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We Will Stand…for What?

But, as Lighthouse Trails has pointed out, the real problem with tonight’s event may well have to do with New Ager Roma Downey. Most will remember Downey as being connected to the docudrama for The History Channel, The Bible. Most may not be aware that Roma (along with husband, Mark Burnett) are heavily involved in New Age mysticism, in spite of calling themselves Christians. They seem to equate to people like Eckhardt Tolle, Neale Donald Walsch, Tony Robbins, and too many others to name here. Downey has endorsed books that fall squarely into the New Age category. Her theology is suspect only because of the company she keeps and her willingness to endorse books/authors who are not within Christian circles, but who are involved in mystical ones.

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The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven

I have personally spoken with Beth Malarkey (Alex’s mother) on the phone in a 90-minute conversation and have corresponded with her on several occasions. There are a number of very troubling things related to the book which I will leave to her to discuss publicly, but the bottom line is that both she and her son have both stated that the book is largely a fabrication, not only because of the made-up story of Alex going to heaven, but because of a number of inconsistencies and inaccurate information concerning various events and situations throughout the book.

It is also worth noting that although both Alex and Kevin (his father) are listed on the front cover, the copyright information page lists only the father as the copyright owner. In this regard, Beth Malarkey has stated more than once that Alex hasn’t received any royalties from the book, even though he has been left a quadriplegic who requires nearly 24-hour care.

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What is the Coming Tribulation All About, Part 22

Not only does society throughout the world suffer because of the sin nature, but the earth, as well as animals suffer too, as shown by the image of the rhino above. We are corrupted and die because of the sin nature. We die because in our first parents, we also have fallen from grace and from that point forward the Second Law of Thermodynamics became part of our life. It happens with those we love who are family members or friends. It happens with the pets we have as well. Here is a picture of the cat that I received as my Father’s Day gift almost eleven years ago. Even though he didn’t speak English, he “spoke” his love and loyalty to me and the rest of the family while he lived.

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What’s Happening in Society is Result of What’s Occurring in Spiritual Realm

But let’s be clear here though because in making these types of statements, it also means that what applies to Islam does not necessarily apply to any other religion. This is the full meaning of Obama’s statement. It does not matter that he referred to Christianity or Judaism or any other religion in his same speech to the UN. The fact that he specifically held up Islam as requiring special handling tells us a great deal.

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Daily Society Worsens Yet God is in Control

Notice that the commonality with all the “I wills” is that Satan is promising that he will RULE. He says that ultimately, he “will make myself like the Most High.” In essence then, since the fall of Satan, God has chosen to give Satan as much room as he needs to make these promises into reality. He is giving Satan the lead he needs to try to make himself into God, very God.

This is what is behind everything we see in the world. It leads to a point where Satan will actually RULE over the entire earth. He will do so through his spiritual son, Antichrist, who will be the physical manifestation of Satan on earth. God will allow Satan’s plans of world domination to come to fruition if for no other reason than to prove to Satan that even with everything going his way and with all the opportunities that God allows him to have, Satan will still lose.

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Cow Born with 7 on Forehead…What CAN It Mean?!

This idea that God needed to have a cow with a “7” on its forehead born into the world so that individuals like Jim Bakker, Jonathan Cahn, and others can have a field day “interpreting” the “signs” for us is patently absurd! God’s Word speaks for itself and all that is required is study, prayer, and a relationship with the Author.

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