, rather than being involved in spreading the gospel message.

Be aware of the fact that the world is changing. A final human global government will come to fruition. In the midst of this, God will faithfully lead those who have submitted themselves to His purposes.

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  • 1. libslayer2013  |  December 29, 2013 at 5:31 PM

    Outstanding correlation between Babel and what is happening currently in society.

    • 2. modres  |  December 29, 2013 at 5:32 PM

      Thank you. It’s part of the new book I have begun writing.

      • 3. libslayer2013  |  December 29, 2013 at 5:35 PM

        Well, based on that preview it should be good.

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