Bizarro World: Changing America’s Constitutional Republic to a Democracy One Step at a Time, Part 3

January 31, 2014 at 8:08 AM 1 comment

by Fred DeRuvo

All the king's men moving us toward globalization.

All the king’s men moving us toward globalization.

Last time, we went into more detail concerning the proposed “newstates” Constitution that came into being in the 1960s and was finalized and published in 1974. We noted that the name Rockefeller was behind it and throughout history, we learn that the name has become synonymous with the downfall of America. He says as much in his 2002 book, “Memoirs.”

I’ve mentioned Dr. Dennis Cuddy before and I always like to come back to him because of a number of reasons. He has a PhD, teaches history at a university in North Carolina, has written many books on the subject of the group he calls the Power Elite (PE), and has testified before Congressional hearings, among other things. In short, Cuddy is a man who speaks with passion and tremendous knowledge about subjects that most are unaware.

One of Cuddy’s favorite topics appears to be the coming New World Order. He shows how many of the events that seem to occur out of nowhere are often events that have been meticulously planned by the PE to usher in the coming New World Order. It’s frightening, yet at the same time, liberating to know that there are extremely intelligent people who believe that one group of very powerful and wealthy individuals tends to control many aspects of society. In doing so, he also states without equivocation that this group is doing whatever it can to move the entire globe to a coalescence of unity and for one purpose. This group – the PE – believes that they were put on this earth to rule the rest of us. Armed with that belief, everything and anything they do is seen as bringing that goal to fruition. As such, everything is allowed. Murder, lies, threats, fraud – you name it – comes into play if it serves their purposes to bring about a one-world order.

As noted yesterday, the new Constitution created in the 60s is far removed from our current one. The new one would remove rights and privileges guaranteed currently enjoyed under the current document. But if we consider what is happening in our society today, it is clear that many of our elected officials are acting as though the current Constitution does not exist. They pretend the Constitution is still intact in spite of the fact that it has been abridged and eroding for decades.

In essence, this is a tactic that the left uses from Alinsky’s rule book. It’s number ten, which essentially states, “keep pushing the negative as it will eventually become a positive.” What this means is that while a person is vociferously attesting to one thing, something else is actually going on and eventually, the lie becomes associated with the new direction and accepted for what it is.

As an example, we have Obama stating many times that he supports the 2nd Amendment, yet everything he does denies that position. Now, in his recent State of the Union address, he has essentially stated that he is so concerned for the welfare of Americans that he will do whatever is necessary to push new gun control laws, even if it means bypassing Congress.

Essentially, he has no authority to do that, but he will bluster on ahead and those who support him will do the same. The average American either doesn’t know or doesn’t care what he does as long as he makes things “safer.” This of course is the conclusion that he wants people to come to, yet nothing the government will do is going to make society safer simply because criminals will always be able to obtain guns. Leftists may be liars and worse, but most of them are not stupid.

Yet, all of this is simply another means of eradicating the guaranteed rights we have in the Constitution. If Obama can successfully eliminate our 2nd Amendment rights, then America is that much closer to absolute tyranny.

Again, the big push by the Global Elite (GE) is to disconnect America from the Constitution. This must be accomplished if America is to become part of the North American Union (as noted in our previous article). Our borders must be dismissed. Our rights must be eradicated. America must be assimilated into the new world order and that can only happen by crushing our rights and causing America to be absorbed into something else. This will be done all for the greater good, of course, but it will be done.

An attack on the Constitution is nothing less than treason. However, because of the protection that the GE provides its puppets, it is doubtful that Obama will ever be impeached. The GE is using Obama as probably one of their greatest assets now to bring America down. He is trying to accomplish so much in order to please his GE masters that he doesn’t care how much people hate him for it. His loyalties lie with himself and he is out to prove to the GE that he is the man who can get things done. He very likely believes that he is extremely important to them, but in reality, I seriously doubt that Obama will continue to be part of the outer ring of their inner circle once they are done with him. He is a black man and the GE pattern themselves after the Aryan supremacy they believe they have because of their race.

Everything the GE have done has been done to help set themselves up to rule the world. They will use anyone or anything to make that happen, yet like Hitler, they believe themselves to be the superior race and will not allow inferior races to share that glory. They’ll use them for whatever they need, but will never consider them equal.

Because of Obama’s narcissistic focus, he believes he is irreplaceable to the GE. He cannot see past his own shadow. He is busy destroying America through debt, endless EPA laws that prohibit us from getting oil and other natural resources from the ground, and eradicating our rights guaranteed by the Constitution. This is a recipe for a complete meltdown of America and it will happen because, according to the Bible, the world must unite and the Antichrist must reign.

This is truly Bizarro world and we are living through it. There is little to be done except slow the process and have an exit strategy for yourselves and your loved ones.

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1 Comment

  • 1. Lester  |  January 31, 2014 at 9:08 AM

    I was always under flack for opposing the Bush dynasty. I see that the opposing camps are actually meeting in the middle. Extreme republicans are fascist and democrats are communist! In essence this is the new world order controlled by the “princes” of this world!
    In actuality this is all God’s will, let them unite the world and it will be taken away and given to the saint’s of God! “The kingdom of the world became the kingdom of our Lord and His Christ”(Rev 11:15 Analytical Literal Translation)The Lord here is the Lord Jesus and the Christ here is the anointed family of God! In Matthew 21: 42-44 and even the whole chapter in essence speaks of what is is happening now in the wold scene. They that are building this house build it in vain, they reject the corporate Christ that is God’s people on earth and the house will be not destroyed but given to the Christed ones!
    Also my friend and minister online has sad the same thing about our “narcissistic” president!

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