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Revelation 15: Beginning of the End

Before unleashing the final seven of twenty-one total judgments (Revelation 16), during the coming Tribulation period, John the apostle sees numerous things happening in heaven in preparation. –John sees the temple in heaven, the sea of glass (see also Revelation 4:6), and the seven angels with seven bowl plagues appearing with them (after one of the 4 Living Creatures gives the angels their bowls).

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Being Wrong About God

We know the story. Joseph did what he could to physically avoid her constant temptations to lie with her. But he wanted nothing to do with and would not yield. Where did Joseph get the power and ability to resist Potiphar’s wife? It had to stem from how he learned to fear OFFENDING the Lord all those years in prison. He had given himself over to God.

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Being a Good Automaton

People need to be informed and not “feared” into doing something that may or may not be good for them. It is good to be as fully informed as possible. Yet the powers that be prefer we just take whatever they tell us as truth and not think; do no due diligence; avoid critical thinking at all costs. Just do what you’re told like good little automatons.

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Mistakes Made

People who make intentional mistakes should also be extended a measure of grace, but that grace extended is based on the nature of the deliberate offense. Generally, laws reflect this reality. The goal for each Christian is to make as few mistakes as possible and to be sure to avoid the intentional mistake as much as possible.

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Biblical Health is Not Just Spiritual

I believe God wants us to be physically healthy. If we are physically healthy, our brains benefit as well, allowing us to think clearly. If our brains are thinking more clearly, I also believe this can and does impact our spiritual lives. If you feel like warmed over garbage all the time, you tend to focus on your aches, your pains, and your discomfort, don’t you? I did when I was ill. Getting beyond that provides a healthier and more truthful outlook on life.

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Directed Evolution?

Folks, if you cannot see how evil this is, then it may be due to the fact that your eyes are not at all open. If it is true that “217,000 Americans killed by the COVID vaccines in just the first year alone,” since its release, then we have a huge problem. Again, this represents only the USA. What about other countries? The facts and data are coming out, yet for the most part, are being ignored. Are you ignoring those facts? Are you simply accepting whatever the talking heads and official spokes people are telling you?

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Rev 14: The Lamb and Proclamations

One of the biggest points that this text drives home is that God is GOD and there is no other! The fact that things are done according to God’s timing and for His glory often make us question His involvement in the affairs of humanity. However, it becomes exceedingly clear from Scripture that God is not only involved in our affairs (in our lives, locally, statewide and federally as well as globally), but in the affairs of all people throughout the globe! Our God not only holds all these things in His extremely capable hands, but nothing escapes His notice. Nothing.

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Blasphemy Openly Increasing

We should actually rejoice at a person who becomes angry at the truth we present! That sounds odd, but if they are angry, they are actually still dealing with the issue of God because their conscience still works. Once they’ve pushed beyond it so that their consciences become seared and God literally gives them over to the lies they have chosen to embrace (Romans 1:24). At that point, they have no trouble with actual truth anymore, fully convinced the lies they believe are truth.

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Only God Masters the Future

So if God IS in control, what do we do? Several things. First, we trust Him above all things, even when we cannot see clearly. This may require work on our part; an effort to give up the things that weigh on us and trust Him for His outcome. Second, we continue to live our lives. This is the biggest proverbial smack in the face to the handful of elite billionaires than anything else. By living our lives, we show them we are not afraid nor will we be bullied. Let them do whatever they think they can do to allow them to gain power over the world. We, however, will continue to celebrate the life God has given us and we will do that by getting together with other Christians in fellowship, enjoying family time, taking trips for relaxation and more. Third, we need to become people of praise. There is no greater thing we can do than to praise God for His expected provision, wisdom, discernment and strength. Often, we might need to offer a sacrifice of praise (Hebrews 13:15), when we don’t necessarily feel like it. Sometimes, this is all I can do even though my heart isn’t in it, though it usually comes along.

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Leave It!

It’s important that our furry friends learn numerous commands because they are teachable, and it makes for an all around better situation in the home. Dogs are happier when they know they are doing the things that please. They become truly loyal and want to do what makes owners happy. For us, it is ultimately about keeping Scooby safe and happy.

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