Bizarro World: Changing America’s Constitutional Republic to a Democracy One Step at a Time, Part 2

January 30, 2014 at 8:32 AM 2 comments

by Fred DeRuvo

The North American Union is definitely coming our way...

The North American Union is definitely coming our way…

In our first part of this series, we highlighted a number of things that have brought America to the point where we are now. The bottom line is that the Global Elite have as their main goal the combining of all countries across the globe into a convenient (for them) one-world government. Dr. Dennis Cuddy refers to this as a one-world company because ultimately, what the Global Elite want to do is create a company in which they (and they alone) have access to the world’s resources and people so that for them, the corporate structure remains fully intact, while eliminating all competition. For us, we simply become the serfs in their kingdom. It will be a one-world company because there will be no borders for the Global Elite to have to worry about or contend with, so that whatever they need (from anywhere in the world), they can obtain without tariffs, taxes, or anything else. It’s a corporate dream for them and a socialist nightmare for the rest of us.

But how will this all be achieved? Many countries throughout the world today are fairly easily taken down because their foundations are not built on the same things that America is built upon. While many of these countries have Democracies of sorts, America is the only country that is a Constitution Republic. This means – as I’ve stated many times before – that the rule of law is grounded in the Constitution. Our voting process is democratic, but our elected officials are to uphold the Constitution. They are not to make laws that abridge, change, or eliminate constitutional laws. They are only to make laws that continue to support and uphold the Constitution. Anything else is treasonous, yet that concept is laughed at by those intent upon destroying the U.S. Constitution.

The main issue is the Constitution. Everything else is used as a means of misdirection to keep our eyes off that main goal. Once the Constitution goes down, then something else will replace it, allowing the government to not only be in control, but will act more as a dictatorship acts. The Global Elite has been working toward replacing the Constitution with something else entirely.

In 1964 the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions, an offshoot of the Ford Foundation, began writing a “New Constitution.” It took ten years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to write and is supported by the Rockefeller group.

Obviously then, in order to overthrow America, several things must be accomplished, chief of which is the destruction of the Constitution. This document is the first and last safeguard against tyranny. There are other things that are also being done at the same time, which weaken America. The tremendous amount of debt that has been added since Obama took over as president is one of the largest things that not only weakens America, but also redirects people to look elsewhere. While they are concentrating on the growing debt, more is being done behind the scenes to eradicate aspects of the Constitution and the guaranteed rights that we have as citizens of America.

The “preamble” to this new Constitution states, “So that we may join in common endeavors, welcome the future in good order, and create an adequate and self-repairing government – we, the people, do establish the Newstates of America, herein provided to be ours, and do ordain this Constitution whose supreme law it shall be until the time prescribed for shall have run.”

Note that America is no longer called America. It is referred to in the new Constitution as the “Newstates of America.” Notice also that the preamble says essentially nothing and everything. In essence, it can mean whatever a person wants it to mean, much like “change is coming!”

You may wish to peruse through the various sections of Article I at this juncture by clicking on the highlighted text. It’s an eye-opener. Article II highlights information related to the “newstates” of America, which also proves interesting.

In short, many things change with this “newstates” Constitution. It was finalized and even published in a book (as mentioned previously) in 1974. The question for us is why would anyone come together to create a new Constitution? What’s wrong with the current one? The answer to the second question is nothing is wrong with the second one, unless you’re one of the Global Elite and you foresee a future where all the world is at your command. In such a case, the current Constitution is in the way. That also answers the first question.

If the Global Elite is actually trying to circumvent the current Constitution, then it becomes clear that they take their goal seriously. For instance, something that began under George W. Bush appears to be moving ahead under Obama, according to John Kerry. “Secretary of State John Kerry presented evidence that a plan originating with the George W. Bush administration to evolve NAFTA into a European Union-style confederation in North America between the U.S., Mexico and Canada has been put into overdrive with the Obama administration’s effort to obtain “fast track authority” to rush the Trans-Pacific Partnership through Congress with limited debate.”

Why is this an important step for the Global Elite? Simply because it moves a step closer to their goal of a one-world union. This also explains why the southern security of the United States is not even being considered. Shortly after Obama first took office and appointed Janet Napolitano as DHS head, construction was stopped on the fence that was supposed to be built (started under Bush) that separated America from Mexico. The fence was never meant to be built because if NAFTA goes through and a European Union type of situation does occur, that fence would simply have to come down. This is also why there is such a huge push for amnesty for illegal aliens.

The goals of the Global Elite include creating one large “union” out of Mexico, the U.S., and Canada. Eventually, these smaller unions will be merged into one large union, which also eliminates all borders.

This is also why the so-called “Arab Spring” turned out to be nothing more than the toppling of one dictator after another in Libya, Egypt and elsewhere. Aspects of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) were brought in as replacements. The more countries in the Middle East and Northern Africa that are headed up by MB puppets, the easier they are for the Global Elite to control. Eventually, all of the new leaders will be done away with and an individual from the Global Elite itself will step into rule that area, but this will only happen after the world literally becomes one.

Next time, we’ll discuss further aspects of how the Global Elite has been getting all of its ducks in a row by working as if the U.S. Constitution has already been replaced.

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  • 2. Lester  |  January 31, 2014 at 7:35 AM

    You see it as it is Fred! In the early 80’s the Lord showed me that the die was cast. I saw Mexico, USA and Canada becoming one. South America will follow. These elite families eat from the tree of good and evil in a lower realm. However the people of Father God eat from the tree of life a separate tree and a higher realm. Of course Jesus, the world’s messiah, is our life and ultimately it is Creator God that feeds us. They may think they will rule the world however big surprise is awaiting in the wings and the kingdom of Father will swallow it all up!


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